• Origami, Poems and Pictures

    From frogs to flowers, this unique activity book is full of amazing art and fun craft.

    The book features three beautiful Japanese art forms in one gorgeous gift format. For each of the 13 animals or objects, you will be able to read the haiku, enjoy a painting from the British Museum collection and then make the origami figure! Includes 50 sheets of origami paper.

  • Outside the Box Origami
    Here are 20 whimsical paper folds from the simple to the complex. It features a mix of all-origami single-sheet and modular origami models accompanied by beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow diagrams. Projects range from geometric models like the Starburst and Simple Wreath to more adventurous and organic models such as When Pig's Fly. It ends with Folding outside the Box, a challenging single-sheet model that depicts two hands reaching out of a box, folding a piece of origami paper. Other projects include: * Star of David *Crane *Sitting Dog *Skull *Elephant *Flapping Bird…
  • Paper + Tape:  Craft & Create

    Paper & Tape: Craft & Create is full of unique and inspirational ideas and step-by-step projects that are perfect for washi tape crafters of any skill level.

    From birthday cards and DIY coasters to paper puppets and wall art, this engaging book is packed with helpful tips and beautiful photographs of finished work. Inside you'll discover how to "draw" and "write" with washi tape, make your own cards and envelopes, build pretty washi tape collages, and more.

    This book also features "Mini Make" projects that show you how to turn five common craft materials into innovative projects using washi tape.

  • Paper Birds

    From Olive the Owl to Hektor the nectar collector, Paper Birds brings you a gorgeously illustrated cast of 10 feathery friends to press-out, make and play with.

    Includes information about each bird's unique personality, with likes and dislikes listed so you can really get to know each character in this book. Featuring a wide range of birdy buddies, including a flamingo, a parrot, a stork, a hawk, and a bluebird, each with its own perch, nest, flower or treat. Offering hours of fun, with these paper birds your imagination can truly take flight!

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Paper Bliss

    Inspiration and ideas to ignite your creativity and upcycle the paper in your life!

    Turn your tax returns into artworks, create unique paper jewellery, transform old books into sculptures or make your own journals and stationery.Features include:

    • 29 projects

    • 8 hand-made specialty projects

    • 10 templates

    Follow the simple instructions to make these projects:

    • Twirling Hearts

    • Decoupage Trivet

    • Stamp Artwork

    • Little Envelopes

    • Heart Wreath

    • Shadow Box of Treasures

    • Petite Pictures

    • Vintage Journal and more

  • Paper Blooms

    Make a garden of paper flowers bloom with more than 25 sophisticated patterns designed by Jeffery Rudell, whose work has appeared everywhere from Tiffany & Co. and The New York Botanical Garden to Good Housekeeping magazine.

    Just follow the step-by-step photos and simply cut, fold and crumple to create these extraordinary blossoms, which feature a variety of papers such as tissue, vellum and glassine. Pretty and modern, these easy-to-do projects are perfect for weddings, holidays and other celebrations, and make great centrepieces, garlands, bouquets, card decorations and more.

  • Paper Chess
    Paper Chess contains everything chess fans need to create their own collectible paper chess sets – 64 pages of punch-out illustrated templates, and a back cover that converts into a chessboard.

    Elegantly designed to appeal to the most discerning chess player, it is also the perfect way to introduce the next generation to a magnificent game.
  • Paper Craft

    Full of creative craft ideas that are guaranteed to impress, Paper Craft will teach you how to transform plain old paper into beautiful decorations, handmade cards, scrapbooks and more.

    Do you want to create bespoke wedding invites? Or impress your friends with personalised birthday cards and wrapping paper? The book contains absolutely everything you need to know, from the necessary equipment, to techniques and materials, with 50 projects to get you crafting. With templates to save you time and simplify projects you can start crafting pop-up cards, jewellery, bunting, lanterns and more and if you're feeling even more creative then variations throughout will inspire you to make your projects even more unique.

    Whether you're a total novice or already familiar with handmade crafts, you'll soon be cutting, folding, glueing and printing your way to paper craft heaven.

  • Paper Cut Cards

    The aim of the pop-up card is to surprise or delight through the act of movement. At the heart of pop-ups lie a few simple mechanisms, and no matter how complex the design, the pop can be achieved using one of the basic techniques. Paper Cut Cards covers all these techniques, such as essential folds, creating slots and tabs, as well as rotating discs and springs. Simple step-by-steps will guide any novice from paper crafter to paper engineer.

    Each technique is followed by a selection of projects that demonstrate its use, so crafters can build up skills and become confident enough to begin making their own pop-up designs. Templates for each project enable crafters to get stuck in straightaway.

    The 30 inspirational projects offer a range of card designs for birthdays, weddings and celebrations, as well as ornamental projects to put on display or gift to family and friends.

    Look inside the book.

  • Paper Cut Planet
    London, New York, Paris, Rome and more – have the exotic world of travel at your papercrafting fingertips with this exciting new book from the talented Japanese illustrator Kai Iwani.

    With over 150 super-simple paper cutting patterns you will be spoiled for choice on how to use them. Full-size templates are featured throughout, so all you need is some paper, scissors and a craft knife to get started.

    Ideal for holiday memories, cardmaking, scrapbooking, stationery and much, much more these adorable and inspiring motifs will bring endless hours of papercraft fun.
  • Paper Dandy's Horrorgami

    Paper Dandy's Horrorgami features 20 kirigami (cut-and-fold) designs based around haunted houses and scenes from horror films.

    Each project features step-by-step instructions and a template that you remove from the book. You then follow the lines on the template, cutting and folding to make your own kirigami model. All you need is a scalpel, a cutting mat and a ruler. Clear cutting tips help you with the tricky stages and give you an order in which to complete your work, while photos of the finished model show you the final design.

    Projects are ranked from beginner to advanced.

  • Paper Flyers

    Based on some of the the greatest military fighter planes to ever grace the sky, including the F-11, B-2 Stealth Bomber, MiG-21, Saab 35 Draken, and more, the 10 classic models contained in this book are the most sought-after airplane origami folds around.

    Including 100 full colour sheets with detailed instructions for each and every fold, Paper Flyers is your ultimate guide to aerobatic awesomeness.

  • Paper Garden
    At the age of 72, Mary Delany (1700–1788) created a new art form, mixed-media collage. Over the next decade, Mrs Delany created an astonishing 985 botanically correct, breathtaking cut-paper flowers, now housed in the British Museum and referred to as the Botanica Delanica.

    Gorgeously designed and featuring 35 full-colour illustrations, this is a sumptuous and lively book full of fashion and friendships, gossip and politics, letters and love. It's to be devoured as voraciously as one of the court dinners it describes.
  • Paper Hat Book

    The Paper Hat Book offers creative families 20 fantastic paper hats, all of which can be created quickly and easily from readily accessible papers: shopping bags, newspapers, comics, recycled story books, magazines, packaging scraps and junk mail.

    The hats that are perfect for birthday parties, playdates, costumes and everyday dress up. Each hat can be styled to perfectly suit the wearer by merely selecting the right paper and colours.

    The hat themes range from Floral Flappers to Viking Warriors, and from superheroes and pirates to beautiful butterfly hats.

  • Paper Home

    With a distinctly graphic aesthetic, Esther Thorpe offers a thoroughly modern take on the art of paper folding with step-by-step instructions for 15 stunning origami projects for the home.

    Basing her work on simple, traditional shapes and techniques, Esther creates simple, striking items that appear much more intricate than they are. The book contains projects with varying levels of difficulty. If you consider yourself an origami novice, it might be worth trying slightly simpler projects, like the Triangular Box or Star Garland. These simpler projects are designed to ease you in gently, and many of the items require you to fold multiples of the same shape – an ideal way to practice your skills.

    Mastering projects that use a similar origami technique is also a good way to develop your folding ability. Projects that lend themselves well together are the Photo Holder, Cube (in the Geometric Mobile) and Vase, which are all based on sonobe origami modules. Make paper cranes into a child's mobile or string tiny stars onto a garland before moving on to a functional set of 'feltigami' storage baskets and the more ambitious, and incredibly impressive, concertina lampshade.

  • Paper Only

    From artists and designers to writers and craft practitioners, the journey of creativity always begins with a blank sheet. Print, cut, sketch and fold your way through the fundamentals of art and design as you push paper to its limits.

    With over 20 inspiring paper projects, the book draws from a variety of artistic disciplines including fine art, print design, typography and interiors. From colour and pattern to composition and texture, each project will teach you a new design skill. But ultimately, this is an ode to and a celebration of paper, giving you carte blanche to explore your creative self.

  • Paper Panda's Guide to Papercutting

    This book has Paper Panda's very distinctive stamp on it and begins with a design section which takes the reader through a personal account of what inspires her, how she works, and how Paper Panda came about. The techniques involved in papercutting are fairly simple and easy to explain, and this is covered through step-by-step demos illustrating various techniques such as infilling.

    • 20 papercut projects include cards, decorations and mounted and framed pictures
    • Each project consists of a template, which is reproduced at full-size at the back of the book, and a finished paper cut, together with some simple instructions
    • Design section to inform and inspire you to design papercuts for yourself
    • Simple enough for beginners, though attractive and interesting enough to inspire more advanced papercutters

    Look inside the book.

  • Paper Playhouse

    With simple techniques including sculpture, printmaking, bookbinding, collage and even ideas for public art, families work through step-by-step instructions while using imagination and budding aesthetics.

    This book goes beyond the typical paper craft project to include contemporary design references like Mid-Century Modern dollhouses, VW buses, paper monsters, costumes and masks, and the classic lemonade stand – all made with unique style and flair!

    Focused around surprising and easily accessibly materials like shipping boxes, shoeboxes, junk mail envelopes, newspapers, maps, found books and other paper ephemera, and with stunning photography by Leslie Sophia Lindell, the 22 projects aim to inspire children to create amazing paper crafts.

    Recommended for ages 7+.