Activities & Games Ages 3–6

  • 1001 Animals to Spot

    From elephants in the Serengeti to sloths in the Amazon and bullfrogs in the Florida swamps, this book is teeming with animals to find and habitats to explore. Designed to help children develop skills in reading, counting, matching and identification this wonderful puzzle back also includes a world map and fascinating facts.

    Recommended for ages 6+.

  • 1001 Things to Spot in the Sea Sticker Book

    A sticker book full of busy, detailed scenes of life under the sea, with over a thousand things to spot, count and talk about.

    Children can discover the secrets of the sea, from spotting whales on the horizon and looking for fish in a coral reef to searching for coins on a deep-sea dive and counting arctic terns. Items to spot within the main picture are shown in the border as silhouettes and each has a sticker that children can find, match and add in the correct place.

    Recommended for ages 3+.

  • Adopt-A-Dog

    What child hasn't gazed longingly at doe-eyed cocker spaniels and bouncy little terriers, dreaming of the day their parents finally consent to get them that longed-for puppy? Adopt-A-Dog is a book that indulges this fantasy to the max.

    Delightful illustrations accompany descriptions of each breed, and young readers are encouraged to engage with the responsibilities of dog ownership by completing quizzes, drawing funny cross-breeds, doodling doggy-hairstyles and designing dog-beds.

    Recommended for ages 6+.

  • Animal Art: Make Art from Nature

    This kit is a one-stop guide to finding, observing, collecting and exhibiting your discoveries, from shells and feathers to animal tracks and trails. Discover and create your own collections and be amazed at the wonder of life around you.

    The kit includes a 24 page activity book and observation diary, to take with you on expeditions, complete with a collectors envelope, to store your finds in. Plus there are two ready-to-fold frames to arrange and display your discoveries in and a large, oversized poster.

    Recommended for ages 5+.

  • Atlas of Adventures Activity Fun Pack

    Get busy with this activity book packed with stickers, maps, global wildlife, cultural activities and exciting adventures from around the world.

    Colour in every continent and put together your own adventure as you decide whether you'd prefer to stay in a treehouse, an igloo or a lighthouse, whether you'd rather to travel by camel, tuk tuk or hot air balloon and if you'd like to party at the Rio Carnival, go trick or treating or row a Viking longship!

    Pull out the huge double-sided poster to see the country flags of the world, or flip it to find a world map, ready for you to customise with over 50 stickers.

    Recommended for ages 5+.

  • Big Book of Fairy Things to Make and Do
    Fly into fairyland with this magical book. Each page is full of wonderful ideas for creating your own fairy things.

    Find out how to draw dancing fairies, make sparkly wings, glittery wands and lots of pretty fairy decorations. There are stickers in the middle that you can use to decorate the things you make.

    With over 40 activities using a variety of techniques, including:

    • Fairy Door Sign
    • Fairyland Caterpillar and Flowers
    • Flower Garlands
    • Fairy Cakes
    • Tree-top Fairy
    • Slippers
    • Butterfly Strings and much more!

  • Busy Builders: Fire Station

    A fun and interactive introduction to the world of firefighters.

    Assemble your emergency vehicles, slot together your firefighters and accessories and race to the rescue! Perfect for budding firefighters everywhere, the kit includes:

    • A 32-page book, bursting with exciting facts, introduces young readers to the job of firefighters
    • A fold-out fire station building that opens up to reveal the scene of firefighters in action
    • Model sheets to build a fire truck and helicopter, both with moving parts
    • Jigsaw pieces to make a road, plus slot together figures and accessories

    Recommended for ages 5+.

  • Doll's House Country House Garden Sticker Book

    Open the gate and take a leisurely wander around these breathtaking country house gardens. Dot some pot plants around the conservatory or plant an exotic plant in one of the flowerbeds. Design these luxurious gardens as you like but please no running on the grass.

    Recommended for ages 5+.

  • Gardening for Beginners

    A charming introduction to gardening for absolute beginners, with simple instructions for plants that anyone can grow – even without a garden!

    Step-by-step illustrated instructions show children how to grow flowers, herbs and food such as sunflowers, lettuce and even potatoes. A wonderful introduction to gardening and where food comes from.

    Recommended for ages 6+.

  • Kate Greenaway's Book of Games
    A delightful compendium of traditional games with accompanying illustrations by the acclaimed Kate Greenaway.
  • Learn to Draw Animals
    Kitty the cat is going to the market and meets lots of animals on the way.

    Read the story aloud and learn to draw each animal in easy steps. Slide the etch-a-sketch tab to clear the screen and start drawing all over again.

    'Kitty the cat is thrilled today. She is going to the market – Learn to draw the face of a cat in 3 easy steps.'
  • Learn to Draw Shapes
    Becky the mouse is going to a birthday party. She has a lot of fun and sees many new shapes.

    Read the story aloud and learn to draw each shape. Slide the etch-a-sketch tab to clear the screen and start drawing all over again.

    'It's a beautiful day. Becky the mouse loves the sunshine. Do you know what shape the sun is Becky? That's right, a circle – Let us draw different things with a circle.'
  • Learn to Write
    Meet April the bear and find out how she spends her day.

    Learn to write the alphabet with April and find out the names of objects that start with each letter!

    Slide the etch-a-sketch tab to clear the screen and start drawing all over again!

    'April the bear wakes up on a bright and sunny morning and brushes her teeth.
    Let's learn the two letters: A is for April and B is for Brush – Follow the arrows to copy the letters below on the pad above. Remember if you make a mistake just slide to start again!'
  • Let's Play

    Hi there, do you want to play?

    Join the yellow dot on an adventure of colour and movement, surprise and imagination... Tullet's mischievous brilliance turns young readers into willing, laughing collaborators.

    Recommended for ages 3+.

  • Make a Picture Sticker Book Town

    A totally engaging sticker book which allows children to create their own colourful townscapes. Offers countless picture-making possibilities with more than 150 large detailed stickers of houses, shops, cars and people.

    Not suitable for children under 36 months.

  • Nativity Sticker Book

    Illustrated with famous paintings of the story of the Nativity, children can have fun matching the stickers of the paintings to their labelled frames.

    Each richly illustrated double spread focuses on a different episode in the Christmas Story - from the Annunciation and the journey to Bethlehem, to the arrival of the Three Kings. Featuring paintings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to modern times, each one is accompanied by fascinating facts about the piece and its creator, so children can learn about art as they go.

    Also includes a sticker advent calendar, so children can fill in a new sticker each day.

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Patch's Grand Dog Show

    The authors of the Best in Show series bring you this heartwarming story about a little dog called Patch.

    Patch is lonely, and not really very good at any tricks. He's not particularly handsome, or clever, or witty and he never quite fits in. When a dog show comes to town, he stumps up the courage to enter himself in – and guess what, he takes them all by surprise, even himself!

    All the characters are knitted along with all the hand-made props and sets. There are juggling dogs, singing dogs, circus artists and lots of humour along the way to keep young and older minds entertained.

    Recommended for ages 3+.

  • Slot Together Theatre

    Slot the different pieces together in order to build your own theatre.

    There are set pieces to create to play out two famous plays: The Nutcracker and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Includes different scenery to slot into the theatre for scene changes, and of course all the characters and everything you need to put on those two productions.

    Recommended for ages 5+.

  • Stickyscapes Tropical

    Sticker, learn and play! This book brings the tropics to life with over 100 stickers to add to this panoramic play scene. One side represents the dense tropical jungle, while the other features the bottom of the deep blue tropical sea.

    You can learn about new jungle and sea creatures, such as the clouded leopard and the coconut crab, find out plenty of fabulous animal facts and see your favourite animals in their natural habitat!

    Recommended for ages 3+.

  • Stickyscapes: Space

    Escape Earth's atmosphere and enter Stickyscapes Space! Over 100 removable stickers and a double-sided panoramic space scene let you learn everything about our solar system and beyond.

    One side of the panorama is based upon real space adventures, so includes our own solar system alongside NASA shuttles, Russian rockets and space-walking astronauts. Escape through a wormhole to the other side, which is based on imaginary and futuristic cosmic adventures in deep space, including aliens, imaginative sci-fi inventions and even a space hotel!

    Recommended for ages 6+.