Gardening Sale

  • Agnelli Gardens at Villar Perosa

    This fabulous private estate with cultivated gardens is one of Europe's best-kept secrets. Home since the early 1800s to five generations of the Agnelli family of Fiat fame, it is revealed to the public for the first time in this splendid book with over 100 colour photos showing the garden year-round.

    In 1955, Marella Agnelli commissioned famed English landscape designer Russell Page and they transformed the gardens into the showcase they are today. Includes remarkable lake gardens and swimming pool area designed by Gai Aulenti.

  • All About Citrus & Subtropical Fruits

    Grow your own citrus and subtropical fruit with help from All About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits.

    From detailed descriptions of over 70 varieties of citrus and 275 varieties of subtropical fruits, you are bound to find the best type for your garden. Includes easy-to-follow care instructions that will ensure a bountiful harvest.

    Published in the US but applicable to subtropical regions of Australia.

  • Alpine Plants

    Co-published with the Alpine Garden Society, this much-awaited guide covers every aspect related to growing healthy alpine plants, supplemented with beautiful colour photos of species in situ, helpful tables and graphs:

    • Details on species in the wild and in cultivation
    • Comprehensive info on ecosystems, pest and disease control, climate, geology, soils, growth, chemical nutrition, reproduction and distribution
    • Impact of global climate change

  • Armchair Book of Gardens

    This collection of text and visuals looks at gardens from many angles, celebrating their sensual, practical, spiritual, aesthetic, social and even political dimensions.

    Writers from around the world call to mind the garden in its many incarnations, sometimes light-heartedly, sometimes wittily, sometimes expressing regret or sorrow. Like a garden itself, this title blooms with a variety of exciting offerings, providing flowery fantasies, patches of wildness, sensuous surprises and satisfaction for the soul.

  • Backyard Blaze
    From moon-gazing to fire-building, this is the complete 'how-to' on campside culture with information on camp songs, scary stories, making a drum, stick cuisine (hotdogs, marshmallows), waffle irons, tin foil cookery, wood, stoking the clay chimenea, brick hearth or copper fire pit . . . and lots of fascinating fire lore.
  • Bayou Bend Gardens

    Conceived in 1926, by legendary collector and adventurous gardener Irma Hogg, to surround Bayou Bend in Houston, this is one of the most beautiful US public gardens, using diverse native / imported plants in formal and informal gardens amongst woods and ravines.

    In-depth history, plans, sketches, archival / recent photos.

  • Camomile

    In Camomile, discover:

    • The best ways to grow camomile, popular varieties and their properties
    • How to make a range of therapeutic preparations – teas, tinctures, syrups, infused and massage oils
    • Remedies for colds, fevers, headaches, anxiety, cramps, burns, insect bites, etc
    • Recipes for hair, skin and body care, decorations and gifts
    • Colour photos and historical prints

  • Choosing & Using Climbing Plants

    Climbing plants are among the most versatile plants in the garden, but they are often overlooked as gardeners are unaware of where they might be used.

    This book is a practical guide to choosing and using climbers, with details of how to plant, train, support and care for them, and how to select the right plants for different soils and situations.

  • Classic Gardens - The French Style
    This glorious book traces the evolution of the French formal style throughout Europe – Versailles (France), Peterhof (Russia), Quelez (Portugal), La Granja (Spain) – from the jardin clos of the Middle Ages to Renaissance gardens influenced by classical antiquity and, lastly, to gardens of breathtaking scale and engineering ingenuity at the 17th century's close. Through text, 190 wonderful photos (150 in colour) and detailed plans of 36 of Europe's most spectacular gardens, it reveals who commissioned these gardens, who designed them and who used them, providing an important historical context and luscious visual record of some of the world's most magical places.
  • Complete Guide to Houseplants

    Room-by-room descriptions of the best plants for every space and situation. Guidance on how to buy healthy plants, pick low-maintenance ones, arrange for fragrant / visual impact, and give each plant the care it needs.

    An A–Z plant directory: cultivation needs, colour photos, care/propagation essentials, etc. 300 colour photos.

  • Contemporary Color in the Landscape
    Contemporary Color in the Landscape explores the whole spectrum of colour: how we perceive and respond to colour, how to design with colour, how to manipulate contrast and create intensity with saturation, how to maximize impact by minimizing colour, how to find your own personal colour combinations, and how colour is viewed in nature.

    Supported by more than 300 stunning photographs, Contemporary Color in the Landscape integrates cutting-edge designers, their landscapes, colour theory, new design ideas, and gorgeous photography into one inspirational, instructional, and must-have guide for design professionals.

  • Covering Ground
    43 Fun & funky first-time projects & activities to get you gardening. Crystal-clear directions and colour photos for:
    * Create gardens for the senses, for cats, a community garden, a garden refuge
    * Use containers for trees, water gardens
    * Try a natural container (tree crotch, log) or craft funky, recycled ones
    * Make a dinosaur garden or not-so-scary-scarecrows.

    Trains you on how to be water-wise; tell good bugs from bad bugs; easy projects (growing berries) and more.
  • Daffodil

    Everything you need to know to grow daffodils successfully. An in-depth guide to 13 types of daffodil: large cup, double flower, miniature, fragrant, red, pink, orange, jonquils, etc. Each has a colour photo, detailed description, with tips on cultivation and usage, and notes on up to 10 choice varieties.

    A comprehensive section on growing daffodils offers a profusion of info on planting, caring for and cutting them, combining them with other plants, their history, etc.

  • Delphiniums

    An authoritative colour guide to growing, raising and breeding themajestic flowers of the Ranunculaceae family (eg foxgloves).

    • Expert advice on species in the wild and in cultivation, including the many colours, species and hybrids now available
    • Complete coverage: classification, propagation, hybridising, pests and diseases, etc
    • Tips for creating year-round colour – gardens, containers, patios, cut flowers

  • Down & Dirty
    43 Fun and funky first-time projects and activities to get you, your family and your neighbourhood gardening. Projects are arranged in 4 sections - Basics, Adventures, Accents, Plants - and a sidebar has quick-access page numbers for the recipes, container gardens, and kids and family projects in the 4 sections. Includes:
    * Cool tools
    * Visual guide to good and bad bugs
    * Community gardens
    * Dinosaur garden
    * Photographing gardens
    * Growing herbs, berries, etc.
  • Easy Gardening

    Jane Nicholas and The Duchess of Beaufort make beautiful planting easy by giving 'recipes' for a variety of garden situations. Each recipe (can be used in any sized plot) has a shopping list of what plants you need and how many of each to buy.

    A planting plan shows how to position them and you get all you need to know to look after them. Highly praised!

  • Garden Design Solutions

    Award-winning garden designer Stephen Woodhams demonstrates how to make the most of any outside space, whether it is a typical urban garden, exposed roof terrace or shady courtyard.

    Drawing on his many years of experience designing gardens of all sizes in different climates around the world, Stephen shares his expertise and offers clever design solutions for all types of outdoor spaces in a range of styles. Illustrated with inspiring photographs, plans and three-dimensional visuals of some of his practice's most celebrated projects, Stephen gives advice on everything from conceiving a scheme and planning the layout to choosing surfaces, materials and furnishings that will make your garden an extension of your home that can be enjoyed all year.

    There are ideas for devising planting schemes that will provide colour, texture and scent through the seasons, and advice on how to make your garden environmentally friendly and create points of interest with arches, water features and other structures. There are also many techniques for using scale and proportion to create the illusion of greater volume.

    Case studies offer detailed insights into exemplary garden layouts, design choices and planting plans, illustrating clever solutions for incorporating all your requirements into your outside space.

  • Gardener's A-Z Guide to Flowers

    An essential reference tool for gardeners who grow from seed, suitable for new and experienced. This widely-acclaimed encyclopedia provides instant-access to:

    • Sowing, transplanting and care guidelines for 600 plants, from start to blossom
    • 576 annuals, perennials and bulbs in colour photo gallery with quick-reference info on each plant's characteristics and needs
    • At-a-glance planning chart for selecting 1200+ species by height, colour, bloom time, purposes / region suitability

  • Gardener's Guide to Growing Asters

    Full, practical guide to growing these late-flowering herbaceous perennials, and using them in the garden. Chapters cover:

    • History
    • Botany
    • Propagation
    • Cultivation
    • New York asters
    • Aster laevis
    • New England asters
    • Small-flowered asters
    • Aster amellus and Aster x frikartii
    • Other aster species
    • Guide to asters from around the world
    • A–Z of recommended species and cultivars
    • Where to see and buy asters

    Colour photos show wide range available / make identification easy.

  • Gardener's Guide to Growing Penstemons

    Complete practical guide to growing and collecting these delightful flowering plants and using them to best effect in the garden.

    Chapters cover botany, history of species and cultivars, classification, garden cultivation, propagation, pest, diseases and disorders, penstemons across the world, a survey of penstemon species, plant associations, comprehensive A-Z of cultivars and seed strains.

    Beautifully illustrated with colour photos for identification purposes, inspirational garden views and line drawings.