• Button Hole Cutter

    Create perfect button holes every time without the risk of slicing through your stitching. It's all so easy:

    • Use a block of soft wood, a magazine or a wad of scrap fabric under your stitched button hole
    • Place the chisel edge between the button hole stitches and push through the fabric
    • Repeat for the length of the button hole

  • Ned Kelly Thimble Set

    The Kelly Gang Collectible Thimble series adds another layer to the mythology of the Kelly gang and is a must-have for any ustralian thimble collector.

    The Kelly Gang thimbles are made in Australia from high grade pewter. They have an authentic aged patina and are hand finished. There are four unique thimbles in the series, depicting the four unique helmets worn in the Glenrowan seige by the Kelly Gang. Each has its own unique features. The detail in each thimble is extraordinary, right down to the nuts that held them together.

    The Kelly Gang set is a wonderful way to compare and contrast the unique features and design of each thimble. Many people do not realise that there were four unique sets of armour worn at the Seige of Glenrowan on 28th June 1880.

  • Pebble Household Needles

    The John James Pebble "finest quality hand sewing needles in a Pebble" is a must have for every sewing box and handbag. The hand sewing Pebble is easy to use and is a fabulous sewing accessory and storage unit in one.

    This vivacious pink pebble contains an assorted range of 12 general hand sewing needles for all sewing needs.

  • Pebble Sharps Needles

    The Pebble is a must have for every sewing box and handbag, is easy to use and is a fabulous accessory.

    This peppermint green pebble contains 16 size 3 to size 9 sharps, general purpose hand sewing needles with sharp points.

  • Sewing Machine Oil

    • Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust.

    • Specially formulated for use on sewing machines.

    • Non-staining & non-gumming to provide the best performance.

    • 125ml

  • Stitch Holder 3-Piece

    The aluminum construction and secure closure design make it easy to hold stitches without any weight or snagging.

    Three sizes: 75, 120 & 170 mm