Bird Brains

The Wild & Wacky World of Birds

Jeremy Hyman


In Bird Brains, learn how birds use sound, colour and dances to communicate with each other, and camouflage, dive-bombing and projectile vomiting to discourage predators. They build nests with sticks, stones, feathers, vines, mud, mucus, saliva and more. Full-colour illustrations showcase these cool behaviours.

Did you know that:

  • Birds are smart? Crows watch traffic lights in big cities so cars can break open hard nutshells.
  • Birds are strong? Raptors can withstand G-forces of more than 27 Gs when they swoop down to capture prey. That's three times more than a fighter jet pilot can stand without passing out.
  • Birds are gross? Parent birds feed regurgitated food to hatchlings.

A whole world of wonder awaits any inquisitive child! Recommended for ages 8+.


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