Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts & Herbs

  • All About Citrus & Subtropical Fruits

    Grow your own citrus and subtropical fruit with help from All About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits.

    From detailed descriptions of over 70 varieties of citrus and 275 varieties of subtropical fruits, you are bound to find the best type for your garden. Includes easy-to-follow care instructions that will ensure a bountiful harvest.

    Published in the US but applicable to subtropical regions of Australia.

  • Backyard Bounty

    Featuring top advice from the ABC's Organic Gardener magazine, horticultural editor Penny Woodward and expert contributors present a practical guide to growing vegetables organically, whether you're starting a patch from scratch or you're an old hand who wants to go greener.

    This book has all you need to know to grow your own healthy and sustainable produce: from getting started, preparing your patch and making compost, to an A–Z of popular vegetables with a month-by-month planting and growing guide, as well as natural ways to combat pests and diseases.

    So what are you waiting for? Go organic and start reaping your own healthy backyard harvest now!

  • Camomile

    In Camomile, discover:

    • The best ways to grow camomile, popular varieties and their properties
    • How to make a range of therapeutic preparations – teas, tinctures, syrups, infused and massage oils
    • Remedies for colds, fevers, headaches, anxiety, cramps, burns, insect bites, etc
    • Recipes for hair, skin and body care, decorations and gifts
    • Colour photos and historical prints

  • Charles Dowding's Vegetable Course

    Charles Dowding, the master of no-dig gardening, developed his highly successful methods of vegetable growing through 30 years experience of growing and selling vegetables and extensive experiments. Through his courses at Lower Farm in Somerset and his three previous books, he has won a keen following.

    Beginners and experienced veg growers alike find that his methods work and that he opens their minds to new possibilities. Now he has distilled the essence of his courses and ideas into one book. In it you will find out how to grow vegetables the Charles Dowding way.

    Charles Dowding's Vegetable Course is both a straightforward guide to success and an inspiring source of ideas for achieving a more productive vegetable garden for less effort.

  • Complete Kitchen Garden

    Based on the seasonal cycles of the garden, each chapter offers an original themed garden design such as The Salad Lover's Garden, The Heirloom Maze Garden and The Children's Garden, with recipes to match and step-by-step instructions for growing the ultimate kitchen garden.

    Recipes play an integral role with a full range of soups, salads, main-course savoury dishes and desserts, as well as condiments and garnish to dress up a plate.

    The 14 garden designs and more than 100 recipes will delight both novice and experienced gardeners.

  • Courtyard Kitchen

    Herbs and potted fruits thrive in small, easy-to maintain spaces – in courtyard pots and troughs, on decks or balconies or in window boxes. Herbs are inexpensive to pot and grow and add wonderful flavour to the simplest dish – and of course there's nothing quite like cooking with home-grown ingredients.

    Courtyard Kitchen is prefaced with simple tips and hints on selecting the best herbs for your space and setting up and maintaining them; it includes essential information on seasons, cropping times and basic plant care.

    Following this are more than 80 simple fresh food recipes with clever flavour-matching ideas based around a specific herb or potted fruit theme - basil, mint, coriander, lemon, parsley, strawberry, thyme, rosemary, chilli. There are risottos, roasts, pizzas, salsas, salads, soups, recipes for pasta, polenta, couscous; there are sorbets, cakes, biscuits and treats – delicious, easy recipes that celebrate the sheer pleasure of home cooking with herbs you've grown yourself.

  • Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms

    With clear instructions and step-by-step photographs, this comprehensive guide shows you how to cultivate mushrooms in your own home, producing shiitakes, oysters, lion's manes, maitakes, and portabellas for your kitchen or for a small business.

    • Beginners will learn the best way to use a mushroom kit, as well as how to maintain the sterile procedures and controlled environment that cultivation requires.
    • Novices and the more experienced will learn how to create grain spawn or sawdust spawn and how to use liquid cultures and fruiting chambers.
    • Advanced readers will gain a thorough knowledge of how to work with large-scale grain spawn, agar, bag cultures, bulk substrates, and large fruiting chambers to produce mushrooms consistently and in greater quantity

  • Fruit Gardener's Bible

    Bring the mouth-watering deliciousness of fresh fruit into your garden.

    Whether you're interested in planting a blueberry patch or a small apple orchard, adding a nut tree to your yard or incorporating raspberry brambles into your landscape, this is a comprehensive resource.

    Covering everything from pollination to pruning, Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry guide you through every step of planting and harvesting fruit.

  • Grow

    Ben Raskin shares his expert knowledge in this funky guide for families who are new to edible gardening, looking at the whole life cycle of food, from seed sowing and saving to planning and planting, and-most exciting of all – harvesting the food that you've grown.

    From planting your very own pizza toppings to becoming runner bean rivals and learning that a strawberry is actually lots of little strawberries, teach your kids that growing fruit and vegetables is easy and fun, and eating food that you have produced together is even better. Complete with stickers, runner-bean measuring chart, a fruit pairs game and a rainbow taste wheel, Grow offers your family the inspiration to get out there and get planting.

  • Grow a Little Fruit Tree

    Grow your own apples, figs, plums, cherries, pears, apricots and peaches in even the smallest backyard!

    Expert pruner Ann Ralph reveals a simple yet revolutionary secret that keeps an ordinary fruit tree much smaller than normal. These great little trees take up less space, require less care, offer an easy harvest, and make a fruitful addition to any home landscape.

    About the Author Ann Ralph is a fruit tree specialist with twenty years of nursery experience. She teaches pruning classes in the San Francisco Bay area.

  • Grow Fruit Naturally

    This timely and comprehensive book from American gardening expert Lee Reich shows the way to successfully grow fruits that are delicious and nutritious, with information on over 30 fruits and how to reap the most of their bounty.

    Covering all topics from planning and planting to pruning and harvesting, this reference also discusses natural pest-control and fertilization methods, pollination, irrigation and special techniques such as espalier and growing fruit in containers. A handy, encyclopedic listing of fruits provides in-depth information on individual fruit needs, care and varieties, with a focus on all-natural growing techniques.

    With 150 photos and over 50 illustrations, this highly visual guide is the book to pick up to keep your fruit crops thriving.

  • Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies

    Make these remedies in less time than it takes to get to a chemist or health-food shop. Learn how to grow herbs, then make your own infusions, teas, salves, ointments, and rubs. Beautifully organised into three sections:

    • Ailments & which herbs will treat them
    • The herbs, each with a colour photo and highlighted boxes clearly describing the herb, which parts can be used and what for, how to cultivate it, an old family recipe, when and where not to use the herb
    • Detail advice on making remedies

  • Growing Citrus

    Martin Page charts the introduction of citrus to the western world, celebrates their unique flavours and diverse uses, and recommends the best varieties for garden cultivation. The detailed cultivation advice describes how to grow the trees in all climates, includes tips on over wintering, and shows how to tend to trees in pots, small gardens, and greenhouses.

    Includes oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, clementines and many more.

  • Heirloom Vegetable Gardening

    Heirloom Vegetable Gardening has always been a book for gardeners and cooks interested in unique flavours, colours and history in their produce. This updated edition has been improved throughout with growing zones, advice and new plant entries. Line art has been replaced with lush, full-colour photography.

    Yet at the core, this book delivers on the same promise it made two decades ago: it’s a comprehensive guide based on meticulous first-person research to these 300+ plants, making it a book to come back to season after season.

  • Herbs for Common Ailments

    Rosemary Gladstar shows you how to use 56 common herbs to address a wide range of everyday ailments, from burns, wounds and itchy skin to headaches, congestion, indigestion, strains, bruises, sore throats, coughs, fevers, colic, cramps and insomnia.

    She also shows you how to stock a simple first-aid kit with safe, effective herbal remedies.

  • Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering

    Ed's Amazing Pots System - Portable, Organic, Trouble-Free, Secret Soil Formula - grows easy, plentiful, foolproof vegetables, from artichoke to strawberries.

    Over 40 years, he has chosen, planted, tested and tasted dozens of vegetables in every type of self-watering container (store-bought or homemade).

  • It's a Long Road to a Tomato

    Open a window into the world of Keith's Farm, with essays on his development as a farmer, the nuts and bolts of organic farming for an urban market, farm animals domestic and wild, and the political, social, and environmental issues relevant to agriculture today-and their impact on all of us.

    It is a personal and highly acclaimed book on the how's and whys of running a small organic farm in 21st century America. Including gorgeous woodcut illustrations by his wife Flavia Bacarella.

  • Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Fruit

    Here is definitive and authoritative advice to choosing, planting, growing and maintaining 75 of your own fruit and nut crops.

    A combination of botanical beauty and practical advice in The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Fruit will inspire beginners and experienced growers to love and grow their own fruit. From growing from seed to harvesting, the projects will bring the wonderful world of fruit to life and produce confident, keen growers wanting to expand their experience of growing their own.