General Interest

  • Explorer's Atlas

    Discover the most intriguing, fascinating and extraordinary facts about the world in this lavishly illustrated, large format atlas.

    Feed your imagination and go on an adventure with this unusual atlas which is illustrated with a wealth of quirky facts and curiosities from around the world. Uncover hidden secrets on every page – from world cultures to history, the economy to nature, geography to sporting events and following the trails of great explorers.

    Be inspired and surprised by carefully selected and composed text, with icons, graphics and routes that will make you see the world through different eyes. Explorer's Atlas has been created for travellers, map lovers and adventurers of any age.

  • Extraordinary Comebacks
    201 inspiring stories of courage, triumph and success prove that, with commitment and perseverance, you can do anything: Andre Agassi, Lucille Ball, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Quincy Jones, Dr John Nash, Georgia O'Keefe, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Llama, Oprah Winfrey, Neil Young, etc.
  • Favourite Poems

    A collection of over 100 classic poems about life, love and nature featuring best-loved poets from William Wordsworth and John Keats to Emily Dickinson and TS Elliot.

    The poems are organised by themes to make it easy to find a poem that can console or amuse, or for special occasions like readings at christenings and weddings. Illustrated throughout with Jane Robbins’ charming collages.

  • Fix Your Bike

    Fix Your Bike is a straightforward, stylish and no-fuss approach to DIY bike maintenance and safety. By teaching you the basics in plain terms with straightforward, step-by-step instructions, you can simply just get on with riding your bike.

    Speedy, easy and proficient, it is full of shortcuts, tricks and techniques that all cyclists should know to help them get back (and remain) on the road. Smart and beautifully illustrated, this book will aid and encourage you in all areas of bike maintenance – from puncture repair to gear care, brake-tightening to chain-fixing – to bring out the best in your bike.

  • Florence

    The most comprehensive book on the paintings and frescoes of Florence with more than 2,000 beautifully reproduced artworks from the city's great museums and churches. Every painted work that is on display in the Uffizi Gallery, The Pitti Palace, the Accademia and the Duomo is included, plus many or most of the works from 28 of the city's other magnificent museums and churches.

    The research and text are by Ross King, Anja Grebe (author or The Louvre and The Vatican), Cristina Acidini (former Superintendent of the public museums of Florence) and Msgr. Timothy Verdon (Director of the artworks for the Archdiocese of Florence).

  • Fractal 3D Magic

    This ground-breaking 3D showcase offers a rare glimpse into the dazzling world of computer-generated fractal art.

    The eye-popping gallery displays mathematical formulas transformed into stunning computer-generated 3D anaglyphs. More than 200 intricate designs, visible in three dimensions thanks to the enclosed 3D glasses, will engross maths and optical illusions enthusiasts alike.

  • Hello, Melbourne

    From the creator of Hello, Sydney! comes a new look-and-find adventure and this time we’re off the to city voted most liveable in the world, Melbourne.

    Hello, Melbourne! is a celebration of this great Australian city. With its colourful laneways and bustling shopping arcades, the bookish wonders of the State Library and the sights and smells of world famous Lygon Street, there is so much to see in this town. With the help of your tour guides – a charm of magpies – you’ll feel like a true Melburnian.

  • Here and Now

    Here and Now provides a quick and enjoyable way of achieving a mindful state with a soothing tone and reference to modern life, and 25 exercises that bring about a sense of mindful awareness.

    Each exercise features an engaging illustration that gently guides you towards a state of mindfulness as you interact with the page. The exercises are focussed around the themes of breathing, deep relaxation, compassion, gratitude and interconnectedness, to mention just a few. The pages can be returned to again and again and used at any time to comfort, calm and inspire.

    The book's refreshing and unique take on mindfulness will appeal to those who already have some experience of the practice, whilst its light-hearted and friendly approach makes it a simple and compelling guide for beginners.

  • How Smart Are You? Test Your Math IQ

    Every day our numerical skills are tested in different ways, from shopping to budgeting to bill paying. But not everyone is comfortable with numbers.

    This collection of challenging tests and puzzles will help you hone your math skills. Each quiz can be taken in just a few minutes and is easily scored.

    Entertaining and enlightening, it is useful to have on-hand anytime and anywhere, be it the long commute, a waiting room, or an evening at home.

  • How to Be Cool

    From creative to classic to downright crazy, 151 things every cool cat needs to know – a step at a time.

    • Captioned colour illustrations for the 151 things
    • Step-by-steps for how-tos like fighting with nunchakus or teasing up a bouffant hairdo >
    • Examples for identification purposes like identifying men's facial hair, picking a supervillain pet or decoding tattoo symbolism

  • How to Build a Bike

    This simple, straightforward and fun manual will take you from complete bike building beginner to confident bike builder in a series of fully-illustrated instructions.

    It shows you how to build a bike from scratch using parts that are easy to buy, and guides you in the art of choosing the best frame to finding the most suitable handlebars. It shows you how to take apart a vintage bike (for its parts), and how to piece together a brand new single speed ride from the crucial positioning of brake levers to wrapping your bartape and popping on a bell.

    Get to know your bottom bracket from your brake lever, and your stem from your chain stays, and learn how fun, creative and satisfying making your own bike can be. With a few simple tools and a bit of inspiration, anyone can build a bicycle that will bring many years of happy riding.

  • How to Greet a Queen

    Her Ladyship gives practical and invaluable advice on every aspect of royal etiquette: how to behave correctly at formal occasions, and indeed how to follow royal etiquette and guidelines.

    She deals with basic good manners in a range of situations, both formal and informal occasions, whether at home, at work, or abroad. She will teach the reader such necessities as how to meet and greet The Queen and other royals; elegant ways of sitting down, standing up, and getting in and out of cars; and how not to look as if you are bored to death.

  • How to Think Like a Coder

    Coding is set to change the way we work and the skills we will need in the future. For those who know nothing about coding, getting to grips with the basics is daunting. Too many of the beginner books launch straight into programming techniques but what is really needed is an understanding of the key concepts of coding.

    This accessible, fun book goes right back to the very basics, teaching central concepts such as loops, data types, pseudocode and calculations without having to learn a single line of code! Using a set of dice, a deck of cards or a pack of dominoes to enjoy fun and straightforward exercises, you will practise key skills such as critical thinking, creativity, logic and problem-solving and begin to think like a coder without even turning on your computer.

    Once you are equipped with this basic toolkit, Think Like a Coder discusses the basic programmes that are available for beginners, keeping a focus on simple activities that draw analogies with the outside world to make learning easy and fun. Designed to be a thorough yet lighthearted introduction for the complete beginner, adults and children.

  • Inspirational Quotes Illustrated

    Featuring more than 100 artists and 130 quotes, Lesley Riley has created the ultimate book of "quotespiration."

    With quotes from artists, authors, philosophers and cultural icons, there are words of wisdom to speak to everyone from every walk of life. Each quote is paired with a powerful piece of art created by artists from all backgrounds to serve as creative prompts for anyone in the need of an art-making jumpstart. You'll find digital art, collage, art-journal pages, quilt art, assemblage and much more to inspire the artist in you.

    When we look at art we are looking for ourselves. Lesley Riley
    Toss in a stone and begin your own ripple of influence. Joy Cooper

  • Latin for Gardeners

    Latin for Gardeners is an informative, entertaining and beautifully illustrated unraveling of the mysteries of botanical Latin. Over 3000 Latin names are listed alphabetically, showing how botanical Latin can reveal where a plant originally comes from (and thus its preferred growing conditions), along with such properties as its shape, form, colour, taste and smell. Each name is clearly defined and accompanied by a pronunciation guide, and the pages are filled with attractive botanical illustrations.

    Fascinating feature spreads retell the adventures of important plant hunters such as Sir Jospeh Banks and Alexander von Humboldt, and explain how their discoveries affect the way our gardens look today. Individual plants are also profiled throughout, showing how their names can illuminate their hidden histories.

    Aided by this book, every gardener, and their garden, will benefit from uncovering the wealth of information that lies within the remarkable world of Latin binomials.

  • Little Book of Perfumes

    In The Little Book of Perfumes, the authors choose their 100 greatest fragrances of all time. Some are very famous, some hardly known, for women and men.

    There is Jicky (1889), unisex coeval of the Eiffel Tower and 'a towering masterpiece'; Chanel's Number 5 (1921), perhaps the world's most famous perfume, 'stretching deliciously like a sleepy panther'; Knize Ten which 'everyone should own because there is only one like it' and White Linen (1978), 'a canonical expression of the American ideal of sex appeal'.

    This is a perfect gift, a perfect browse.

  • Make Up

    Celebrated makeup artist and Max Factor Brand Ambassador Liz Kelsh shares the secrets that have made her one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Australia today.

    In this straightforward, refreshingly honest guide to makeup, she aims to empower today's women to be their own makeup artist. Each chapter has thorough step-by-step basic directions for makeup application and easy-to-follow photographs and line drawings.

    Covering everything from choosing the right foundation, tips on blusher, bronzer, eyelashes and lipstick, right through to the most common beauty mistakes, you'll find everything you need to get that celebrity and runway look as well as great everyday looks.

  • Mammoth Book of Weird Records

    Everyone's heard of Usain Bolt, but how many people know about Dineka Maguire? Like Bolt, the Irish woman is a world record holder but in the rather lesser known sport of bog snorkelling.

    She is just one of the hundreds of unsung heroes featured in this book chronicling the people who go to bizarre lengths to break world records in the weirdest categories; people who devote hours of intense training to spitting dung, eating cockroaches, sniffing feet or tossing tuna in the hope of one day being recognised as the best in the world. This astonishing compendium of the weirdest, wackiest and most disgusting world records will amuse and astound in equal measure.

    Entries include:

    • Longest ear hair
    • Fastest marathon while wearing a deep-sea diving suit
    • Farthest distance skateboarding by a goat
    • Most bees on body
    • Most milk crates balanced on head
    • Fastest 5 km run while dressed as a penguin and juggling
    • And many more ...

  • Mammoth Quiz Book

    A comprehensive category killer, that comes with over 6000 varied questions on every topic imaginable – and you might not imagine.

    Includes 400 quizzes that are a mixture of general knowledge and specialist rounds all aimed at the popular pub or society quiz market on science and technology; popular culture; and, celebrities and trivia.

  • Man Caves

    Ever wondered what men get up to in their sheds? Celebrating the Australian cultural phenomenon of the shed and highlighting its historical importance, Man Caves lifts the tin roofs off over 50 of the best.

    From tinkerers and collectors to your average Aussie bloke, each shed hints at the traits of its proud owner and offers inspiration for men dreaming of a bigger and better man cave of their own.