• 30 Minute Artist: Painting Flowers in Watercolour

    Do you want to paint quick, loose watercolours? This practical guide for beginners, in a handy sketchbook format, will show you how you can achieve attractive and successful paintings in just 30 minutes.

    Expert watercolourist, Fiona Peart, shares her tips and techniques for producing quick and effective paintings of beautiful flowers in half an hour; ideal for those short on time but high on enthusiasm!

    • Essential painting skills conveyed through quick, lively studies
    • Expert art tuition from a renowned artist
    • 10 varied and beautiful step by step demonstrations

  • 30 Minute Artist: Painting Water in Watercolour

    Terry Harrison shares his expert advice and no nonsense tips and techniques for producing quick, effective paintings of water.

    There are two- or three-step exercises for painting water in all its varied moods and situations, including ripples, reflections, puddles, streams, breaking waves, choppy water, surf, bridges, riverbeds, boats and much more.

    There are then ten step-by-step demonstrations that can be produced in half an hour: a misty lake, track with puddles, ford, waterfall, lazy river, stormy sea, cliffs, fishing from a boat, sunset estuary and fishing boat.

  • Alwyn's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists

    Renowned artist Alwyn Crawshaw's books, videos and television series have taught millions of people around the world how to paint. He shares his expertise in this book packed full of tips for watercolour painters.

    Learn all you need to know, from the materials you need to mastering techniques such as washes, lifting out, dry brush and lost and found, to how to paint skies, water, trees, people and boats. The tips are clearly explained and illustrated, and many of Alwyn's beautiful paintings are analysed in detail.

  • Art Handbooks: Flowers in Watercolour

    Wendy Tait's excellent introduction to painting flowers in watercolour provides an inspirational and practical guide to producing beautiful flower paintings in this medium.

    There is clear information on what materials you need and on choosing colours, composition and painting terms such as counterchange, lost and found edges and aerial perspective.

    Skills are then built up through seven beautiful step-by-step demonstrations including primroses, pansies and heather, anemones, cyclamen, roses and a mixed bunch of flowers.

  • Art Handbooks: Landscapes in Watercolour

    Lively skies, misty woodlands, country lanes, quiet harbours and soft reflections – these and more are presented by artist Ray Campbell Smith.

    The author shows how to capture the freshness and beauty of watercolours in his own distinctive style.

    Look inside the book.

  • Art Handbooks: Sea & Sky in Watercolour

    Arnold Lowrey shows how to capture the changing moods and beauty of the sea and sky using over 70 step-by-step photographs and a variety of inspirational pictures. He clearly illustrates all the techniques, from laying initial washes and creating atmosphere to adding highlights and painting in final details.

    Three step-by-step painting projects take you through basic techniques and painting fundamentals for painting seas and skies

    Look inside the book.

  • Art Handbooks: Water in Watercolour

    Joe Dowden shows how to capture water in all its moods from quiet ponds and shallow puddles to babbling brooks and slow-moving rivers. Using over 80 step-by-step photographs and a variety of inspirational paintings, he clearly illustrates all the techniques – from laying an initial wash to adding the final details.

    There is clear information on what materials you need and on composition, using colour and on types of water. There are then clear step-by-step demonstrations on painting deep water, lively water and shallow water, and there are plenty of beautiful inspirational paintings besides.

  • Art Handbooks: Wild Flowers in Watercolour

    Wendy Tait's invaluable guide shows how to capture the fragile beauty of wild flowers in watercolour. Learn how to develop the delicate touch needed to achieve subtle yet convincing results. Clear, step-by-step projects include honeysuckle, wild roses and an exuberant bunch of mixed flowers.

    Three step-by-step projects take you through basic techniques and painting fundamentals,

    Look inside the book.

  • Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor

    With a fresh, modern spin on this majestic subject, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor is a comprehensive resource, packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction, for beginners and intermediate artists.

    Features include:

    • Information on the necessary tools and materials for both sketching and painting, including pencils, paints and brushes, palettes, supports and mediums
    • Basic drawing and painting techniques and colour theory
    • How to create compelling compositions, achieve depth and render realistic textures

  • Artist's Guide to Painting Water in Watercolor

    From glittering lakes to calm harbour shores to foamy surf and turbulent waterfalls and rainy city streets to snow covered lawns and frozen ponds, you'll find the inspiration and techniques to guide you on a water-filled watercolour journey.

    • 11 step-by-step demonstrations for painting puddles, streams, rivers, raging oceans, snow and more
    • 8 bonus demonstration videos to help you achieve realistic water paintings
    • More than 30 techniques for creating accurate shadow and light, reflections of objects and wave types

  • Billy Showell's Botanical Painting in Watercolour

    Billy Showell is a well-respected botanical watercolour artist, and her exceptional eye for detail and ability to re-create texture, colour and patterning have earned her a formidable reputation worldwide. Her compositions are given a contemporary, sometimes playful twist, while retaining all the beauty and accuracy of traditional botanical paintings.

    This book includes numerous step-by-step studies, close-up photography and finished pieces, through which Billy reveals the techniques she uses to attain her stunningly beautiful portraits of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

    With detailed guidance on every aspect of the painting process, from accurately counting the petals on a flower to creating the downy texture on a peach, this is an inspiring and indispensable guide for all botanical artists.

    Look inside the book.

  • Botanical Sketchbook

    Now in paperback, this book is a beautiful record of one woman's development into a successful botanical artist.

    Botanical Sketchbook is a practical masterclass for aspiring botanical artists showing Mary Ann Scott’s progression from modest flower painter to botanical artist of distinction as part of the Distance Learning Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists.

    Packed with practical advice, tips, colour swatches and guidance on all aspects of botanical painting in watercolour, it is a source of endless inspiration.

  • Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers

    In Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers, artists have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of blooms with the expert guidance of award-winning artist and instructor Joan Lok.

    Starting with the basics of materials, brushwork and the five Chinese brush-painting methods, then moving into paint consistency, creating blends of coloUr and understanding flower anatomy, Lok guides and inspires you to paint any flower in the garden with skill and confidence. Features include:

    • 36 projects: Sunflower, Day Lily, Rose, Morning Glory, Stargazer Lily and many others
    • Each flower includes specific technical emphasis, a suggested palette of colours and illustrated, step-by-step instructions
    • A down-to-earth and accessible teaching guide for all levels with more than 250 full-colour illustrations

  • Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolor

    Learn how to make each brushstroke count when painting classically beautiful landscapes using a combination of traditional and modern watercolour techniques.

    Master artist and teacher Lian Quan Zhen shows how to blend Eastern and Western art theories, materials and techniques to create landscapes with graceful simplicity.

    Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolor includes 27 start-to-finish demonstrations, which show how to capture the spirit and mood of the landscape in all types of weather and in all four seasons.

  • Colour and Line in Watercolour

    Glen Scouller’s acclaimed paintings are full of vibrant colour and light – and now he reveals the process he uses to create those gorgeous effects.

    In step-by-step demonstrations, Scouller shows how he builds his paintings by combining traditional watercolour with additional layers of pen and ink, pastels and crayons. Along with giving readers the confidence and knowledge to experiment with a variety of mixed media, he explains the importance of keeping a sketchbook, gives tips on working both indoors and out and covers such subjects as boats, landscapes, still life, animals, figures and portraits. Every level of painter will feel encouraged and challenged.

  • David Bellamy's Complete Guide to Watercolour

    Renowned watercolourist David Bellamy shares his invaluable expertise in this complete reference book for artists, including essential advice on painting still life, flowers and plants, landscapes, buildings, people and coastal scenery.

    • Packed with information and advice
    • 7 step-by-step demonstrations
    • Over 250 step-by-step photographs
    • Dozens of inspiring paintings

  • David Bellamy's Mountains & Moorlands in Watercolour

    Learn how to paint mountains and moorlands in their very different moods in dramatic and inspiring landscapes. David Bellamy shows you how to tackle such features of mountain scenery as rocks, crags, water and foliage and develop techniques required to capture them convincingly. Features include:

    • 4 beautiful demonstrations
    • Over 120 step by step photographs
    • Packed with inspiring painting

    "His advice is down-to-earth, easy to follow and is richly illustrated" Leisure Painter

  • David Bellamy's Skies, Light & Atmosphere in Watercolour

    David Bellamy shows how to paint skies, light and atmosphere and how choices involving these three key elements can affect a painting.

    • Starting with skies, he covers basic techniques, composition, clouds, special effects like silver linings, sunsets and shafts of light, and much more, then there is a step-by-step dramatic sky demonstration.

    • Next comes light, with plenty of advice including warm and cool light, using glazes, cast shadows, light from different directions, painting the sun and reflected light, followed by a step-by-step demonstration featuring strong light and shadow.
    • The atmosphere section covers haze and mist, fog, mountains in cloud, smoke and steam, rain, storms and tranquil moods, and is followed by an atmospheric step-by-step painting of a waterfall