Animals, Pets & Wildlife

  • A Dog's World

    Beautifully photographed, and with simple step-by-step recipes, A Dog’s World brings fine dining to your best friend.

    Chock-full of 35 nutritious meals and tasty treats for your pooch, this delightful doggy cookbook has everything you need to bring a bark back to mealtimes. The homemade meals include Puppy Paella, Canine Frittata, Red Velvet Cake – but the twist is, all recipes are made with food that is healthy for your dog.

  • Australian Beekeeping Manual

    The book is aimed at both the novice and experienced beekeeper in Australia and explains in detail the steps required to manage colonies of bees. Supported by over 350 photographs and drawings, each action is explained in detail with the photographs showing the steps as well as the final result.

    The book features:

    • Details of the equipment needed to get started as well as what may be useful later on as your confidence and experience grow
    • How to obtain bees, where to locate them in the garden and the basics of colony management
    • Chapters on the life cycle of the honey bee, extracting honey, the bee-friendly garden, entering honey in competitions, native bees and rearing queens

    The result is a comprehensive manual that is the ultimate Australian reference source.

  • Backyard Beekeeper
    An absolute beginner's guide to keeping bees in your garden, with 47 food/drink recipes, & candles, soaps & skin creams to make & uses for wax at home.

    'This is the liveliest, most entertaining, informative book about the keeping of bees I've seen in a long time.'

    Beekeeping becomes a fun hobby that fits in with planting & harvesting times, & offers gardeners better pollination, increased plant yields. . .
  • Backyard Beekeeping and Honey Production
    Bees are an essential part of our natural world and their importance in pollinating our food crops cannot be overstated. Over a third of the world's food is dependent upon pollinators, of which the honey bee Apis mellifera is possibly the most important.

    This informative book introduces newcomers to the fascinating and rewarding craft of beekeeping and honey production and sets out in simple terms the needs of this complex creature.

    Topics covered within the book include:

    • Setting up your first hive
    • How to handle bees correctly and with confidence
    • Practical advice on the honey harvest
    • Winter feeding and inspection
    • Marketing your bee products
    • Diseases: how to avoid them and how to deal with them
  • Beautiful Dogs

    Featuring 40 of the world's most loved and unique pedigrees, from the French Bulldog to the English Cocker, the German Shepherd to the Alaskan Malamute, Beautiful Dogs showcases man's best friend as you've never seen him before. Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the breed, covering such information as physical attributes, origins and uses.

    An illuminating introduction also explores the history of the dog as faithful companion, working animal and show-stopping pedigree, while delightful reportage photography offers a glimpse of the stars as they prepare for their moment in front of the photographer's lens.

    A coffee-table book that will delight and astound in equal measure, Beautiful Dogs is the perfect gift for all lovers of things canine.

  • Beekeeping
    Whether your a beginning beekeeper or one with a season or two of experience, the Richard Bonney tells you how to keep bees, not just have them. This new book by the acclaimed author of Hive Management offers vital, up-to-date information about how to: * Acquire bees * Install a colony * Manage a hive * Take a crop of honey * Prevent and treat Varroa and tracheal mites * Learn about Africanised bees. The book clearly set out, enjoyable to read, and packed with helpful hints and diagrams.
  • Bees, Wasps & Ants
    Bees, wasps, and ants help maintain the garden's biological balance, fertilize vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and recycle nutrients within the soil. It's no exaggeration to say that a garden can't be understood without an understanding of its insects. Part One includes a summary of their biology and the role they play in the garden. Part Two looks at the individual groups, including sawflies, horntails, wood wasps, parasitic wasps, predatory wasps, bees, and ants.
  • Benevolent Bee

    Beekeeper, herbalist and artist Stephanie Bruneau explores six amazing products of the honeybee hive – honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and bee venom. She describes how and why the bees make these products, how they've been used by humans throughout the ages, and how beekeepers harvest the products.

    The book presents simple do-it yourself recipes for using the products in health and wellness, body care, nutrition and craft. Learn how to make a salve for burns and a cough syrup from raw honey; how to make a tincture, an infused oil, and a mouthwash from propolis, the anti-bacterial bee glue that lines the inside of the hive; and much more.

  • Bird Brain

    An absorbing study of how birds think, revealing how science is exploding the myth of our feathered friends being 'bird brained', and how recent discoveries may call for us to re-evaluate how we identify and classify intelligence in other animals.

    Bird Brain looks at the structures and functions of the avian brain, and moves on to examine different types of intelligence by profiling the extraordinary behaviours of a broad range of the species, studying the masterminds of the avian world, and examining what types of behaviour can be interpreted as 'intelligence' as we would recognize it.

  • Birds

    Jonathan Elphick tells the remarkable story of the development of bird art through the centuries.

    The book features early, skilfully executed but often fanciful images of birds, scientific illustrations produced during the ages of exploration, and modern approaches capturing the essence of these freest of all creatures. The outstanding selection of images from the unrivalled collection at the Natural History Museum includes exquisitely crafted works from some of the most famous natural history artists ever published including Audubon, Lear, MacGillivray and Gould.

    A detailed, lively text, interweaves ornithological science, art history, biography and travel and provides fascinating insights into the lives of both the artists and the birds they painted.

  • Caring for Cats and Kittens
    Packed with charming colour photos and illustrations, this excellent book teaches kids - in child-friendly language - how to take care of kittens and cats responsibly, and as independently as possible. They learn how to choose the right pet, train it and keep it healthy.

    Visual guides will answer all their questions and help them to understand and respect feline habits and behaviour.

  • Caring for Dogs and Puppies
    Packed with charming colour photos and illustrations, this excellent reference teaches kids – in words they can understand – how to take care of dogs and puppies responsibly, and as independently as possible.

    How to: choose the right pet, train it, and keep it healthy. Visual guides answer all the questions kids like to ask and help them to understand and respect canine behaviour.
  • Cat Book

    Regal, elegant, affectionate, calculating and, of course, utterly adorable, the cat has been part of our lives for millennia.

    The Cat Book pairs stunning historical illustrations with informative and amusing text in a tour of feline history from the earliest days of civilisation to the twenty-first century.

    Taking in the cat goddess of Ancient Egypt, where people shaved their eyebrows to mourn the death of a cat, the medieval Irish law that calculated a cat's value at three cows, Samuel Johnson's doting care for his oyster-loving cat Hodge, Oscar, the ship's cat that survived three shipwrecks in the Second World War, and the cats of famous people from Cardinal Richelieu to Edward Lear, this is the perfect gift for the cat lover – a guide to the role of cats in history and the people who have loved them.

  • Cats

    Cats were first domesticated – or, more likely, noticed a warm fireside and chose to domesticate themselves – many thousands of years ago. Over the centuries they have performed a useful role as pest controllers, but much more as friends and companions of humans.

    This delightful illustrated anthology includes a selection of the many poems, anecdotes and quotations about cats, which have been written over the centuries.

  • Cats & Kittens: A Memory Game

    Match the cats and kittens of 25 breeds from around the world in this beautifully illustrated memory game.

    To play, simply place the cards face down and see if you can remember where the mother cat and her kitten are located. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win!

    With all kinds of breeds included – from the British Shorthair to the Siamese, and from the Maine Coon to the hairless Sphynx – this fun and educational game will appeal to cat lovers everywhere.

  • Cats Galore

    Susan Herbert’s feline interpretations of famous images from Western culture have charmed and amused readers for decades. Cats Galore brings together illustrations from the affectionately envisioned Pre-Raphaelite Cats, Shakespeare Cats, Movie Cats and Opera Cats – as well as other delightful images of cats cast in scenes from art, theatre and film – into one delightful volume.

    Divided into three sections – Cats in Art, Cats on Stage and Cats in the Movies – this is the ultimate compendium for cat-loving culture buffs and cultured pet owners alike. Works by Degas and van Gogh retain their distinctive styles in spite of the furry faces; cats shine in Much Ado About Nothing and The Barber of Seville; and a bushy-tailed James Dean in Rebel without a Cause stares at the camera with the iconic cigarette in his mouth.

  • Chicken Keeper's Handbook
    This will help to guide you through the processes of keeping chickens, from deciding on which breeds to keep, through to choosing and buying your birds and then getting them home, to housing, feeding and caring for them.

    It will also help you to decide on whether you want to breed and raise chickens for their eggs or for the table.


    • The Domestic Chicken
    • Chicken Basics
    • Getting Started
    • Chicken Behaviour
    • Housing Chickens
    • Feeding Chickens
    • Which Breeds?
    • Hatching and Despatching
    • Pests and Parasites, Diseases and other Health Problems.

  • Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Keeping Chickens

    Andy Schneider tells you everything you need to know about keeping chickens!

    Keeping backyard chickens is a fun, even with limited space in your backyard. Let the Chicken Whisperer teach you everything he knows and everything you need to know about raising a backyard flock. Ditch the super-technical manuals and enjoy Andy's unique, common-sense perspective.

  • Choosing & Raising Chickens
    Discover which breeds are best suited to you and your lifestyle, and find the perfect match with this practical and comprehensive guide to choosing and raising chickens. An 'everything-you-need-to-know guide' to chicken breeds for anyone who keeps or is aspiring to keep chickens. Includes essential practical information on feeding, housing and welfare as well as easy-to-use keys to selecting the most suitable breeds.