• Clover Knitting Needle Gauge

    Clover Knitting Needle Gauge. Size:2mm to 15mm (#0 to #19).
    Measures 20 needles sizes and comes with a handy ruler on the bottom.

  • Clover Split Ring Markers

    Keeping count of your stitches in knitting and knowing when to increase or decrease etc can be difficult. Slip them on your needle as a reminde. When you reach the marker in your knitting , transfer it from one needle to the other to keep the place and continue knitting.

    The split in the ring allows you to mark a place in your knitting or crochet until you are ready to remove it.

    You can also assign different meanings to the different colours and their light weight means they do not interfere with your work.

  • Clover U Cable Stitch Holder

    No more dropped stitches while knitting cables due to the U-shape! Three sizes included to suit most yarn.

  • Safety Stitch Markers

    Birch Safety Stitch Markers are plastic, colorful stitch markers that close like safety pins. Great for marking the beginning and ending of pattern, or for increase/decrease the number of stitches.