World Gardens

  • Agnelli Gardens at Villar Perosa

    This fabulous private estate with cultivated gardens is one of Europe's best-kept secrets. Home since the early 1800s to five generations of the Agnelli family of Fiat fame, it is revealed to the public for the first time in this splendid book with over 100 colour photos showing the garden year-round.

    In 1955, Marella Agnelli commissioned famed English landscape designer Russell Page and they transformed the gardens into the showcase they are today. Includes remarkable lake gardens and swimming pool area designed by Gai Aulenti.

  • Australian Coastal Gardens

    The coastal gardens of Australia are as varied as the geography of this vast continent itself.

    Join Myles Baldwin as he travels around the country, from the gentle landscape of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and the sheer cliffs of Sydney's Dover Heights to an old copper mining town in South Australia and beyond. On his journey he finds a diverse range of gardens, some created by professionals, others by enthusiastic amateurs, but all entirely appropriate to their location and often difficult conditions.

    Also included is an extensive plant guide, compiled by Myles based on his many years' experience of working on the coast and his conversations with horticulturists, which will guide you through the practicalities of gardening by the sea. Accompanied by Sue Stubbs' stunning photography, Australian Coastal Gardens is great reading for anyone who loves gardens and gardening.

  • Bawa: The Sri Lanka Gardens

    This is a story of two brothers set in the lush tropical landscape of Sri Lanka. It begins with a largely photographic overview of the country's natural features, showing the varied palette of landscapes that inspired Bawa's sensitive treatment of architecture.

    At the very heart of the book is an intimate portrait of two gloriously detailed gardens and the personalities that brought them into being. But it is also a story about the nature and landscape of an island of exceptional beauty. The book has something to offer tropical-garden enthusiasts and all those seeking a photographic portrait of Sri Lanka.

  • Bayou Bend Gardens

    Conceived in 1926, by legendary collector and adventurous gardener Irma Hogg, to surround Bayou Bend in Houston, this is one of the most beautiful US public gardens, using diverse native / imported plants in formal and informal gardens amongst woods and ravines.

    In-depth history, plans, sketches, archival / recent photos.

  • Classic Gardens - The French Style
    This glorious book traces the evolution of the French formal style throughout Europe – Versailles (France), Peterhof (Russia), Quelez (Portugal), La Granja (Spain) – from the jardin clos of the Middle Ages to Renaissance gardens influenced by classical antiquity and, lastly, to gardens of breathtaking scale and engineering ingenuity at the 17th century's close. Through text, 190 wonderful photos (150 in colour) and detailed plans of 36 of Europe's most spectacular gardens, it reveals who commissioned these gardens, who designed them and who used them, providing an important historical context and luscious visual record of some of the world's most magical places.
  • Claude Monet's Gardens at Giverny

    Water lilies, ponds, a Japanese footbridge and blankets of glorious flowers: nothing evokes Claude Monet's Impressionist paintings quite like images from his garden at Giverny, about 80 km northwest of Paris. Living there for nearly forty-three years, Monet (1840–1926) discovered a profound source of artistic renewal in his garden, a motif he would paint for the rest of his life.

    In Claude Monet's Gardens, Dominique Lobstein's insightful writing and Jean-Pierre Gilson's lush four-season photos bring critical moments in Monet's life alive for us, so that Monet's personal experiences and creative universe take a definite and vivid form.

  • Country Style Gardens

    A gorgeous book featuring very best Australian country gardens, drawn from the pages of Australia's favourite magazine, Country Style.

    Join us as we visit some of Australia's most thoughtful and inspiring gardens – and meet the passionate people behind them. From a peony farm in Victoria's famed spa region to rambling homesteads with cascades of wisteria and a subalpine garden that glows gold each autumn, these gardens will have you dreaming of your own little plot of paradise.

    Featuring stunning photography, detailed stories and expert planting guides for every climate and season, this book is a true collector's edition.

  • Enchanted Garden

    How renowned landscape designer Paul Bangay built the garden of St Ambrose Farm, with Mount Macedon as a blue backdrop and how a long empty schoolhouse and its bare grounds cast a spell on him.

    Looks at the difficulties of large-scale gardening and his mistakes as much as at the masterly way he achieves his grand vision.

  • Flowers in the World's Most Beautiful Gardens
    Flowers in the World's Most Beautiful Gardens puts the spotlight on the star of the garden – the flower.

    Tracing the history of flower gardens from the Middle Ages to today, the book discusses the types of flowers commonly planted, the landscape designs, the advances in technology and how these practices have changed throughout the centuries. Each chapter also focuses on a significant type of bloom – the rose, iris and tulip, among others.

    Illustrated with more than 180 exquisite photographs by Alain Le Toquin, the book features the world's most extraordinary flower gardens, showcasing gardens in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, the United States, Thailand and many more.

  • Flowers of Japan & the Art of Floral Arrangement
    The 100-year old Ikebana classic by Josiah Conder. Richly illustrated throughout, and with 16 colour plates, this book offers a fascinating insight into the sensibilities that helped form the art.

    The text with its eloquent explanation of why certain seasonal flowers should be used, why some are 'felicitous', others 'ominous', has a great deal to say not only about ikebana but about Japan’s sense of ceremony and custom. Contains copious illustrated information on the many containers used.
  • Garden at Hidcote
    Once you have been here you can never be the same again, said a visitor of Hidcote. Aided by 150 colour photos, Whitsey tells of Hidcotes creation on a Cotswold hilltop by the enigmatic American Lawrence Johnson – and why it has been, and remains, such a joy to visit and such a strong influence on garden style. He tours the garden, analysing its brilliant design - how the disparate elements (French hedges, Italianate rooms) form a distinctive whole - explaining how we can adapt it to our gardens.
  • Gardens of Dorset
    40 of the best gardens photographed in Dorset, from the intimate to the grand. Images taken through the seasons change to best show the landscape. Written in close consultation with garden owners, read of the history and development of designs, planting and landscaping. This timeless rural landscape of rolling hills, meadows, wooded corners to the coast with its heath land and spectacular cliffs will delight and surprise!

  • Gardens of Russell Page

    Perhaps the greatest garden designer of the twentieth century, Russell Page (1906–85) was trained as an artist, and brought an architectural sensibility and a keen eye for style to the many vast garden projects that he undertook.

    With the assistance and co-operation of Page's clients, Schinz and van Zuylen have researched and photographed all of his best work, both early and late, and some now no longer extant.

    Through his private files and unpublished writing, the man and his work are brought into sharp focus, and over 250 photographs capture the special beauty of his creations in England, America and throughout continental Europe.

  • Gardens of the National Trust

    The National Trust has the finest collection of gardens in the United Kingdom. Stephen Lacey paints a vivid historical and horticultural picture of the individual gardens, placing them firmly within the context of gardening history in Britain.

    All the major periods and styles of garden design are represented, ranging from the formality of early gardens to the famous plantsmen's gardens of the last century. Much has happened in the gardens of the National Trust since the last revision of this book, and this edition has been revised to embrace recent restorations and to introduce recently acquired properties.

    The book serves as a practical guide as well as a source of inspiration. Each entry gives details of soil type and climate and an appendix includes many other gardens to visit. Glorious colour photographs illustrate the entries, complementing the text to bring the gardens to life.

  • Grand Melbourne Gardens

    Gardens have always occupied a special place in Melbourne's communal heart. We are known for our vast, meandering Botanic Gardens and our generous green city spaces. We are also known for our tree-lined streets, which give tantalising glimpses of beautiful houses behind high fences.

    This book takes us behind these fences and into the very heart of these oh-so-private gardens. Every garden in this book has its own atmosphere and soul – largely reflecting the passions of the person who has created or maintains it. There are vegetable gardens, clivia walks, ancient English oak trees, rose gardens, rambling exotic courtyards, city rooftop wonderlands and bold stepped garden beds.

    Many of these gardeners and home owners see themselves merely as the custodians of these treasured spaces, as they generously share their gardening experiences with the reader. This is a celebration of gardens new and old, small-scale and enormous – all grand in their horticultural ambitions and inspiration.

  • Hesterton House and a New Country Garden

    This highly original and personal book describes in detail how, with patience and passion, Frank and Marjorie Lawley restored Herterton House in Northumberland and created an exquisite and unique garden.

    As well as discussing the practicalities involved, the book also describes the influences and the lifetime of thinking behind their achievement. Within its mere acre, the garden at Herterton House provides more visual interest and more interesting plants (plants you can also buy from its small nursery) than many gardens twenty times its size. It also stimulates visitors to think about what plants to use and how to use them, about the history of English gardens, about the relation of the past to the present and about the relation of a garden to the landscape around it.

    This stunning book records and celebrates Frank and Marjorie's achievement over four decades at Herterton House.

  • Lady Mayo's Garden

    This diary and collection of accompanying watercolours throws rare light on a hitherto unpublished great garden at an important time in its history.

    Geraldine, Countess of Mayo, made an exquisite and extremely important garden in Ireland between l890 and l925, but when she had to leave the family estate the garden was subsequently completely destroyed. Her gardening diaries span more than 30 years. They are brought together here with watercolours of the gardens and the plants she brought from all over the world, evoking a paradise now gone forever.

    The diaries are a lively insight into the world of gardening at the turn of the 20th century – the problems she faced, the triumphs, and the disasters. The watercolours, done at the time by her father, are immensely accomplished, and because they have never been kept in the light are as fresh and bright as the day they were executed.

    Lady Mayo is an engaging reporter who was genuinely passionate about her creation and this comes through in everything she writes, while the watercolours, many painted on the pages of her diary, are truly exceptional.

  • Laskett
    This is the story of one man and the largest formal garden to be made in England since 1945. It is also the portrait of a marriage (to designer Julia Trevelyan Oman) expressed through the vision and mystery of creating a garden. And it is a gripping narrative about many of the famous people who have crossed the Strong’s lives and been memorialised in their garden. ‘I know of no other husband and wife since the war who have attempted such an ambitious garden’ - Rosemary Verey