General Crafts

  • 20 to Make: Fabulous Pompoms

    Take the humble pompom and transform it into a wonderful array of decorations, including fun little Springtime chicks, a Christmas pompom garland, a Happy Halloween pumpkin and gorgeous gift toppers, as well as a chirpy Christmas robin to hang from your tree!

    Pompoms are quick and easy to make, and all the designs can be made either with a Pompom Maker, or in the traditional way using cardboard templates. These are quick and easy projects for adults of all abilities as well as for children.

    • 20 fabulous designs
    • Easy-to-master techniques
    • Ideal for using up scraps of yarn

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  • 50 DIY Gifts

    This collection of 50 DIY gifts provides a rich source of inspiration and step-by-step projects. With handmade gifts ranging from easy jewellery projects to simple sewing patterns to quick ideas with paper, yarn, shrink plastic and clay, this book will be your go-to manual for DIY gifts forever more!

    With the minimum of skills, you can create fabulous handmade gifts that will be treasured by their recipient. Even if you have never crafted before, you'll find a wealth of projects in this stylish collection that you can confidently tackle. Whether you're looking for DIY gifts for friends or family members, there's the perfect gift here just waiting for you to have a go!

  • 50 Flatpack Hacks

    Boring shelves, tables and cupboards are a thing of the past. Now, assembling flatpack furniture can be an exercise in creativity. Armed with 50 Flatpack Hacks, you can transform your living space without spending thousands on high-end brands. This book gives you the inside track on personalising, customising and repurposing your flatpack furniture.

    Learn clever hacks for every room in the home – from stylish bathroom shelves to savvy media storage, innovative lighting, upscaled soft furnishings and even unique toys for kids. Each project comes complete with illustrated step-by-step instructions and inspirational full-colour photography. The ideas, tips and techniques in 50 Flatpack Hacks range from basic embellishment projects to advanced builds, when it's time to get out your power tools.

    Once you've mastered these hacks, the possibilities really are endless.

  • Art and Craft of the Blacksmith

    Get to know the ultimate skill for using your own two hands! The Art and Craft of the Blacksmith introduces fundamental blacksmithing tools and techniques, simple projects to practice and build a skill base, as well as a gallery showcasing inspiring artists using innovative techniques today.

    Craftspeople making the transition from interest to hobby will find both inspiration and practical how-to projects in this comprehensive reference to ironwork. Beginning with an overview of iron and the traditions of historical forging, master blacksmith Robert Thomas offers everything you need to get started or to take your work to the next level.

  • Art of Leather Braiding

    Leather braiding is an ancient form of art that uses just a few simple knots and cords to create beautiful jewellery and accessories. This book brings leather braiding to the modern day with a collection of stunning projects that rely on just a few simple techniques.

    Starting with advice on the leather cords to use and the essential techniques you need to start designing your pieces, you can then delve straight into the brilliant variety of braiding projects from rings and neckwear to key fobs and wrist straps for watches.

    Few specialist tools are required and the leather cord is readily available from craft stores. All of the projects use classic three-string or four-string braid designs, and the addition of decorative knots or store-bought findings give the braids a professional, elegant finish making these perfect pieces for beginners to make for family and friends.

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  • Art of Leather Burning

    Legendary wood and leather crafter Lora Susan Irish focuses solely on leather pyrography techniques and projects. She presents instructions for a dozen easy-to-make projects, including jewellery, wallets, journals and belts, in a spectacular array of patterns ranging from American West and Celtic motifs to wildlife and tattoo-inspired imagery.

    Moving from tools and supplies to pyrography and leather crafting basics, the book includes detailed, step-by-step directions with full-colour photographs. Sidebars and tips offer helpful hints. This invaluable guide is ideal for experienced crafters as well as those who wish to acquire leather-crafting and leather-burning skills.

  • Art of Pressed Flowers and Leaves

    The art of pressing flowers is enjoying a renaissance, and Jennie Ashmore teaches new fans how to make the most of this rediscovered craft.

    She covers everything from the choice of flowers (including roses, poppies and seaweed), to the various methods of pressing them, to designing with the finished pressed flowers and leaves. See how to achieve symmetry, use colour and combine the flowers with watercolour and gouache, painted backgrounds and gold and silver paper.

    There’s a range of insider tips on using the ribs of leaves to create pattern and movement, pressing both sides of a leaf and capturing the seasons in a single, beautiful work. Templates will help you get started, and a plant directory shows you what various plants look like when pressed.

  • Artistic Mother

    Discover your inner artistic motivation and how it can fit perfectly with your busy life and family in The Artistic Mother. Creating meaningful art can be difficult with the hectic schedule many of us maintain, learn to overcome these challenges and make art an important aspect of your life.

    Shona Cole offers practical advice and planning tools to help you along the way as she inspires the creative soul in each mother. Discover:

    • The Artist's Workshop, a 12-week art course that teaches you how to bring creativity back into your life
    • Step-by-step instructions for more than 12 finished art pieces celebrating motherhood and family
    • A weekly action plan to help you make the best use of your time
    • Artist Spotlights that introduce you to seven inspiring artist-mommas
    • •Tips on creating time and space in your life for your art
    • A beginner's guide to each of three much-loved arts: poetry, photography and mixed media

    Don't go another day without bringing together your two passions: motherhood and art.

  • Assembled

    Assembled features 25 contemporary assemblage art projects. Each project is shown through the transformation of a group of found objects into finished sculpture with accompanying instructions on project inspiration, assemblage methods and bonding techniques.

    The projects are disassembled to their very core to reveal not just the easily identifiable elements used in their creation, such as a tennis racket, thermos or bicycle frame, but also every screw, bolt, thread, rope or wire used to assemble them.

    The text accompanying each piece comes from the artist and offers a unique insight into the creation and character of each individual sculpture. These charming background stories describe the journey from seemingly random found objects to a finished, named creation, and are followed with precise instructions on how each piece is put together. A list of individual components and tools used completes the "recipe".

  • Beginner's Guide to Linocut

    Learn to create beautiful and practical linocut prints at home with this contemporary guide to a well-loved traditional art form.

    Linocut and screenprinting have undergone a resurgence in recent years. This book teaches the basic techniques for learning to make your own prints under the guidance and tutelage of expert teacher and artist Susan Yeates.

    She explains the rudiments of linocutting, and guides you through ten practical and attainable projects including greeting cards, artworks to frame, labels for jam jars, seed packets and bags or tea towels to print and give as personalised presents. There are handy tips and suggestions throughout the book to help you with your printing.

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  • Beginner's Guide to Screen Printing

    In this Beginner's Guide to Screen Printing, Erin Lacy shows you how to make your own screen using an embroidery hoop and silk fabric, and demonstrates how to create beautiful designs that are easy to achieve.

    Discover how to print onto different surfaces such as wood, cork and fabric, and create twelve stunning, coastal and botanical-themed projects through bright and colourful step-by-step photography. The book includes templates and inspiration on how to design your own screen printing motifs.

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  • Being with Flowers

    Learn to become one with nature and create beautiful flower arrangements with Being with Flowers.

    Master floral sculptor Anthony Ward shows you how to use your relationship to flowers to incorporate peace in your life and create beautiful floral designs. Including creative exercises, guided meditations and step-by-step flower arrangements, he shows you how to appreciate the natural art of each flower to create the perfect arrangement.

  • Candle Making Basics

    Step-by-step colour photographs and descriptive detail make this book indispensable for beginners looking to create beautiful and functional scented candles on their very first try. Precise instructions eliminate the guesswork to help you avoid common mistakes.

    Gleaned from the expertise of master candle makers, this guide presents everything a novice needs to know to get started crafting traditional tapers and moulded candles, container and rolled beeswax candles, and interesting variations on each. Includes guidelines for buying tools and materials, preparing the work space and working safely and effectively, as well as suggested shopping lists and information on scents and dyes.

  • Candlemaking the Natural Way

    Go eco-friendly by creating a variety of candles with all-natural and readily available beeswax, palm wax and soy wax. You'll learn the fundamental techniques of the craft, including dipped, rolled and molded methods.

    Features include:

    • 31 projects – from pillars to spheres, these projects will look lovely in any décor and make fabulous presents
    • There are candles to make in a variety of sizes and in colourful layers
    • Recipes feature aromatic scents, embedded objects such as coffee beans and more

  • Clay Creation Workshop

    Using super lightweight, air-dry clay (and focusing on a handful of simple shapes), you'll create an entire world of people, animals, scenes and more. From well-dressed dolls to mermaids and fairies, from cute kittens to prideful lions, from cupcakes to beads and bling, you'll create to your heart's content!

    • 20+ step-by-step clay projects for figures, such as mermaids, fairies and dolls, and dress them up with dozens of outfits, crazy and creative hairstyles and accessories
    • 20+ step-by-step clay projects for animals, ranging from the everyday cats and dogs to exotic penguins and giraffes
    • Uses inexpensive lightweight, air-dry clay that is easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of colours

  • Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making

    The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making is an A–Z primer on all things soap making.

    This easy-to-use book will guide you through everything you need to know from necessary ingredients, tools and safety requirements to soap making methods, including: melt and pour, hand milling, cold process and hot process. You'll be a pro in no time!

    Each of the chapters focuses on a specific method, demonstrating basic process, decorative techniques, recipes and related products such as scrubs, bath bombs and liquid soaps. You'll also find a section on how to formulate original recipes, plus guidance on storage and ideas for packaging to impress your friends, family and maybe even customers!

  • Concrete Creations

    A perfect mix of power, presence and practicality, bring concrete into your home today and discover a new-found love for this often overlooked but remarkable building material. With just a bag of ready-mixed concrete, water and a few utensils and moulds you can find around the house, you can create beautiful, minimalist items in no time at all; from clocks, vases, lampshades and bowls through to jewellery, wine coolers and desk organisers.

    Each of the 45 projects is equipped with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and tips, and all can be made with very little know-how making it a perfect craft for beginner concrete artisans, as well as the more experienced mason.

    Look inside the book.

  • Craft a Life You Love

    Learn how to focus your creative energy and make things (and make things happen) by implementing small yet powerful changes in your everyday lives.

    Amy Tangerine shows you how to find your flow, maintain a positive mindset and cultivate a rich and fulfilling life by focusing on what truly matters. Chapters explore how to craft the soul, craft the right mindset, craft the right environment, craft good habits, rediscover your creative mojo and maintain momentum, with each section offering exercises for taking your creative practice to the next level.

    For anyone who has felt disconnected from their creativity or has had trouble saving a space for their passions, Craft a Life You Love will teach you how to make time for creativity each and every day.

  • Craft It Now

    Whether you're carving a new piece of jewelry or an adorable plush bunny, you'll find something to love in Craft It Now. With more than 75 simple projects ranging from crochet to polymer clay and everything in between, this book has you covered when you need a quick craft fix.

    • Simple step-by-step instructions
    • Projects can be completed in a weekend (or faster!)
    • Original projects for papercraft, jewellry-making, needlework and more!