• 1000 Tangles, Patterns & Doodled Designs

    1000 Tangles, Patterns & Doodled Designs combines hundreds of tangling, illustration, and doodling patterns and designs into one all-encompassing guidebook.

    Filled with inspirational designs, patterns, borders, flourishes, doodles, tangle and more, this creative resource explores hundreds of ideas for tangling and doodling enthusiasts to learn and model. From basic tangles to stylized letters and numbers, the variety of patterns and designs seems virtually endless.

    Throughout the book, practical tips and step-by-step lessons help artists perfect their skills, while blank templates can be copied or scanned to use over and over again.

  • 500 Tangled Artworks

    Become inspired by this vast collection of meditative drawing tiles known as tangles! The book features a large and wide-ranging collection of exciting, beautiful and experimental drawings.

    With an introduction and history of this zen art form, 500 Tangled Artworks shares basic techniques, and features a cutting edge collection of the latest and greatest drawing from this contemporary movement. After seeing this amazing assortment of art, it will be easier than ever to start tangling on your own!

  • Art of Fashion Tangling

    Combining the popular tangling art form with the world of fashion, The Art of Fashion Tangling takes you on an inspirational, imaginative drawing journey.

    The free-flowing and detailed patterns inherent in this infectious art style meld perfectly with the fun and flexibility of fashion illustration. Beginning with an overview on tangling and a brief introduction to basic tools and materials and techniques and embellishments, you will embark on a creative journey through a variety of prompts, patterns and projects to turn innovative tangles into fascinating fashion looks and accessories.

    From dresses, jackets and shoes to umbrellas, glasses and funky hairstyles, tangling fashionistas will find a plethora of fashion-forward subject matter to doodle and embellish. With open practice pages throughout and a variety of reproducible templates at the back of the book, this is the perfect resource to provide hours of fashion tangling fun and endless creativity.

  • Art of Zentangle

    Structured to be part instruction, part inspiration and part doodling, The Art of Zentangle demonstrates how to create Zentangle art by showing intricate patterns broken out into several steps.

    After you have warmed up and are ready to give it a try on your own, you'll be invited to practice creating your own Zentangle designs on the beautifully designed blank pages of this inspirational sketch journal.

    A short gallery of final artwork and several inspirational prompts are included in this comprehensive introduction to the inspirational world of Zentangle.

  • Beauty of Zentangle

    The Beauty of Zentangle celebrates this new art form by presenting some of its most inspiring examples in a stunning new gallery format book.

    Representing the state-of-the-art in tangling today, it offers a comprehensive survey of the contemporary Zentangle movement and includes breathtaking works from 137 talented artists and Certified Zentangle Teachers from around the world.

    The book examines a broad range of creative tangling applications, from classic tile art to origami, jewellery, card making, décor, quilting, ceramics and more.

  • Creative Tangle

    Shows how to invent your own original patterns inspired by everyday items – virtually everywhere you look are shapes and patterns just waiting to be tangled! You will unleash your creativity and look at your world in a whole new, wonderfully tangled way!

    • A fun and simple 3-step process for designing your own tangles
    • 24 fantastic off-the-tile projects
    • Expert tips for embellishing pre-existing patterns, creating themes and adding colour to your tangles
    • Inspirational photos, new patterns and templates

  • Great Zentangle Book

    Create, relax and inspire one stroke at a time with The Great Zentangle Book! Complied by certified Zentangle trainer, Beate Winkler, these 100 step-by-step Zentangle patterns will help you relax while creating approachable and beautiful works of art.

    Discover beautiful tangles from artists from around the world, including Zentangle founders Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Be up to date on current Zentangle trends with new, delicate bijou tiles and find inspiration for your own Zentangle artwork while learning fascinating information and techniques.

  • Take-Along Tangles

    Take-Along Tangles is easy to tuck into a pocket or toss into your bag. The package includes a 32-page instructional booklet to guide you along and a 104-page pad filled with five-inch square tangle drawings, waiting for you to colour them in.

    The instructional booklet offers colouring basics, as well as easy- to-follow techniques for shading, highlighting, creating textures and enhancing dimensions. The tangle pad's 104 pages are filled with designs calling out for colour! The pad's pages are loosely bound for easy removal. The paper used in the booklet is high quality, making coloured drawings suitable for framing or using for handmade greeting cards.

  • Tangle Journey

    Find the next step in your zentangle journey with step-by-step techniques and beautiful inspirational drawings! Beckah Krahula guides you along with her sure-footed instruction and beautiful examples as she shows you how to take tangle drawing to the next level.

    From florals and organics to journal drawings and cityscapes, all kinds of experimentation are explored. Gain deeper insights into how tangles can be combined to create more complex and realistic forms, how to use contour and shading, how to work with mid-toned papers by adding highlights and shadows, how to use introduce colour-based media, how to integrate mixed-media techniques, and how to work on various surfaces.

  • Tangle-Inspired Botanicals

    With a focus on simple mark making as well as drawing with the intention to relax and be creative, tangle drawing is a powerful tool for people looking to tap into their inner artist. This book guides readers in exploring and developing their own style of tangle-inspired botanicals, land and seascapes, lush foliage, and mixed-media colour enhancers.

    Artist Sharla Hicks uses nature photographs and monoprints embossed with flowers, leaves and grasses for her inspiration. Tangle-Inspired Botanicals includes more than 200 illustrations, including many finished artworks, along with written instruction.

  • Tangled Travels

    In Tangled Travels, you'll find 52 fantastic drawings of worldwide cities and landmarks, created by Zentangle master Jane Monk. Using these destination templates as starting blocks, you'll draw and colour your way through Paris, Venice, London, New York City, the Colosseum, Stonehenge, the Bungle Bungles and more!

    Half of the drawings are complete and ready to colour. Half of them await your creativity and imagination to finish. In order to bring each destination to life, you'll use common shapes, lines and patterns of tangle art to fill in blank spaces, then you'll colour in those intricate drawings you've inked.

    Examples are offered for how to build up patterns, how to create texture and how to incorporate fractals in your drawings. Adding motifs in ink or straight colour with pencils or markers is also possible. It's easy, fun, and calming. The result is vibrant cities and intriguing natural wonders.

  • Tangled Up!

    After reviewing a few basic tools and materials, along with basic techniques and embellishments helpful for getting started, tweens will embark on a creative journey through a variety of prompts, patterns and projects guided by talented artist and teacher Penny Raile.

    Featured subject matter includes tangling on and working unique patterns into flowers, fish, butterflies, peacocks and other animals. Aspiring artists will learn to create expressive, personalized art pieces relevant to their daily life, including illuminated letters, tangly tattoo art and even tangled origami.

    Recommended for ages 10+.

  • Zen Doodle

    Zen Doodle provides you with the first steps toward creating unique tangled art, including traditional tiles, letter forms, Zendalas, landscapes, four-tile ensembles, paper quilts and more! Inside you'll find:

    • More than 100 pieces of Zen doodled art from 42 artists
    • Step-by-step instruction to help you begin your own Zen doodles
    • Four chapters of doodle inspiration: Abstracts, Shapes & Objects, Animals & Beasts, and Friendship & Love

  • Zen Doodle Unleashed

    Express yourself with freeform tangles that are not confined within an outer boundary or "string." Instead, you create abstract patterns that flow and build off each other to fill the whole page. It's almost magical the way simple patterns add up to complex and beautiful results.

    Plus you'll learn a variety of shading and colouring options to up the wow-factor even more! Inside you'll find:

    • 4 simple steps you need to build an original freeform tangle from scratch
    • 50 original patterns broken down into easy-to-follow steps including basic, intermediate, advanced, organic and gridline patterns
    • Cool colouring techniques with permanent markers, coloured pencils, oil pastels and watercolour
    • A cut-out reference booklet of 101 patterns by TiffanySimple lettering techniques, different pen strokes for variety and lots more expert advice!

  • Zentangle 3 Expanded Workbook Edition

    Explore tangle possibilities and discover a host of new techniques with Zentangle 3 Expanded Workbook Edition! This inspiring book offers 40 original tangle patterns and a host of new ideas for combining rubber stamps and tangles to create rich and delightful graphics.

    Begin with the Zen of basic tangling, filling in the spaces between simple lines one step at a time. Then start turning rubber stamp shapes into spectacular designs! Create beautiful Zentangle-inspired art by enhancing rubber stamp outlines with tangles. Make your stamp an intriguing focal point surrounded by tangle sections.

    Use the interactive workbook to master tangles and shading for your Zentangle stamp art.

  • Zentangle Untangled Workbook

    In The Zentangle Untangled Workbook, you'll get enough Zentangle instruction and inspiration to last all year long. Filled with dozens of new tiles and four never-before seen tangles designed especially for this book, you'll be using Zentangle in ways you never dreamed.

    Create shapes, letterforms and borders, even Zendalas, as you master each new tangle, all while reducing stress through the intentional act of creating repetitive patterns. Perfect for artists of all levels, this workbook will immerse you in a daily meditation of Zentangle.

    Inside you'll find:

    • 7 step-by-step demonstrations to help you get started
    • Inspiration and guidance on how to use those tangles to create unique and beautiful tiles
    • More than 400 blank or partially started tiles so you can practice

    See Zentangle Untangled also by Kass Hall.