• 50 Things to Do with a Penknife

    A beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling, there are 50 projects featured in the book ranging from quick makes to more elaborate projects:

    • Quick Things – including a doorstop, a bookmark and a gift-box book
    • Into the Woods – including a willow whistle, walking stick, fish hook and slingshot
    • Around the House – including chopsticks, coat and crochet hooks
    • Cork Creations – including a succulent pot, stamp, and earphones spool
    • Ornamental Carving – including a boat, a deer and a spinning top
    • Kitchen Carving – including a carrot flute, apple candle and onion flower
    • The Natural World – including a bird feeder and instructions to prepare a fish for cooking, a graft an apple tree

    The projects cater for a range of skill levels and the instructions are complemented by smart step-by-step illustrations, which highlight the tactile quality of the material in hand. The book also includes an introduction with advice on selecting a penknife, maintaining your blade, choosing your caving material and carving techniques.

  • Carousel Animal Carving

    Make beautiful carved carousel animal, guided by a master of the craft. Ellis covers it all, from planning, pattern-making and carving to painting and finishing. Each chapter has close-up colour photos of specific animal parts, saddle and ornament details.

    Choose from 40 patterns or design your own.

    "Walks the reader through the process of creating either a full-sized or miniature carousel horse from planning the project to selecting the proper wood and supplies, to finishing the animal with authentic paint schemes and trim details . . . illustrated with numerous color photographs showing exact painting details." Woodshop News

  • Essential Woodcarving Techniques

    A teacher of modern and traditional methods of woodcarving for nearly 30 years, Dick Onians passes on to aspiring carvers his vast knowledge and experience of the subject in this clear and beautifully illustrated volume.

    The book, intended as a basic course, covers the essentials of traditional and classical carving, with technical advice supported with historical information and encouragement to try out new skills. It is a superb, comprehensive introduction to the craft.

  • Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons

    Learn to create beautiful lovespoons with 3 step-by-step projects and 15 original patterns. Sections on the history of lovespoon carving, selecting woods, using and maintaining tools, applying long-lasting finishes, and customizing your own designs ensure every aspect of your lovespoon carving project goes smoothly.

    The fascinating history and romantic symbolism of the lovespoon is further complimented by an inspiring gallery of modern and historical pieces carved in a variety of styles. This is the most thorough and detailed book available on the subject of lovespoon carving.

  • How to Carve Wood
    'Almost anyone could begin from point zero and find enough inspiration in this book to learn how to carve wood . . . clear, interesting, and inspiring, with excellent photos and illustrations.' Popular Woodworking. Info on tools, wood & design; step-by-step exercises & projects of increasing complexity that teach the essential skills. Scaled project patterns, works using same techniques.
  • Letter Carving

    You don't need to undertake a lengthy apprenticeship to get started with this enjoyable and rewarding craft. Letter-carving expert Andrew Hibberd shares his techniques for carving letters on wood and Portland stone for beginner and intermediate carvers.

    Based mainly on period styles of carving, these unique projects use examples of Andrew's work, starting with the simplest and progressing in difficulty. New styles and skills are introduced along the way and the projects include a cutting board, house sign, garden bench, picture frame and church plaque.

  • Lettering and Sign Carving Workbook
    Start to carve and paint signs with the 10 skill-building projects. From learning to carve simple cuts into a pre-made blank, to carving more intricate designs and finishing with elaborate painting, your skills will improve with each project.

    Specialized techniques such as creating custom lettering on a computer, gilding and more are also introduced.

    Projects include:

    • Circa Board
    • Welcome Sign
    • House Sign with Applied Cap and Molding
    • Noah's Ark
    • Irish Claddagh Sign
    • Banner with Raised Stein
    • Oval Sign with Duck
    • Cabin Sign with Birch Log Frame
    • Beach House Sign
    • Indoor Christmas Sign
  • Snitte: The Danish Art of Whittling

    Snitte, Denmark's art of wood whittling, is a rite of passage for most Scandinavians, and the passion for it lasts a lifetime. Wood whittling's practical, outdoorsy nature has been married to fine craftsmanship in this beautiful book about creating wood-sculpted birds that can be left uncoloured and crisp as they are in wood or coloured carefully to make exquisite sculptures.

    The book teaches even the beginner the basics of wood whittling a bird shape with step-by-step demonstrations (and templates for eight European birds), how to mount them elegantly on real pieces of wood, and how to paint them delicately to bring out their colourful beauty.

    Whether you are new to whittling or are looking for a fresh project with your whittling skills, this is a perfect book to make something special and tap into the wonders of Scandinavian craft.

  • Whittling Handbook

    This is the perfect introduction to the simple, yet immensely pleasurable craft of creating attractive objects with nothing more than a knife and a piece of timber.

    Whittling is an art form that can be as simple or as complex as you like. This delightful book guides you through the basics starting with straightforward projects such as a garden dibber and a paper knife, then progresses to more complex and intricate items such as a linked chain and a whistle. The tools you'll need, plus the basic techniques and how to perform them safely are all covered in a clear and easy-to-follow way.

    Projects include: Butter spreader, fork, cane toppers, backscratcher and dog-head stick handle.

  • Woodcarver's Workbook
    Get started in woodcarving animals with these high quality patterns, illustrated instructions and a simple craft knife. The humour and clarity of the easy to follow instructions inspires woodworkers to expand the reach of their carving skills.

    The book offers the perfect mix of technical knowledge, instruction, creativity and projects for carvers who wish to master the most popular animal subjects: cougars, rabbits, wolves, dogs, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, wild mustangs, unicorns and moose.