Beading & Jewellery

  • 100 Beaded Flowers, Charms and Trinkets

    Shows you how to make everything from a tiny tea service, a micro monkey and some minute flowers to the sweetest little ladybird. No matter what your level of beading experience, you are sure to find the perfect beaded miniature project in this book.

    • Step-by-step demonstrations, from basic construction to more advanced techniques
    • Suggestions on how to incorporate your designs into projects – including jewellery, accessories and stationery

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  • 1000 Beads

    Celebrate the innovation and creative inspiration of contemporary beadmakers from around the world!

    This gorgeous volume in the popular Showcase series presents 1000 unique beads, all handcrafted from a dazzling array of materials – including glass, polymer clay, ceramics, metal, paper, fibre, plastic, wood and stone. Each one is a magnificent piece of art, whether on its own or in a piece of jewellery or other ornamentation.

  • 20 to Make: Leather Jewellery

    This book introduces a range of jewellery items, including pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings and a few items of men’s jewellery – all using leather and suede, in addition to beads and pre-bought chains and jewellery findings.

    • Techniques are simple and require very little in the way of specialist tools
    • Easy-to-source products
    • Suitable for novice jewellery makers

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  • 20 to Make: Pewter Jewellery

    These 20 simple, easy-to-make jewellery pieces, including brooches, necklaces and bracelets, are all based on the simplest technique for embossing sheet pewter – low-relief embossing. The pewter is combined with semi-precious stones and beads; glued to other materials such as wood, plastic and little scraps of fabric; and coloured with glass paints, giving the finished pieces a bright, colourful, contemporary feel.

    Each project is accompanied by a beautiful, full-colour photograph of the finished piece; clear, step-by-step instructions; lists of the materials and equipment needed; and templates (where required). Two versions of each project are included, each made by following the same step-by-step instructions but by varying the embellishments, materials or colours used.

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  • 20 to Make: Rubber Band Jewellery

    Pam Leach shows how to make 20 stunning jewellery items with brightly coloured rubber bands, some using just a hook, and others using a special loom.

    • 9 easier projects using a hook, and 11 more challenging projects using the special (widely available) loom
    • Includes a range of lovely jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and hair accessories
    • Clear, step-by-step instructions together with photographs and diagrams to show basic techniques and how to set up the loom

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  • 20 to Make: Simple Statement Rings

    Learn how to make 20 absolutely stunning rings using three different techniques and a variety of beautiful beads.

    All the techniques are explained with easy-to-follow instructions, and no previous experience of jewellery making is needed. The materials used are widely available from major craft stores, jewellery and bead suppliers.

    These are inexpensive to make, so you can make lots to go with different outfits and they also make fantastic gifts for family and friends.

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  • 20 to Make: Steampunk Jewellery

    Jewellery designer Carolyn Schulz has created 20 imaginative pieces of trendy Steampunk jewellery to make. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to assemble these wonderful pieces and be inspired to invent your own original Steampunk variations.

    Choose from pendants, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings and many more.

  • 500 Necklaces
    Chosen from 500+ entries, the neck adornments in this breathtaking survey range in scale, media, style and conception, reflecting the unique experiences, techniques and trends of makers worldwide, from Chinese Lantern Pods to Urban Ammo (lipsticks). Methods (forging to weaving); embellishments (inlay to enamelling); media (paper bags to precious gems); styles (classic to avante-garde).
  • 75 Chinese, Celtic and Ornamental Knots for Jewellery

    Lots of tips and hints are teamed with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions so you can tie decorative knots from across the world. Combine ornamental knots with beads for a modern look, or choose a more traditional style with entirely knot built pieces.

    It shows you how to use jump rings and seal cords and will be invaluable as you progress to designing and creating your own knotted jewellery. Featuring:

    • 75 different knots each knot is graded from beginner to advanced
    • Comprehensive techniques section
    • Practical know-how approach
    • 10 projects

  • Advanced Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop

    Jewellery artists will enjoy this collection of new, less-common weaves and challenging projects that inspire and educate.

    Karen Karon begins by reviewing basic chain maille weaves in order to set the stage for the more complex weaves in this book. She explains techniques needed when working beyond the basics: methods for closing a weave, working with micro rings, working large scale and using alternative materials in weaves.

    The book is then divided into four sections, each devoted to a particular type of weave: new Persian weaves, Elf-based weaves, Hybrid weaves and Scale Maille weaves that incorporate sheet metal scales into traditional weaves for a striking effect. Sprinkled throughout the illustrated step-by-step instructions for each weave technique are valuable tips from Karen to help ensure a beautiful finished piece.

  • Aimee Ray's Sweet & Simple Jewelry
    Designed for general crafters, jewellery makers and Aimee Ray's legion of fans, these stunning pieces feature a range of techniques, from Aimee's popular embroidery on felt to tiny living terrariums in a necklace. She even includes the hot new trend of making and using molded cabochons!

    Filled with inspiring and innovative ideas from 17 designers for 32 projects to make.
  • Amulets & Talismans

    Turning memorabilia (ticket stubs, coins, shells) into amulets and talismans is rewarding and easy to do. Working with the most basic tools and cold-connection jewellery methods, you'll learn to:

    • Make jump rings, use a file, other basics
    • Create clasps
    • Cut windows from metal sheets
    • Add concrete to your art
    • Use heat for patinas
    • Write on faux bone
    • Turn paper pulp into realistic rocks
    • Create 'time capsule' beads from plexiglas

  • Ancient Worlds, Modern Beads

    Mortira vanPelt brings ancient themes completely up to date for the modern beadweaver, combining the styles of genuine artefacts and the essence of ancient art with tiny seed beads.

    • 30 craft projects combine new and traditional beadweaving techniques with popular ancient themes
    • Inspired from the classical cultures of Rome, Greece and Egypt, which continue to capture the imagination of modern jewellery lovers everywhere
    • Projects range in skill level from easy to advanced, appealing to the novice and experienced beader alike

  • Art of Jewelry: Wood

    The Art of Jewelry: Wood brings crafters an eye-opening assortment of wood necklaces, bangles and earrings to make – alongside a gallery of inspirational work from the best contemporary artists.

    Filled with stepped-out examples of each project in different stages, it covers all the basics, including an exploration of sawing, sanding, drilling, carving, pyrography and painting. The 30 inspiring projects feature such standout pieces as a carved ebony ring, copper and wood brooches embellished with pyrographed patterns, and a rich mahogany pendant dotted with delicate pearls.

    All the items are showcased in beautiful colour images, accompanied by the artists' professional insights and creative tips.

  • Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers

    The art of soldering – permanently joining metal components with a torch and solder – is seen as a challenge by many crafters. But this book makes it an easy-to-learn technique for creating beautiful jewellery projects.

    The book features clear instructions for jewellers of all levels, from the hobbyist to the experienced maker who is looking to expand their soldering skills. It includes pre- and post-soldering techniques, safety procedures, essential equipment and materials required, along with tips and tricks of the trade from leading jewellers.

    Plus there are 15 inspiring step-by-step jewellery projects, including rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, bangles and more.

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  • Artisan Filigree

    Jodi Bombardier fashions her signature heavy gauge wire frames into sinuous shapes, cold-joining them with fine wire to form open, lacy filigree patterns. In the 20+ projects, she focuses on technique, including:

    • Correct ways to use tools, hold wire and create shaped wire frames consistently and precisely

    • How to create airy pieces that are still strong and stable enough to withstand daily wear

    • How scrolled designs can be manipulated, joined, or rearranged to create endless variations hampered only by the imagination

  • Bead Bugs

    Create 23 cute and clever bugs and little crawly critters out of beads, wire and other craft materials. Each project is shown in step-by-step photos with clear instructions that anyone can follow. Variations of each project encourage you to imagine all kinds of ways to make the bugs unique. You'll learn to create:

    • Dragonflies
    • Spiders
    • Butterflies
    • Hermit crabs
    • Scorpions
    • Sea horses
    • And more

    The possibilities are endless. Get your imagination crawling with this fun-filled book!

  • Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects
    Jamie Cloud Eakin explains the fundamentals of beautiful design, from picking the beads to choosing a palette. Through 30 gorgeous step-by-step projects especially chosen to show principles of construction, Eakin lays out the secrets of creating fringe, multistrand, shaped and other forms of beadwork.

    Her goal is to help beaders create their own jewellery built around unique focal pieces, and whether it's the sequence of the steps or the use of a particular technique, you'll find her lessons valuable as you embark on your own design journey.
  • Bead in Time

    Perfect for beaders of all skill levels who want to make their jewellery more personal. Includes step-by-step instructions for the 35 projects that cover a wide range of beading and jewellery techniques, including wire wrapping, peyote stitch, using memory wire, macrame and more!

    Each project begins with a discussion on the inspiration for the piece, including a photo depicting that specific inspiration. Tips and tricks will show you how to design pieces based on your own life – a unique twist to most beading and jewellery making books.

  • Bead Jewelry 101

    Bead Jewelry 101 is a complete bead jewellery course in a book! The book contains 30 easy projects that teach the techniques for making endless jewellery designs Learn to make bead jewellery in a few hours and enjoy the rewards for a lifetime.

    Written for the absolute beginner, the thorough instructions and step-by-step photographs will expertly guide you through the basics of making bead jewellery.

    You will learn the tools and materials and how to use them. The project chapters are organized by different jewellery parts so that you learn new techniques and build new skills with every piece of jewellery you create. Variations of the projects give you great ideas and lead you in new directions as you learn to design your own jewellery.

    The bonus DVD provides 30 minutes of video tutorials on techniques and projects.