• Beginning Pastel

    Beginning Pastel guides beginning artists through an exploration of pastel techniques and step-by-step projects for a comprehensive and approachable overview of this colourful medium. From choosing the right paper, pastels and colours to basic techniques such as blending, grading and masking, it is the perfect resource for artists just getting started in pastel.

    Starting with a blank canvas, each stroke and technique is clearly explained and beautifully illustrated, allowing readers to master key concepts and then put them into practice through simple step-by-step exercises. Often considered an advanced medium, Beginning Pastel makes drawing in pastel accessible and achievable for artists of all skill levels.

  • Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques

    A new, up-to-date edition of the popular and comprehensive encyclopaedia by professional artist Judy Martin.

    Many manuals on pastel painting take for granted the use of traditional soft pastels, a dry medium that provides the richness and variety of paint colours. Soft pastel is certainly the most versatile and widely used, but the modern range of materials include other pastel types that have their own specific purpose. In this exhaustive A–Z reference for artists of all skills, a variety of different pastel types are detailed, from oil through to water-soluble pastels, amongst the multitude of techniques broken down and easily explained.

    The book itself is divided into two sections: the first provides step-by-step demonstrations that guide artists through a variety of techniques, from basic colour mixing through to creating special effects such as sgraffito and sfumato. The second part focuses on themes, illustrating how individual artists tackle a number of subjects, including natural landscapes, urban scenes, figures, animals and still life.

    This resource provides a wealth of stimulating ideas to help artists both amateurs and veterans develop their own pastel style.

    Look inside the book.

  • Painting Pastel Landscapes

    Written by soft pastel expert Jeremy Ford, this book is packed full of soft pastel techniques and inspiring step-by-step projects.

    It starts with the basics, such as mark-making and blending, through using colour and tone and creating skyscapes, to more advanced techniques including successfully creating depth and perspective.

    The book builds in difficulty, interspersing the tips and techniques with five beautiful step-by-step projects, allowing the reader to either dip in and out of the book for inspiration, or to follow the book as a course to build up their skills. A wide range of Jeremy’s inspiring work is shown throughout to inspire and encourage the reader.

    Look inside the book.

  • Pastel Colour Wheel Book

    Turn the unique colour wheel on the front cover to see instantly the precise shade you will achieve by mixing two pastel colours. Work through the eight projects to learn the basic techniques of working using pastels, including hatching, dabbing and layering.

    Learn the techniques of colour mixing and the range of shades and tones that can be achieved. Look at works in pastels and the way their creators have used colour and colour mixing for assorted finishes.

  • Pastel Innovations

    The skills you will gain with Pastel Innovations will help you build confidence and open your world so you can paint what CAN BE, not just what you THINK is. Explore the unique joys of pastel painting with:

    • An exploration of the basics: You'll expand your artist's vocabulary learning to use the elements and fundamentals of design to create beautiful, balanced paintings
    • 20 simple exercises build off each other and help you grow as an artist, little by little, building confidence
    • 40+ innovative pastel painting techniques: Feel inspired as you learn new approaches to using pastel to build up and reveal layers, incorporate monotypes as underpaintings, create texture that cannot be duplicated by drawing or painting and more
    • Thoughtful self critique: Questions, approaches and checklists that will result in better art, while at the same time making you a better artist

    Leave your expectations behind and engage in the process of pastel painting with a newfound freedom to play and explore!

  • Pastel Painting Step-by-Step

    All soft pastel painting enthusiasts will benefit from this in-depth instruction manual from three respected and well-loved pastel artists.

    Starting with advice on materials, it moves on to pastel basics such as colour mixing, adding water to pastels, blending, adding tone and using a limited palette. There are sections that include landscape painting with advice on composition and painting trees and water, how to capture light in pastels and how to paint flowers.

    Throughout, the art of painting in pastels is taught through 13 beautiful, easy-to-follow projects; each section is accompanied by step-by-step photographs and instructions and a selection of inspirational paintings in a rich variety of styles by the three featured artists.

  • Pastels Unleashed

    Margaret Evans shares her huge enthusiasm for the medium and her expertise in the properties of pastels. She demonstrates the stages: sketching in, blocking in and then building up, that lead to a successful painting, and then the dry and wet techniques that really unleash the potential of pastels. There are then six beautiful step-by-step demonstrations.

    She shows how to:

    • Choose papers or use underpainting techniques to make the most of them
    • Use turpentine and how to dilute or intensify colours, and there is information of composition, perspective, painting figures and mood and atmosphere, all helping equip the reader to paint in her fantastically creative way
    • Develop painting ideas from her wonderfully inspiring photographs, workbooks and travel diaries

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