Fibre Arts

  • 20 to Make: Silk Ribbon Flowers

    By providing simple, stylish flower designs in ribbon embroidery, Ann Cox gives a new twist to this traditional technique.

    With 20 pretty designs to choose from and ideas for how they can be used to decorate clothes, accessories, cushions, etc, new embroiderers can discover this traditional technique. Learn how to twist, fold and stitch narrow ribbons to create stunning yet simple designs. The simple designs are suitable for the contemporary embroiderer.

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  • 20 to Make: Stitched Fabric Brooches

    Stitched Fabric Brooches shows readers how to create contemporary layered brooches and corsages. Textile expert Alex McQuade uses a range of materials, from linen and lace to buttons and ribbons – some vintage or recycled – for her signature look, which includes themes such as birds, hearts, dogs, cupcakes and flowers.

    The book will show how to combine a range of colours and fabrics to beautiful effect, and provide alternative suggestions to encourage readers to experiment for themselves.

  • 200 Braids to Loop, Knot, Weave & Twist

    Hundreds of braided designs are arranged by structure, from twisted and knotted pieces to more elaborate looped and woven examples.

    • Each braid features a beautiful close-up photograph, materials list, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-follow colour illustrations to guide you along
    • Each technique is explored in-depth, followed by tips on starting and finishing braids and advice for incorporating braids into other textile projects

  • 50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make

    This delightful collection of 50 decorative ribbon projects – some classic, some whimsical, some elegant – will prove irresistible for anyone with an interest in craft.

    The projects are grouped into four main chapters: a beautiful collection of hair accessories and jewellery; some eye-catching gift wrapping ideas and presentation boxes; a wide range of floral designs; and a charming selection of projects combining all of these ribbon-crafting skills

    Each design features written instructions accompanied by clear step-by-step illustrations, and absolutely no experience is necessary: you will pick up all the expertise needed as you progress through the book.

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  • A Garden to Dye For

    A Garden to Dye For shows how super-simple it is to plant and grow a dyer's garden and create beautiful dyes. It features 40-plus plants that the gardener-crafter can grow for an all-natural, customized colour palette.

    A dyer's garden can be a mosaic of flowers, herbs, roots and fruits that lend us their pigments to beautify other areas of our lives. Many of these plants may already be in our cutting, cottage or food gardens, ready for double duty. These special plants can fit right in with traditional garden themes.

    This richly photographed book is divided between the garden and the dye process, with garden layouts, plant profiles, dye extraction and uses, step-by-step recipes and original, engaging DIY projects.

  • A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers

    From Aquilegia (granny's bonnets) to Zantedeschia (arum lilies), Ann Cox brings to life 32 flowers in exquisite silk ribbon embroidery. First, captioned colour photo steps teach the techniques (stitches, gathering, painting).

    The 32 flower designs each have close-up colour photos, skill rating, step directions for flowers, leaves, stems, buds, a template, diagrams & ideas for variations (usually).

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  • African Textiles

    Now available in a compact paperback edition, this book remains the most comprehensive survey of African textiles on the market today.

    The traditional, handcrafted textiles of Africa are sumptuous, intricate, and steeped in cultural significance. Region by region, African Textiles covers, as no other volume has, the handmade textiles of West, North, East, Central and Southern Africa, outlining the range of weaving techniques and the different types of looms, materials and dyes that create these sumptuous works. Nor does it neglect the cultural context of African textiles, assessing the various influences of religion, culture, trade, tradition, fashion and the changing role of women that inform their creation.

    The breathtaking skill and creativity of the African peoples are presented here in radiant colour:

    • Gorgeous stripweaves of the Ashanti and the Ewe
    • Lace weaves of the Yoruba
    • Bogolanfini mud cloths from Mali and West Africa
    • Berber weaves from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in North Africa
    • Unique, crocheted, embroidered and feathered hats from Cameroon
    • Ancient weaving tradition of Ethiopia
    • Beadwork of the Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele peoples of Southern Africa
    • Asian-derived tradition of weaving silk and raphia in Madagascar

    A guide to African textile collections open to the public, a glossary and suggestions for further reading make this volume a practical as well as beautiful guide to the rich art of African textiles.

  • Amazing Macrame

    Macramé is back with a fresh, new style. Claire Rougerie guides the reader through 9 lessons accompanied by easy step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

    There are 29 original and colourful designs to make including jewellery, bags, accessories and various ideas for embellishing your outfits. The designs are both chic and bohemian combining a retro sixties style with a more modern look.

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  • Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists

    This book, edited by Maggie Grey, looks at the work of six textile artists and their work ranging from quilting, stitching, mixed media and journaling. The artists – Elizabeth Brimelow, Ro Bruhn, Ruth Lee, Sian Martin, Olga Norris and Beryl Taylor – are all experts in their respective fields.

    Each artist talks about her work and then expands on this so that the reader will be able to try a technique (or two) for themselves and then adapt and develop as a base for their own experiments.

  • Beautiful Braiding Made Easy

    An easy to follow guide to producing beautiful Japanese braids using Kumihimo disks and plates, templates for which are printed on the cover flap ready to be cut out and used.

    There is advice on the yarns or threads to use, arranging the threads on the disk or plate, producing many different types of braid, braiding with beads, finishing off and using the braids to make bracelets, necklaces, bag handles and much more.

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  • Beginner’s Guide to Silk Painting

    Renowned silk painter, Mandy Southan demonstrates all the techniques you need to get to grips with this intriguing medium.

    She begins with clear artistic advice on materials and using colour and then moving on to basic techniques, all shown through 12 lovely, achievable projects. Then proceed through textured effects and using resists, discharge paste, diffusing medium and other products to create scarves, cushions, pictures, wall hangings and panels.

    This book is perfect for the complete beginner but it is also ideal for those who want to learn new techniques. Learn how to:

    • Colour soft, lustrous silk with dyes and paints
    • Add highlights, texture and tone to abstract designs
    • Paint beautiful pictures

  • Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XXIV

    Each year, expert judges choose the best hand-hooked rugs from the many rugs entered into the annual juried competition known as Celebration. Now in its 23rd year, the competition showcases rugs from all over the US, Canada and from around the world.

    Each winning rug is presented in a full-colour spread that includes a photo of the rug, a close-up detail highlighting fine workmanship and comments from the artist and the judges. Celebration is eagerly awaited each year and is overflowing with inspiration for all who are interested in fibre arts.

    • International juried exhibit of the year's best hand-hooked rugs
    • 77 beautiful hooked rugs
    • 59 close-up details
    • Includes both traditional and original rugs

  • Cloth Paper Scissors Book
    Discover printing techniques, make a three-dimensional 'home-journal', keep a uniquely you sketchbook, explore hand stitching, transform photographs and more.

    The only rule in this resource is that there are no rules. Along with exciting projects for all skill levels this includes a glossary, recommended toolbox and ideas for getting started. From there have fun and build skills with paints, fabrics, glues, papers, wax, found objects, threads and more.

    Whether you're new to the world of mixed-media crafting or an old hand, this collection will inspire and motivate you!
  • ClothBound

    For over 20 years, Julie Paterson, founder of ClothFabric, has been designing and printing contemporary textiles by hand. Her iconic patterns, inspired by and connected to the Australian landscape, have been applied to furnishings, rugs and wallpapers and sold the world over.

    ClothBound is the story of Julie's most significant and well-loved designs, and offers a very intimate insight into the creative process of a much loved artist, designer and maker at work in her shed...

  • Collage, Stitch, Print

    Introducing the hottest technique for textile artists today: collagraphy, or printing from collage.

    This comprehensive guide from one of Europe's best-known textile artists and teachers contains everything you need to know about the exciting effects that you can achieve using the almost endless permutations of collage, stitch and print, and how you can incorporate them into your own stitched-textile work.

    • Includes invaluable information on making a collagraphy plate using embroidery, choosing suitable surfaces for print, combining paper and fabric, embroidering onto prints and how to work in series
    • Packed with hints, tips and exercises exploring how to harness this exciting technique in your own work
    • Illustrated with stunning examples of collagraphy by some of the world's finest textile artists

  • Complex Cloth

    Create visual complexity and depth in febrics by layering simple processes to produce intriguing surface designs.

    Comprehensive illustrated guide shows how to create your own sumptuous fabrics using: fibre-reactive dyes, household bleach, fabric paints, water based resists, photocopy transfers, foiling, silk screening, stencilling, stamping, embroidery and beading.

    The gallery includes beautiful examples of fabrics, quilting and clothing.

  • Contrasting Elements

    A respected textile artist shows how to use contrast to add dynamism to your textile work: contrast in colour, materials, technique and imagery. Step-by-step skill development exercises teach new ways with:

    • Knotting and knitting
    • Wrapping and stitching
    • Combining matt and sheen fabrics
    • Sketchbooks and memory boxes

    Novice & veteran needle, fibre and paint artists will find new ways of working.

  • Cozy Toes for Baby

    With crochet patterns that are as adorable as they are practical, you can provide fashion for wee ones while keeping tiny toes warm. Felted for shape and sturdiness – with leather soles for durability – these are finished shoes.

    • Select from seven patterns, each in five sizes, embellished with appealing motifs
    • Easy-to-make foam inserts ensure the perfect shoe shape and size during felting
    • Use readily available materials; you can even use suede elbow patches for soles