• Paper Pups

    From a Golden Retriever and French Bulldog to the beloved mutt, these 35 paper pups are appealing and fun to create. They're made using kirigami, an art similar to origami: just photocopy the full-size templates and follow the simple steps to transform a flat shape into a dimensional animal.

    In addition to the dogs, accessories include a fire hydrant, doghouse, a collection of collars and a dog-show pedestal to showcase your blue-ribbon paper pet.

  • Paper Quilling Chinese Style

    Sure to delight the myriad and diverse group of crafters who have fallen in love with quilling, this lovely book uses traditional Chinese arts to create an array of paper quilling projects with a distinctly Chinese design.

    Showcasing bold and inventive use of colour, composition and traditional symbols, this book is sure to bring a new level of depth and beauty to your work.

    With simple tools and materials easily found at most craft stores, you will be able to explore the boundaries of Western handicraft and traditional Chinese culture, and your own creativity!

  • Paper Quilling for the First Time

    This book presents 14 techniques that build one another to teach beginners this relaxing and rewarding craft.

    Collect a few basic supplies, learn the basics, then roll, shape and fringe coloured paper strips into intricate flowers, graceful birds, even a 3-D Noah's Ark. Projects show how to apply them to cards, scrapbook pages, etc.

  • Paper Relief Art: Chinese Style

    Paper Relief Art: Chinese Style brings you a new and creative way to covert a simple piece of paper to a three-dimensional form of papercraft artwork.

    The artistic team at the Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum share with you their experiences of preparations and knowledge of basic techniques. Both introductory and advanced lessons carry a strong influence of Chinese culture with emphasis on a freehand approach to covey the true spirit of the art.

    Now take out a piece of paper, practice by following the step-by-step lessons that are collected in this book, and incorporate your creativity to transform a flat paper to a magnificent artwork!

  • Paper to Petal

    Make playful party decorations, luscious bouquets and sophisticated floral centrepieces with inexpensive tissue and crepe paper. Paper to Petal walks you through the easy basics of transforming simple materials into a vibrant display of fanciful handmade blooms suitable for every occasion.

    Design experts Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell will inspire you to get creative with their time-tested techniques. Customize every petal, leaf or stem to go dramatic or delicate; mimic nature or fashion your blossoms in any colour you can imagine to make something uniquely personal.

    You'll be amazed how easy it is to produce these gorgeous flower projects. These exquisite blooms never wilt, are always in style, and are endlessly fun to create, share and give to everyone you love.

  • Papercut this Book

    Boo Paterson shows you step-by-step how to craft your own intricate rainforests, jungles and the critters that live in them in this easy-to-follow, illustrative book. Learn how to cut and bring to life a variety of animals, from tigers to sloths, kangaroos to orangutans.

    The book includes everything you will need to get started – clear instructions, templates for cutting, as well as easy-to-pull-out, high quality art paper in a variety of colours. It is perfect for beginners as well as those wanting to develop their skills at papercutting. Features include:

    • A chapter on tools, information on materials and step-by-step images on how to master the basic techniques of papercutting
    • Projects of varying difficulties, complete with full colour images of the finished work and clear, instructional templates showing you where to cut or bend the paper
    • Advice on how best to frame and present your completed masterpieces

  • Paperie

    Paperie is a fresh, fun and contemporary book of 100 DIY paper projects, with modern and quirky styling and smart, achievable ideas. You'll find clever ideas for unique stationery, creative home decor, cute paper jewellery, inspiring wedding ideas, upcycled gifts and one-of-a-kind accessories.

    All the techniques – origami, stamping, stencilling, embossing, transfers, stitching on paper, collage, papercutting, decoupage, screen printing and papier mache – include simple step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

    For those who can't wait to get started or who need an instant craft fix, the tear-out pages at the back of the book offer stunning patterned papers and templates that can be used to create some of the projects right away!

  • Paperplay

    Fold, cut and quill your way to creative inspiration with Paperplay. Author Shannon Miller's unique approach to paper will have you folding beautiful cards, cutting a decorative garland, sculpting a floral bouquet and much more.

    Each vibrant chapter showcases a specific technique with projects ranging from simple to complex. Whether you're just discovering the world of papercarft or you've been creating with paper for years, this book has something for you.

    • More than 40 projects including 28 greeting cards
    • Step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions
    • 7 essential techniques: fold, cut, sculpt, quill, stitch, paint and collage
  • Party Origami
    With the materials in this portfolio – 75 sheets of patterned origami paper and a booklet featuring step-by-step folding diagrams – eye-catching party props are just a few folds away.

    Origami enthusiasts and fans of pretty paper accents will enjoy folding chopstick rests, napkin rings, place settings, invitations and more, in a range of colours and patterns.
  • Personal Geographies

    You don't have to be a world traveler or a professional cartographer to embark on a grand journey of self-discovery through mapmaking. Personal Geographies gives you the tools and techniques you'll need to create artful maps of yourself, your experiences and your personal journey.

    Inside you'll discover:

    • 21 mixed-media map projects featuring artistic techniques like working with alcohol inks, painting on a black surface and carving custom stamps
    • Insight into the world of traditional and contemporary maps and how they relate to and inspire personal mapmaking
    • A gallery of maps by contributors from around the world to spark your own creativity

    From mapping your head, hands and heart to recording powerful memories or experiences, the maps in Personal Geographies are a gateway into the fascinating and meaningful world of you.

  • Petit Collage

    Petit Collage shows you how to make 25 paper and wooden accessories for your home. Customize toy chests, create cheerful name plaques, build bunny clocks and more, with artist Lorena Siminovich.

    Breaking down each project with simple, illustrated step-by-step instructions, she presents easy tips on how to personalize with your child's favourite colours and patterns. All you need are rubber stamps, paper, scissors and the project templates in the book to create a contemporary space filled with bright and distinctive décor.

    Whether you're looking for unique paper toys or vibrant namesake prints, these whimsical craft projects will inspire your children to put their little touch and big imagination into your family home.

  • Playing with Image Transfers

    Playing with Image Transfers is a beautiful and helpful resource that will teach you the four image transfer methods: Packing Tape, Solvent, Medium and Acrylic transfers, while highlighting basic methods and offering projects across a range of interests and applications.

    • Learn how to make beautiful items, including gift boxes, albums, sketchbook covers, wall art, accordion books and much more
    • Explore multiple surfaces as a base for transferring – wood, fabric, paper, canvas and book forms
    • Be inspired by examples of image transfers in a wide variety of high-end artistic works to get your creative juices flowing
    • Follow suggestions on how a single project can be expanded or further adapted if you're looking to challenge yourself past the basics

    By the time you finish this informative book, you'll be well-equipped to use your own images in your creative work.

  • Press Out and Colour: Butterflies

    Make your own beautiful, 3D butterfly decorations with this board book of press-out ornaments.

    Each press out butterfly is intricately decorated with foil and perfect for all ages to colour in. Featuring ten unique butterfly species, each with a contrasting pattern on the undersides of their wings, the press-out pieces can be easily slotted together to create cheerful hanging ornaments. From a stripy zebra longwing to a beautifully-ornate blue morpho, these gorgeous butterflies look elegant in white and silver, but even better when you add colour to create a hanging kaleidoscope of butterflies!

  • Pretty Quilled Cards

    From a thank-you note to a cheery holiday message, here's a quilled card for every occasion! You can make greeting cards, gift tags, cupcake toppers and more.

    It's easy: just lay your paper strips on top of the full-size illustrations accompanying each project and mark the length and folds as indicated. Plus, this pretty collection contains printed backgrounds to photocopy and use.

  • Quilled Borders & Motifs

    A wealth of colourful quilled borders and motifs (many tiny and delicate) that are a cut above the rest. There's designs to suit any occasion, purpose-built themes for weddings, babies, children's birthdays, Christmas, and ideas for variations using different colour / size papers. Includes:

    • Roses: posies, trellis, sprays, garland
    • Pearl-encrusted butterflies
    • Garden flowers
    • Silver filigree
    • Toys . . .

  • Quilled Flowers

    Alli Bartkowski, one of the leading experts of quilling, presents a bouquet of 35 bloom-inspired items in this springtime-hued collection.

    She explains how to form basic quilled shapes, roses, loops and many other effects, so crafters can make everything from cleverly framed artworks to unique greeting cards, decorative flowers, jewellery and more.

  • Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna

    Featuring ten elegant projects, Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna gets you on the path to create your very own masterpieces of bright flowers, spectacular birds and other woodland creatures.

    You'll get an expert introduction to the basic techniques for rolled paper art, plus step-by-step, photographic instructions for ten projects, and inspirational ideas for designing and creating your own unique pieces. The kit comes with a rolling tool, ready-to-go paper strips in multiple colours and a thorough guidebook.

  • Quilling:  Techniques & Inspiration

    Learn this addictive craft from closed loose coils and alternative side looping to fringed flowers, crimping, zigzagging and tendrils, while creating a Victorian Fan, an Art Nouveau Iris, Foxgloves, a Butterfly and more.

    Renowned quiller Jane Jenkins explains all the techniques needed using step-by-step photographs and clear instructions. She has designed a beautiful project to go with each technique, so that readers can produce lovely quilled work while building their skills. Patterns are provided for all the projects.

    Ideal for beginners, but with plenty to inspire experienced quillers too.