General Woodworking & Carpentry

  • 1001 Ideas for Trimwork
    350+ colour photos show how any room will benefit with trimwork / other finishing details. 750+ drawings of moulding designs and profiles that you can use in your home (wainscoting, crown moulding, chair rails).

    Part 1: trimwork basics, options, tools, techniques.

    Part 2: how to apply trimworks / treatments in all rooms.

  • Basic Marquetry and Beyond

    Basic Marquetry and Beyond is the ideal reference for all woodworkers, crafters and makers who want to create original art or inexpensively and beautifully embellish their finished projects.

    • 20 projects and the expert guidance of two of today’s top marquetry experts
    • Provides everything needed to master veneer and inlays while designing pictures and making projects such as boxes, coasters, platters and bowls truly beautiful and unique
    • Over 250 photos, full-size patterns and straight-forward instructions take the reader step-by-step through each project rendering what might appear complicated as a very simple task

    The book makes understanding patterns easy while taking all the guesswork out of the selecting veneers. Any beginner will feel like a seasoned pro while the advanced maker will now doubt discover new ideas and techniques for their marquetry skill-set.

  • Book of Wood Names

    Over 30,000 wood names with their corresponding commercial, common, and vernacular names, originally published in Germany in 1936.

    Includes the species, family, and area or country of origin for each wood. Its greatest value lies in the quantity of common or local names for various timbers, a topic of growing concern as the export of native woods increases.

    Containing Spanish, French, German, and English vernacular names, this book is useful for commercial buyers as well as the hobbyist or wood collector.

  • Carpentry

    The builder-tested techniques in Carpentry will help you develop new skills and hone the ones you have.

    Step-by-step colour photos and diagrams illustrate both basic and advanced techniques:

    • How to frame floors, walls, ceilings, roofs
    • How to install vinyl, wood or composite siding, replace or repair windows and doors
    • How to install wainscotting, crown molding and mantles

  • Carpentry Complete

    The nuts and bolts of carpentry, all in one handy volume. Carpenter and author Andy Engel provides homeowners with a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference for covering all home carpentry projects from the most basic to the most advanced.

    Full of authoritative and reliable information, Carpentry Complete is designed to help any homeowner or DIYer tackle projects with confidence. Well organized so that information can be found quickly (including advice on how to deal with the inevitable things that can go wrong), this highly visual book makes it easy for readers to find the step-by-step advice they're looking for.

  • Celebrating Birch
    In addition to 20 beautiful and practical projects you can create - such as a turned wooden bowl, a carved box, and woven basket, to name a few - you will discover the rich history, the fascinating cultural myths, and the significant ecological status of this beautiful and legendary tree.
  • Complete Pyrography

    Complete Pyrography comprehensively covers the subject from the history of the craft, materials and equipment required through to all the skills to create 'burnt wood art decoration'. Features include:

    • Design projects that are presented with clear, step-by-step processes
    • 12 projects: rolling pin, wooden spoon, earrings, brooch, frame, key ring, jotter board, breadboard, cheese platter ...
    • Updated work practices and an extended gallery of inspirational work from the very best pyrography artisans

  • DVD Installing Trim

    Designed for pros and home owners alike, Craig Savage guides you step by step as he trims out parts of a house and shares his job-site savvy and secrets. You'll learn to mate pieces of trim precisely, negotiate unsquare openings and seat moldings solidly against bumpy walls and ceilings.

    Savage starts with the basics. With the camera beside him and close up the whole way, he demonstrates how you can accurately cut the three basic joints: the butt, miter and cope. You'll also learn how to:

    • Extend window and door jambs
    • Fit casing around doors and windows
    • Scribe-fit baseboard along a wall
    • Cope crown molding so it stays tight

    Duration: 65 minutes

  • Greene & Greene

    Provides intermediate and advanced woodworkers with well illustrated, step-by-step instructions for classic Greene & Greene details, including ebony plugs, cloud lifts, leg indents, brackets, and pulls.

    The design philosophy of the period accompanies how-to chapters, and photographs of contemporary Greene-inspired furniture provide ideas for projects. Background information is included for Charles and Henry Greene.

  • Hybrid Woodworking

    Hybrid Woodworking offers a more efficient approach that combines the strength of power-tool and hand-tool techniques. The end result: You save time and effort while producing furniture that still has that stunning handmade look.

    The Hybrid System will show you which machines and power tools are best for the grunt work of furniture making. It will explain which hand tools are essential for fine-tuning. And best of all, it will demonstrate techniques for working flawlessly and efficiently with every machine and tool in your shop.

    By adopting the hybrid woodworking system you can get to that satisfying end result with less effort while enjoying every step along the way.

  • Identifying Wood

    With just the naked eye and a hand lens or elementary microscope, you will be able to identify 180+ hard, soft and tropical woods by following the straightforward techniques, photos, colour wood samples and drawings provided by one of the top experts in the field.

    The into has an overview of the identification process, and the basic anatomy of woody plants, soft and hard woods is explained.

  • InLace Techniques

    The first guide the uses of InLace resin inlay for gourd artists & woodturners. Covers:

    • Carving techniques in gourds, mixing resin, insetting, sanding, polishing
    • Step directions that work for artists’ projects & any gourd
    • 6 design templates to use
    • Troubleshooting guide to common problems with resin inlay
    • 8 gourd artisans & a woodturner share their InLace experiences
    • Extensive inspirational gallery

  • Learn to Burn

    Award-winning artist and pyrographer Si Easton takes you from basic woodburning concepts to tips and techniques that encourage your creativity and help you develop your own individual style. His expert lessons teach you all of the essential techniques, from making simple marks to texturing, lettering, shading and finishing.

    • 15 step-by-step projects for making decorative gifts from spoons and spatulas to bangles, bowls and bookmarks

    • Illustrated with clear how-to photographs

    • 50 bonus patterns will allow you to unleash your creativity on hundreds of additional woodburning projects

  • Penland Book of Woodworking
    Penland School of Crafts attracts some of the most important artists working today as instructors, including many top furniture makers. Here, 10 gifted woodworkers share their creative approaches and groundbreaking designs in step-by-step master classes. Superb colour photos display their stunningly original work and that of other craftsmen and illustrate each project step-by-step.
  • Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac

    One of the best woodworkers today takes you into his shop as he builds the 12 projects. Learn how to create beautiful pieces of furniture while gaining key woodworking skills.

    • Projects range from a small wall-hung shelf to a serving tray, blanket chest and trestle table
    • All feature measured drawings, a materials list, and step-by-step photos
    • Peppered throughout with tips and techniques on woodworking fundamentals

  • Simply Board Feet

    Featuring quick reference tables for determining board foot measurements. The figures go beyond a simple discussion of the calculation, providing actual measurements for dimensions ranging from one to more than 25 inches wide, one to 20 feet long, and one to four inches thick.

    Whether figuring quantities for a project or facing a large amount of inventory to count, this tool for craftspeople frees them from calculators, computers, and the lumber stick.

  • SketchUp - A Design Guide for Woodworkers

    This comprehensive guide provides you with the specific advice that you need in order to use the SketchUp program to create beautiful furniture designs and reduces chances of costly construction errors. Inside you'll find:

    • Step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the program to get the most functionality for your woodworking designs
    • Explicit guidance to help you fully understand and use SketchUp's wide array of tools
    • Helpful directions for employing Ruby scripts that extend SketchUp's usefulness for designing furniture
    • Specialized instruction for modelling the complex shapes necessary for furniture design
    • In-depth examples and exercises
    • More than 600 detailed illustrations and screen captures

  • Trim Carpentry

    From the basics of trim carpentry and crown moulding techniques, to trimming windows and doors, wainscoting, and stairs, Trim Carpentry is the ideal how-to guide for builders and ambitious do-it-yourselfers who want pro-level information.

    Written by builders, this all-new compilation provides readers with tips, techniques and invaluable advice from some of the best professionals.

  • Trim Carpentry Techniques

    This book deftly covers the domain of the finish carpenter. From installing doors and windows to fitting baseboards and crown moldings, Craig Savage knows his stuff. You will find all the little tricks-of-the-trade that make a difficult job routine, presented in a clear, well-organised format. . . even a pro will pick up some tips from this book. American Woodworker

  • Trim Made Simple

    This remarkable DVD / Book set, by a professional trim carpenter, shows you how to case a door and window, and install the baseboard, chair rail and crown molding.

    The DVD allows you to watch a pro lead you through the prject while you can use the book as a worksite-friendly guide at your elbow. Together, a powerful tool to give you confidence and help you get the job done right.

    DVD Duration: 39 minutes