Design & Inspiration

  • 120 Great Paintings CD-ROM & Book

    Thinking of mounting a Monet? How about varnishing a Vermeer? This rich treasury of famous paintings by the world's greatest artists provides images for a number of projects.

    Superb reproductions of more than 100 masterpieces from five centuries allow graphic designers and hobbyists to choose from works by Fra Angelico, Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Durer, Thomas Gainsborough, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper and scores more. An inspiring collection for lovers of fine art, this CD-ROM and book set will be welcomed as well by art teachers and students.

    Image File Information
    Includes 120 images scanned at 300 dpi and saved in high-quality JPEG format. Each image is offered in two sizes: approximately 90 mm wide and approximately 180 mm wide.

  • 120 Japanese Prints CD-ROM & Book

    Magnificent, full-colour prints from geishas and samurai warriors to breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji Graphic artists, craftworkers, and textile designers will welcome this vast treasury of classic Japanese works of art.

    The romantically idealised compositions depict courtesans, Kabuki actors, dancers, seasonal joys like plum viewing at night and autumn harvests, boating and fireworks, characters from myth, graceful flowers, birds and animals, etc.

    Image File Information: The CD includes 120 images scanned at 300 dpi and saved in high-quality JPEG format.

  • 120 Traditional Stained Glass Patterns

    An affordable and inspirational sourcebook shows how to add sparkle to your next project.

    This treasury of patterns for stained glass projects includes eye-catching geometrics, abstracts, Art Deco florals, plus instructions and diagrams for window panels, lightcatchers, mirrors and more.

  • 162 Traditional & Contemporary Designs For Stained Glass

    Included black and white patterns in traditional and contemporary styles for landscapes, Art Nouveau and Victorian designs, flowers, foliage, birds, geometrics, frames, etc.

    The wide variety of shapes and sizes make the patterns ideal for windows, mirrors, panels, sidelights, and more. The copyright-free designs can also be used for greeting cards, embroidering or painting on fabric, book illustrations, and other crafts.

  • 2000 Pattern Combinations

    A much-needed book on simple and more advanced ways of creating pattern with a source of 2000 colourful combinations that you can use for further creative work.

    The simplest pattern is a repeat of a motif. You can make that more interesting by creating a brickwork grid when repeating motifs. Make it different again by rotating the image, or by mirroring it. The book takes you through various pattern developments thoroughly, showing how one motif can lead to inexhaustible pattern interpretations.

    All these techniques are explained and illustrated, making the book an ideal way of learning about pattern design basics as well as finding an inspirational pattern.

  • 2100 Victorian Monograms

    A comprehensive compilation of elegant, imaginative two-letter monograms – ideal for enhancing scrolls, certificates, awards, and other graphic projects in need of calligraphic excitement.

    Easily reproduced, royalty-free letters are also perfect for use in art, needlework, craft and other decorative projects.

  • 400 Chinese Motifs

    A book and CD containing 400 copyright-free hand-drawn Chinese motifs for creative re-use. Designs from Paleolithic times to modern era arranged in chapters of flowers and plants, animals, birds, fish, and borders and patterns.

    Provides inspiration and artwork for design work in many fields: needlecrafts, designing jewellery and puppets, sculpture, textile printing, painting on ceramics, silk, fans and more.

  • 4000 Alphabet and Letter Motifs

    Over 4000 motifs in the book and on the CD, plus 100s of extra motifs just on the CD.

    Includes whole alphabets and elaborate initials, from Roman inscription alphabets to modern fonts for graphic designers. Plus a visual explanation of the development of lettering from hieroglyphics to today’s letters.

    Images can be copied, enlarged, traced or developed further for creative use in any field (embroidery, woodwork, tattoos, graphic design).

  • Alphabet Stencil Book Mini Edition

    From quilting and textiles to cardmaking and scrapbooking, these alphabet stencils are perfect for almost any design or craft project. They'll even work for cake decorating, wedding ornaments or anywhere you want a monogram.

    Featuring a classic serif front, this mini-book includes all 24 capital letters, accents, punctuation and numbers, printed on perforated card stock that's easy to tear out and reuse.

  • Art Deco Designs CD-ROM & Book

    Line drawings to suit embroidery, stained glasswork, paper crafts, painting ... choose from this rich archive of crisply rendered line drawings used in textiles, fashions, jewelry, and domestic accessories of the 1920s and '30s, selected from works by Erté, Edgar Brandt, Jeanne Paquin, and Paul Manship, among others.

    These distinctive designs will add a dazzling touch of the Jazz Age wherever they're applied.

    Image File Information: The CD includes 213 images scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, as well as Internet-ready JPEG and GIF).

  • Art Deco Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book

    Stunning images recapture the glamour and elegance of the Art Deco era. Sharp, smart, dazzling Art Deco designs literally shine through a striking mix of stained glass pictures.

    Sixteen ornate full-page illustrations include people, buildings, abstracts, and ironwork. You can colour the illustrations in this book with crayons, watercolour, oil, tempera or acrylic paints, and felt-tip pens. Hold the coloured pages up to the light and watch them come to life.

  • Art Nouveau Design Fantasies in Full Color

    Elegant and distinctive, these eye-catching motifs combine a refined naturalism with the sophistication of Art Nouveau. Created during the early years of Art Nouveau, they reflect the late nineteenth century interest in Japanese art, as well as the fresh excitement of a blossoming movement that's remained fashionable for well over a century.

    Sixty-six full-colour images feature luxurious patterns and ornaments designed for ceramics, furniture, textiles, walls, and ceilings. Superbly reproduced from a rare folio, these decorations were formerly available only in high-priced antiquarian editions. This inexpensive compilation makes them readily accessible and royalty-free to graphic artists, crafters, and designers.

  • Art Nouveau Floral & Animal Designs CD-ROM & Book

    These 146 royalty-free, rare illustrations are from 'The Studio', the legendary publication that promoted the Art Nouveau style that was a great influence on late 19th-early 20th century American artists and illustrators.

    Includes book covers, posters, ads, book plates, greeting cards, decorative alphabets, and designs and patterns by Walter Crane, Will Bradley, Charles Robinson, etc.

    The CD-ROM includes Dover Design Manager so you can easily browse, print, crop and rotate the images. Images are scanned at 300 dpi in TIFF format. Windows / Mac compatible.

  • Art Nouveau Floral Designs CD-ROM & Book

    These 227 permission-free, curvilinear designs by a number of that period's leading artists, feature beautiful blooms from Mucha's stately lilies and Seguy's willowy wisteria to Verneuil's exotic orchids and graceful daffodils. Delicate and dramatic, positive and negative images, all shapes and sizes to suit fabrics, stained glass, wallpaper and other craft projects.

    The CD-ROM includes Dover Design Manager so you can easily browse, print, crop and rotate the images. Images are scanned at 600 dpi in six formats. Windows / Mac compatible.

  • Art Nouveau Floral Patterns & Stencil Designs

    Includes floral and foliage motifs, created in the late 1890s by MP Verneuil, one of the Art Nouveau movement's finest artists. Finely detailed and subtly shaded, these copyright-free designs are perfect for adding a note of elegance to fabrics, stained glass, wallpaper, and a host of other art and craft projects.

    • 120 full-colour illustrations of garden flowers-foxglove, hollyhock, columbine, lilies, wisteria, jasmine and snowdrops
    • 39 full colour stencil designs of blossoming trees, reeds, mushrooms, oak leaves and acorns, peacocks and flowers, wild roses and more

  • Art Nouveau Illustrations CD-ROM & Book

    The Studio magazine was the foremost source of Art Nouveau in England at the turn of the century and featured illustrations by such artists as Crane, Bradley, Robinson, and others. Here are 171 of the best graphic art specimens, including posters, cards, borders, frames and much more.

    Image File Information: The CD includes 171 images scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, as well as Internet-ready JPEG and GIF).

  • Art Nouveau Motifs CD-ROM & Book

    Add panache to any project with these 421 black-and-white copyright-free, stylish and versatile designs. Features a host of naked and sensuously draped ladies, cherubs and mermaids, a simply huge variety of flowers and trees (including the Mackintosh Rose), peacocks galore – even a flock of snooty swans!

    Cameos, corners, borders, book plates and more ranging from very tiny to full-page, to delicate idealised realistic images and starkly simple stylised designs – all in the curvilinear, flowing style characteristic of the genre.

    Image File Information Includes 421 images scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, as well as Internet-ready JPEG and GIF).

  • Art Nouveau Stained Glass Pattern Book

    Features 104 stained glass projects using all the well-known themes of Art Nouveau: swirling forms, florals, peacocks, and sensuous women.

    An ideal sourcebook to be used whole or in part for windows, panels, lampshades, mirrors, frames, mobiles or other craft projects.

  • Art Nouveau Windows Stained Glass Pattern Book

    This collection of more than 100 authentic black-and-white Art Nouveau stained glass patterns, beautifully adapted.

    Includes boldly outlined figures of damsels surrounded by flowers and vines, a vase of lush blossoms, a butterfly whose wing patterns are repeated in the designs floral theme, and scores of other exotic, stylised images. They are all displayed in rectangular, oval, circular, and semicircular frames.

    These copyright-free patterns can also be used for a range of purposes including graphic art and needlecraft. Eight designs are shown in colour.

  • Art Nouveau: An Anthology of Design & Illustration

    The Studio magazine was the foremost source of Art Nouveau in England at the turn of the century and featured illustrations by such artists as Beardsley, Crane, Bradley and others.

    Here are 199 of the best graphic art specimens including: posters, cards, borders, frames and much more.