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  • 100 Ideas That Changed Street Style

    100 Ideas that Changed Street Style is a look-by-look dissection of the key ideas that changed the way we dress – from the middle of the 20th century to the present day – explaining the most iconic items of clothing and how they were worn, what the look was born of, its cultural background, how it was received, and how it still resonates in fashion today.

    The modern wardrobe owes its development not just to fashion designers in Paris or Milan but also to gangs and movements brought together by a shared appreciation of music, sport or a particular underground culture, and a certain style that defines membership.

    These styles have rocked establishments, created stereotypes, expressed social division as much as they have united people, entered the language, spread around the world, and, above all, transformed dress for a wider public.

  • 150 Beaded Borders & Motifs

    Add glamour to clothing and accessories the easy way using bead embroidery with these150+ couture designs for borders, backgrounds, motifs, edgings and fringes – inexpensive materials, simple methods.

    Each sample has a colour close-up, diagram showing type and placement of stitches and beads, tools and materials list. Fully explains key skills (transferring designs, beaded appliqué methods). Illustrated stitch library.

  • 1776 Quilt

    This outstanding quilt, inspired by a photo of a little known antique Bohemian quilt, swept Best in Show at quilt venues across the USA.

    Follow Pam's journey from tragedy to celebration, as she recreates the original using an easy appliqué technique (machine stitching/fast fusing) that enables anyone to replicate "1776". Includes step-by-step directions, templates, plus 6 new quilt projects and plenty of colour photos.

  • 20 to Make: Faux Fur Fun

    Alistair Macdonald shows you how to make gorgeously sumptuous items for a fraction of the price they are in the shops.

    There are 20 projects to choose from, including a glamorous fake-fur scarf, a fun furry pink cushion and a 'must-have' fluffy purse. The pair of pretty fake-fur trimmed mittens will make any little girl feel like a princess, and the super-snug collar, headband and gloves are perfect for staying warm on cold winter days.

    With a range of projects to suit all tastes and abilities, this is the perfect book for spoiling yourself, your family or your friends with a handmade faux-fur gift.

    Look inside the book.

  • 3D Colouring Cities

    3D Colouring Cities takes grown-up colouring to the next dimension.

    • Follow the easy instructions to learn where to place warm and cool colours, and watch your artwork pop off the page
    • A relaxing and inspiring activity book suitable for kids and grown-ups alike
    • The highly detailed designs include reimagined iconic landmarks, urban metropolises and sprawling cityscapes
    • Includes lightly guided doodle pages

  • 3D Colouring Flowers

    3D Colouring Flowers takes grown-up colouring to the next dimension.

    • Follow the easy instructions to learn where to place warm and cool colours, and watch your artwork pop off the page
    • A relaxing and inspiring activity book suitable for kids and grown-ups alike
    • The highly detailed designs include roses, daisies, cacti, vintage floral patterns and other imaginative motifs
    • Includes lightly guided doodle pages

  • A Baker's Dozen

    If you've got quilts in every room of the house, it's time to start on the kitchen!

    Sandy Klop of American Jane presents 13 designs – a Baker's Dozen – to use throughout your kitchen: on the walls, and as table runners too. Many feature Sandy's signature appliqué designs – several are pieced patterns. All are cheery, bright and just right for this favourite gathering place of every home.

  • Advanced Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop

    Jewellery artists will enjoy this collection of new, less-common weaves and challenging projects that inspire and educate.

    Karen Karon begins by reviewing basic chain maille weaves in order to set the stage for the more complex weaves in this book. She explains techniques needed when working beyond the basics: methods for closing a weave, working with micro rings, working large scale and using alternative materials in weaves.

    The book is then divided into four sections, each devoted to a particular type of weave: new Persian weaves, Elf-based weaves, Hybrid weaves and Scale Maille weaves that incorporate sheet metal scales into traditional weaves for a striking effect. Sprinkled throughout the illustrated step-by-step instructions for each weave technique are valuable tips from Karen to help ensure a beautiful finished piece.

  • Alphabet Stencil Book Mini Edition

    From quilting and textiles to cardmaking and scrapbooking, these alphabet stencils are perfect for almost any design or craft project. They'll even work for cake decorating, wedding ornaments or anywhere you want a monogram.

    Featuring a classic serif front, this mini-book includes all 24 capital letters, accents, punctuation and numbers, printed on perforated card stock that's easy to tear out and reuse.

  • Amulets & Talismans

    Turning memorabilia (ticket stubs, coins, shells) into amulets and talismans is rewarding and easy to do. Working with the most basic tools and cold-connection jewellery methods, you'll learn to:

    • Make jump rings, use a file, other basics
    • Create clasps
    • Cut windows from metal sheets
    • Add concrete to your art
    • Use heat for patinas
    • Write on faux bone
    • Turn paper pulp into realistic rocks
    • Create 'time capsule' beads from plexiglas

  • Art Abandonment Project

    The Art Abandonment Project is your guide to expressing yourself through random acts of art! Create something for the joy of making it, and then leave it for an unsuspecting person to find.

    Inside you'll discover fun ideas for monthly abandonment challenges, ways to connect with other "abandoners" in the creative community, the value of sharing with others and more.

    • Learn the ins and outs of being an abandoner
    • Get ideas and inspiration for monthly abandoning challenges
    • See examples of abandoned art, and read the stories of the artists as well as the "finders"
    • Receive helpful encouragement for letting go of your creations (sometimes it's hard!)
    • Connect with the Art Abandonment community and learn how to share your own stories with others

    Join the art abandonment project, set your art free and make someone's day!

  • Art of Jewelry: Wood

    The Art of Jewelry: Wood brings crafters an eye-opening assortment of wood necklaces, bangles and earrings to make – alongside a gallery of inspirational work from the best contemporary artists.

    Filled with stepped-out examples of each project in different stages, it covers all the basics, including an exploration of sawing, sanding, drilling, carving, pyrography and painting. The 30 inspiring projects feature such standout pieces as a carved ebony ring, copper and wood brooches embellished with pyrographed patterns, and a rich mahogany pendant dotted with delicate pearls.

    All the items are showcased in beautiful colour images, accompanied by the artists' professional insights and creative tips.

  • Art of Papercutting

    The author presents a stunning collection of 35 papercutting projects, ranging from party decorations, decoupage pictures and paper flowers, to greetings cards and gift tags. All have easy-to-follow instructions, with advice on the best paper to use for a superb result.

    Papers used in this book range from lightweight crepe paper and tissue to heavier weight card and water-colour paper. Recycling plays an important role, too – finding, collecting and using small scraps of discarded paper to incorporate into something new is a rewarding process. Here you will find wallpaper, postage stamps, gift wrap and postcards given a new lease of life.

    Whether you are new to the art of papercutting, or a skilled crafter looking for fresh ideas, the projects featured in the book will inspire you to pick up your scissors and a sheet of paper and create something beautiful.

  • Baby Knits from Around the World

    Baby Knits from Around the World showcases 20 designs by well-known artisans hailing from classic knitting traditions in Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, England, the Baltics, Europe, South America and North America.

    The book includes detailed instructions for ever-popular baby hats, blankets, sweaters, booties, pants, dresses, toys and mitts; while introductions to each pattern detail the history of the technique that the design employs.

    With over 100 photos and diagrams throughout, knitters of all proficiency levels are sure to enjoy Kari Cornell's hand-picked collection of baby-knitting projects.

  • Bags with Paper & Stitch

    Exploring the art of papermaking, this reference provides instructions on how to transform distinctive papers into unique, one-of-a-kind handbags by using modern crafting techniques.

    Showcasing dozens of exquisite handmade bags and the methods for achieving similar success, this guidebook provides secrets for creating bags from various types of papers and materials, including silk cocoon strippings, linen, flax, merino and paper clay.

    Details on how to personalize the bags with brooches, charms, trinkets and other found objects accompany instructions on how to use embossing enamels and metals on paper fabric. With material lists and step-by-step instructions, this resource is an ideal companion for beginners and seasoned crafters alike.

  • Baltimore Album of Roses

    Hand stitch an intricate garden of flowers with renowned Baltimore Album teacher Rita Verroca. Study Rita’s award-winning techniques and five exquisite Baltimore Album quilts that invite you to create your own masterpiece.

    Each pattern comes with variations to mix and match, plus helpful colour and fabric suggestions. Connect to your quilting roots as you pay tribute to the time-honoured style that has fascinated two centuries of stitchers.

    • 5 Baltimore Album-inspired quilts and variations
    • A complete guide to hand appliqué, embroidery, inking, and trapunto
    • Baltimore Album history, plus inspirational quilts, blocks and patterns
    • Includes pattern pullouts

  • Bare Essentials

    This invaluable guide pays homage to the silk, satin and lace (or sometimes the Lycra and pvc) that has evolved to become the 'bare essentials' of every woman's wardrobe.

    Offering practical advice and tips on what to wear in every situation and occasion from your wedding day to a romantic assignation or even a little nocturnal naughtiness, Tracy Martin also advises on how to obtain that seam-free silhouette and avoid those lingerie fashion faux pas that every woman dreads.

    Beginning with the fascinating history of lingerie from the bustles and bloomers of the Victorian age to the more current, racy and bold burlesque style, this book is crammed full of information, facts and anecdotes as we celebrate how lingerie has literally shaped women's lives as well as their figures.

  • Bead in Time

    Perfect for beaders of all skill levels who want to make their jewellery more personal. Includes step-by-step instructions for the 35 projects that cover a wide range of beading and jewellery techniques, including wire wrapping, peyote stitch, using memory wire, macrame and more!

    Each project begins with a discussion on the inspiration for the piece, including a photo depicting that specific inspiration. Tips and tricks will show you how to design pieces based on your own life – a unique twist to most beading and jewellery making books.

  • Beaded Edge 2

    The Beaded Edge 2 will teach beaders and crocheters alike how to add personal touches to a wide variety of fabric projects using gorgeous edges and embellishments.

    Explore traditional Turkish oya, the delicate edgings for fabric that are created using thread, knots and beads. Includes step-by-step instructions for 18 edgings, along with inspirational photos showing their use as trims for clothing, accessories and home furnishing.

    Exploring everything from the history behind this unique technique to beautiful projects for home and wardrobe, The Beaded Edge 2 gives you everything you need to master the art of Turkish oya.