Needlecraft Style Directory

A Visual Reference of over 50 Needlecraft Styles & Stitches

Sharon Boggon & Sarah Whittle


Written for both beginning and experienced needlecraft enthusiasts, this reference volume shows how to make virtually every basic stitch and describes each stitch's common uses.

The first part describes the many different needlecraft styles – crewel, quilting, needlepoint and dozens more. The second part is a stitch directory, presenting easy-to-follow diagrams that show how each stitch is accomplished. The book's chapters cover:

  • Fabric Embellishment – surface embroidery, beadwork, needlepoint and more
  • Fabric Construction – patchwork, quilting, various styles of appliqué and more
  • Fabric Manipulation – smocking, hemstitching, cutwork and more
  • Part Two chapters – illustrate more than 20 stiches (including surface embroidery stitches, cross stitches, knotted stitches, straight stitches, pulled and drawn threadwork stitches, needlepoint stitches, looped stitches)


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