• Button Hole Cutter

    Create perfect button holes every time without the risk of slicing through your stitching. It's all so easy:

    • Use a block of soft wood, a magazine or a wad of scrap fabric under your stitched button hole
    • Place the chisel edge between the button hole stitches and push through the fabric
    • Repeat for the length of the button hole

  • Pebble Household Needles

    The John James Pebble "finest quality hand sewing needles in a Pebble" is a must have for every sewing box and handbag. The hand sewing Pebble is easy to use and is a fabulous sewing accessory and storage unit in one.

    This vivacious pink pebble contains an assorted range of 12 general hand sewing needles for all sewing needs.

  • Pebble Sharps Needles

    The Pebble is a must have for every sewing box and handbag, is easy to use and is a fabulous accessory.

    This peppermint green pebble contains 16 size 3 to size 9 sharps, general purpose hand sewing needles with sharp points.

  • Sewing Machine Oil

    • Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust.

    • Specially formulated for use on sewing machines.

    • Non-staining & non-gumming to provide the best performance.

    • 125ml

  • Stitch Holder 3-Piece

    The aluminum construction and secure closure design make it easy to hold stitches without any weight or snagging.

    Three sizes: 75, 120 & 170 mm