• Stumpwork Flowers

    This book offers a modern perspective on the floral motifs that have been a stumpwork mainstay for centuries. It features 19 floral motifs and eight projects, the simplistic design of which showcase the artistry involved in the craft. Features include:

    • Three clear sections: an introductory; a project gallery with beautiful photographs of each project motif; and project instructions
    • Fresh, contemporary designs will draw readers in
    • Easy-to-follow instructions and small projects will show you just how accessible this craft really is
    • Step-by-step photos and illustrations of all the techniques

  • Stumpwork Medieval Flora

    Acclaimed embroiderer / author Jane Nicholas (Stumpwork Dragonflies) has chosen eight flowers from Anne of Brittany's Book of Hours (early 1500s) to embroider in stumpworky.

    • 5 botanical specimens with insects in fabric, wire, beads, thread and Latin names below
    • 3 as illuminated panels with richly coloured borders embellished with gold thread, beads
    • Section on materials, methods, stitch gloss

  • Stumpwork, Goldwork & Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection

    In works of mesmerising beauty (and accurate anatomy) the author interprets the beetle in gold stumpwork, embroidery, beading, redwork, appliqué, etc. Unsurpassed research, skills and instructions are presented in a format and style which makes her work accessible to all embroiderers. Each chapter shows how to work a particular technique then several projects:

    • Goldwork beetles from Art Nouveau jewellery
    • Beaded beetles from mosaic buttons
    • Beetle wing evening bag
    • Scarab beetle brooch
    • Peacock, grapevine and beetle
    • Pomegranates, snail and beetle
    • Embroidered initial & beetle

    Thorough information on techniques and equipment (including how to mount stumpwork into paperweight, working with wire, vliesofix and leather) and using beetles as a design source. Includes photos of newly created and rare historical pieces and a stitch glossary.

  • Stumpwork: Essential Stitch Guides

    With clear, step-by-step instructions and examples of both historical and contemporary pieces, graduate apprentice and tutor, Kate Sinton, shows you how to develop beautiful stumpwork embroideries using traditional stitches and techniques.


    • The History of Stumpwork
    • Materials
    • Framing Up
    • Stumpwork Design
    • Appliqué
    • Stitches: Flat Surface, Raised Surface, Needlelace, Metal Thread Work
    • Techniques: Padding, Slips, Wrapping, Found Objects
    • Figures

    Look inside the book.

  • Super+Super: Emboidery

    Featuring quirky projects and all the technical know-how you need to get started, this Super+Super guide will have you stitching away and filling your world with colour and fun. Features include:

    • A full techniques section to explain the basic skills and equipment needed
    • Clear and stylish step-by-step photographs
    • 20 projects – mittens, pillow, denim shorts and bunting

  • Teeny Tiny Menagerie

    Let your imagination run wild with this collection of nearly 400 enchanting animal embroidery motifs. Using traditional embroidery, cross-stitch, and appliqué techniques, you can create a menagerie of motifs, borders and alphabets unlike any you've seen before.

    • Each stitched motif is accompanied by detailed instructions for fuss-free execution
    • Includes an embroidery how-to tutorial and a photo gallery to inspire you to use these designs in innovative ways
    • From animals and insects to borders and alphabet letters, you can pick, choose and even combine elements to make a one-of-a-kind embroidered motif
    • These original creatures are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any item

  • The Crazy Haberdasher's Inspiring Life

    The inspired life of a crazy embroiderer called Brian Haggard, whose artistic talent goes from mixed media to decoration, passing by embroidery and patchwork.

    From the baroque style to the shabby chic style, find out his techniques and get inspired by his creations to make your own works of art!

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • The Textile Artist: Applique Art

    This much anticipated guide to the work of textile artist Abigail Mill features five beautiful step-by-step projects as well as themed galleries of her contemporary, ethereal artworks.

    The book touches on Abigail’s inspirations and influences and looks in detail at the elements that bring her work to life: colour, texture, pattern and free machine embroidery techniques. From fraying and layering to free machine embroidery and embellishment, this gorgeous book teaches you how to recreate her unique, contemporary style, and will inspire you to create wonderful pieces of your own.

    Look inside the book.

  • Thread Painting: Bunnies in my Garden

    From the beginner to the experienced stitcher, these 12 original and beautiful designs, each with detailed stitch instructions, will capture the imagination through embroidery. Detailed patterns, diagrams and simple, unique instructions throughout.

    Working any of them will help master the main techniques of Jenny McWhinney's form of thread painting. This gorgeous full colour book will delight any embroiderer who sees it and will be a 'must-have' for her many fans.

  • Three-Dimensional Embroidery Stitches

    Discover how to bring your embroideries to life with Pat's original and vibrant guide to creating many different raised stitches.

    Illustrated throughout with diagrams and step-by-step colour photos, the book combines technique with inspiration. French knots, tufting, stem stitch, whipped spider's web, woven picot and more are combined with painted backgrounds, couching, padded work and twisted threads to create a sequence of easy-to-follow projects.

    Pat guides you through each stage, showing how to build up scenes and pictures. Using nature as her inspiration, she demonstrates the techniques involved in creating flowers, plants, woodlands and seashores.

  • Transfer & Stitch Butterflies, Bees & Bugs

    This latest addition to the Transfer & Stitch series covers a huge range of designs of butterflies, bees and an assortment of bugs, to be embroidered onto clothing or home furnishings for a unique, quirky finish.

    Designs range from traditional, life-like insects to edgy modern steampunk designs. These intricate motifs can be rendered in metallic or variegated threads to give them a colourful, insect-like sheen.

    There are over fifty designs to choose from, starting from tiny ladybirds up to larger-scale grasshoppers, and each one comes with an iron-on transfer that can be applied directly to fabric.

    Look inside the book.

  • Transfer & Stitch Romantic Motifs

    This collection of 64 beautiful romantic motifs (hearts, flowers, swallows, wedding rings and butterflies in a range of sizes and styles) and accompanying transfers provide a source of design ideas for anyone who enjoys stitching.

    Each design is shown as a sampler and clear instructions accompany each motif, with information given on the DMC thread colours and the embroidery stitches used. Those who prefer to create their own look can do so by simply adapting the colours and stitches.

    The book then showcases 12 beautiful projects embroidered with designs from the samplers intended to inspire. Whether you are looking for a small, dainty motif to decorate a child's dress or sunhat, or a large, bold design to add impact to a pillow or tea towel, there will be a design in this book that matches your chosen item to give it a touch of contemporary homemade style.

    The transfers can be cut out and ironed up to ten times each and the book contains a handy pocket at the back for storing cut-out designs.

    Look inside the book.

  • Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery

    Leading Australian embroidery designer and needlework teacher Yvette Stanton guides your steps from novice to advanced merezhka stitchery – an historic, counted thread, embroidery technique from Poltava (Ukraine).

    The 300+ colour diagrams and photos (and antique clothing) illustrate the two main techniques and seven projects (bag, doily). Includes troubleshooting tips and hints.

  • Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook

    Lavish colour photos and step-by-step text teach everything you need to know to get the most from sashiko, from selecting fabrics and threads to marking and stitching the patterns.

    The 10 project chapters show how to master over 100 stunning decorative patterns using quick and easy techniques as you create long samplers, greetings cards, table mats, cushions, tote bags, kinchaku bags and a table runner. Additional features include:

    • Sashiko history
    • Library of moyozashi and hitomezashi patterns and motifs
    • Gallery of sashiko masterpieces

  • Vintage Stitching Treasury

    Use vintage embroidery to add a nostalgic touch to anything you sew.

    Inside this book you'll discover a treasure chest of authentic embroidery patterns from the classic magazines and needlework catalogues of days gone by. From birds and bunnies to flowers and fruit, hundreds of retro-cool designs are accompanied by gorgeous colour photographs, stitching advice and four step-by-step projects.

    You're sure to find the perfect inspiration here for creating either a thoughtful gift or a new family heirloom.

  • Whitework with Colour

    The flexibility of Whitework with Colour has opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities. There are no limits to the subjects one can stitch, and you will find nestled among the pages a wide variety of projects which will entice you to get stitching.

    Trish Burr believes colour is the key to any successful piece of embroidery so has used quite unusual colour combinations and stitched some of the projects in more than one colourway to show how different the same design can look when stitched in other shades. The embroidery is innovative, great fun and seriously addictive.

    There are 17 projects in the book, ranging from complete beginner to more advanced. No special skills are required but a little practice will go a long way in helping you to master the technique.

  • Whitework: Essential Stitch Guides

    Lizzie Lansberry provides a wonderful introduction to whitework combining the traditions with new ideas and contemporary design.

    Whiteworkk begins with the history of this wide-ranging type of embroidery, then explains the materials needed and the issues of designing and ordering your work for stitching in white on white fabric. The Stitches section covers pulled thread, core surface, decorative and drawn thread stitches, as well as eyelets and cutwork. Two beautiful whitework pieces are then analysed to show how all the stitches and techniques were used, and a traditional piece is reworked with a contemporary twist. Finally the further techniques of using layers, net darning and trailing are shown.

    • Step by step photography, full instructions and diagrams make this a clear and user-friendly guide
    • Compact, spiral-bound, easy-to-use lay-flat format
    • Inspirational finished works, traditional and contemporary, to show how the stitches can be used

    Look inside the book.

  • Wool Embroidery Collection

    Adventure into the world of wool embroidery with exotic silks and wools in brilliant colours. In many designs, the sheen of silk ribbon, metallic threads, and the extra dimension of beads, enhances the embroidered wool.

    The diversity of designs and projects will appeal to all ages and tastes: blankets with a variety of teddy bear motifs, beautiful Australian wildflower designs, even geese strolling under a ribbon swag blankets, a dressing gown stitched and beaded with butterflies, buds and flowers, a footstool with metallic thread highlights, a beaded embroidered wool vest.

    Projects start with ideas for other uses and encouragement to think up your own.