• Android Photography
    The arrival of the Android smartphone is a revolution in the compact camera field: now the phone in your pocket is a powerful creative tool, with the digital processing power to turn any photo into something truly unique.

    While the Android cameras themselves eclipse early digital models, what makes the camera really special is the way it lets you process your pictures in an app, before sending them straight to a waiting world or just your friends and family at a moment's notice.

    This book takes a fun-and-free spirit and applies it to the camera that's already in your pocket. The best apps are listed, a wealth of inspirational case studies are included, and you'll be introduced to the most exciting mobile photography in the world.

  • Baby Photography Now!

    Guidance on every aspect of creating 'wow' photos – from finding alternative angles and unusual poses to editing, enhancement and presentation.

    Advice about shooting every stage of life from pregnancy to first birthday. Step-by-step instructions for reproducing many of the intriguing photos. Chapter on displaying images as prints, on Web or even as interactive.

  • Basics Photography 06: Working in Black & White

    Whether examining the themes b&w images explore or each element of a composition, this exceptionally clear, concise & easy to follow reference guides students & amateurs through all the essential theories & techniques of b&w digital photography.

    Includes printing & papers & reintroducing colour aided by tips & fully illustrated with diagrams & inspiring imagery with full technical details.

  • Black & White Handbook
    This updated and revised edition of a comprehensive guide provides the secrets to achieving the very best monochrome results every time. With an emphasis on hands-on practice throughout the authors discuss;

    • Benefits of black-and-white
    • Film structure
    • Speed, latitude and serialization
    • Film choice and format
    • Exposure and metering
    • Filters and filtration
    • Developing
    • The darkroom
    • Print processing and the art of printing
    • Retouching, toning, and presentation
    • Even the "colours" of monochrome.

    More than 200 black-and-white images,
  • Cameras & Photographica Price Guide
    How to become a collector and a comprehensive overview of photography's history and the equipment and images that are prized today: cameras, camera accessories, magic lanterns, optical toys and related items, magic lantern and optical toy accessories, stereo views, images: ambrotypes, autochromes, daguerreotypes, tintypes cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite. Lists of camera-, stereoscope-, stereo view manufacturers. Glossary.

    * 1500 detailed descriptions with prices
    * 1300 photos
    * 16-pages of colour
  • Capturing Time & Motion

    Capturing the effects of time and motion are two of the hottest topics in photography, and photographer Joseph Meehan provides the technical and aesthetic know-how for representing a three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional medium.

    Meehan explores the foundations of composition, light, and dimension that create the illusion of movement and passing time, and guides readers through a wide breadth of subjects, from shooting wildlife, sports, and moving backgrounds to creative digital techniques and panning.

  • Color Pipeline

    From capturing a digital image to creating the fine print, Dillard (RAW Pipeline author) offers the best route to getting a consistent, streamlined colour management workflow, by utilising the flexibility of RAW files & the colour handling of advanced Photoshop editing techniques (eg power of Smart Objects) to pump up your images.

    You'll also learn theory (eg foundations of colour), etc.

  • Complete Guide to Digital Night and Low Light Photography

    In-depth guide to the techniques that guarantee great photos under challenging lighting conditions for the digital SLR user. Expert advice on equipment choices, camera settings, in-camera & post-production methods.

    Superb photos, tips & info will ensure success in low-light, whether you want to capture neon nightlife or a portrait, explore special effects or the eeriness of a misty landscape.

  • Comprehensive Guide to Digital Glamour Photography
    Covers all aspects - from how to prepare for a shoot to how to remove blemishes from your model's skin. With the aid of inspirational images and methods from top pros, tuition is structured in easy steps around the three main areas of shoot, enhance and enjoy: for example, how the image was captured; how it was manipulated on the computer and output in the desired form; how photos can be shared via printing or the computer. Clear diagrams, screengrabs, captions and thorough glossary.
  • Creative Album Wedding Design

    Teaches the use of Photoshop to design artful, distinctive, and interesting wedding albums. Offering 10 projects with varying levels of skill sets, step-by-step techniques are demonstrated with detailed screen shots. Strategies for designing album covers are also included, and a companion website features downloadable practice files for easy review.

    Highlighting image manipulation, this guide emphasizes the marketable edge of adding imaginative graphic design to any photo studio business.

  • Digital Compact Camera Handbook

    The editor of Outdoor Photographer & PCPhoto explains & illustrates the digital compact camera in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand way so you'll soon master it completely. You'll learn:

    • The basics of digital photography
    • What to consider when choosing a camera
    • Mastery of camera features & controls
    • File formats, memory cards, image management

  • Digital Masters: Adventure Photography

    Learn to capture fast-moving subjects and deal with harsh conditions and weather while shooting today's popular extreme outdoor sports, from mountain biking and ice climbing to surfing, BASE jumping, and more.

    Of special interest is the Portraiture and Lifestyle chapter, which covers increasingly in-demand techniques. Budding professionals will particularly enjoy Clark's "Stories from the Field," chronicling his wildest adventures in the pursuit of the perfect action shot.

  • Digital Outdoor Photography
    Award-winning wildlife photographer Heather Angel has created a comprehensive guide for anyone eager to create amazing nature, wildlife, landscape and macro photos.

    Each of her time-tested tips is beautifully illustrated and covers everything from packing for a photographic field trip to practical shooting advice, technical tricks and specific gear recommendations.

    Inspirational anecdotes from her years of traveling the world abound, and she even explains how to create a "fix-it kit" to handle accidents in the field.
  • Digital SLR Colour Photography

    All the expert advice you need, on the questions you want answered, is now accessible - portable, practical and affordable: The Camera Bag Companions Book Three, Colour Photography, is a pocket size reference you can take anywhere!

    Covers everything from colour theory to camera profiles and in – camera effects. Clarifies the concepts of hue, saturation, colour temperature and more.

    Make the most of your Digital SLR'S capabilities. Understand how colour works and you will find your pictures gain that professional edge.

  • Digital Stock Photography: How to Shoot and Sell
    Highly praised guide explains everything about the photography, business and marketing practicalities needed to create saleable digital stock photos for today's market - style and concepts required, organising a shoot, managing stock, creating release forms, obtaining copyrights, dealing with clients, choosing an agency, understanding the new economy of stock - the lot! 25 assignments form a blueprint for a stock collection.
  • Elements of Color Photography
    Internationally renowned as photography's Kandisky for creating Cibachrome prints of exceptional clarity and brilliance, Todd shows how exuberant colour can be applied to an array of motifs. From a magical misty Venice to a peeling paint abstraction, you'll be educated and inspired as he recounts creating his images, from when the subject first attracted him to selecting the final print.
  • Elevate the Everyday

    Shows you how to take ordinary moments and turn them into memorable and lasting photographs. With a host of creative ideas, technical tips, stories of motherhood and inspirational images that go far beyond traditional posed shots, the author shows you how to unlock your creativity and document your family the way they are right now.

    • Accessible advice on camera settings, composition and more, to help ensure that photographing your family is made easy
    • Creative and easy ways to turn your daily routine with your children into opportunities for great photography
    • Inspirational stories and images from the author as well as from an exceptional community of mothers who are also photographers, writers and bloggers

  • Essential Underwater Photography Manual

    This guide to creative techniques and key equipment will show you how to capture the beautiful diversity of sealife, including:

    • Choosing a digital or film camera, using lenses and filters, camera housing, accessories, etc

    • Basics (aperture, exposure, DOF)

    • Lighting for different shots, creative composition, 'WOW' factor

    • Macro, close-focus wide angle

    • Making the most of your subjects, recording behaviour, telling stories

  • Face On
    Four essays examine the current vogue for portrait-based photos in art, focusing on the fascinating and difficult work of 13 European and American artists (Tracy Moffat, Boris Mikhailov) who use lens-based media to relate to their subjects. Although born from documentary and realism, the photos are more concerned with the difficulties of relaying the experiences of lived social realities.
  • Fantasy Portrait Photography
    Shows how to use elaborate makeup, costumes and sets, creative printing and handcolouring to make fantasies come true. Learn to:
    * Design images children, infants, families, etc.
    * Talk with clients to plan a session to suit their tastes
    * Select costumes
    * Apply makeup
    * Make sets that support the theme and subject
    * Work with subjects on the set to create poses and expressions that suit the mood
    * Set-up easy lighting for flawless studio photos
    * Increase sales / new clients.