• Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking

    The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking is a one-stop reference for making cards for any occasion. The book includes step-by-step photographed instructions for a wide range of techniques, as well as projects to accompany each area of card making.

    The techniques are thoroughly covered, including a comprehensive description of paper types available, folding options and techniques, colouring and image transfer methods, and adding embellishments. Inside, you'll also find methods for using a computer to design and print cards.

    Enjoy a gallery that gives you lots of ideas and inspiration to create cards of your own, using the techniques you've learned.

  • Cover to Cover

    First published in 1995, Cover to Cover quickly became renowned in the bookmaking community as the definitive guide to the art. This beautiful revised 20th anniversary edition, now in full colour, features updated photography and a fresh interior design, whilst still retaining the foundational instructions that made it crafters' go-to reference.

    After introducing all the bookbinding basics it shows readers, step-by-step, how to create, fold, assemble and stitch a wide range of books and journals, from simple pamphlets to accordion-folded signatures, using a variety of materials.

  • Creative Origami & Beyond
    Packed with prompts, tips, exercises, and engaging step-by-step projects, Creative Origami & Beyond takes readers through a dynamic exploration of the traditional art form.

    This inspiring, interactive project book demonstrates both traditional and contemporary origami methods – from working with unique materials and creating custom origami papers to crafting amazing works of art. It features:

    • A general introduction to origami and an overview of basic folding techniques *
    • Six engaging sections, including modular origami, giant origami, tiny origami, wet origami and more
    • Exercises and prompts to inspire and spark creativity
    • Step-by-step projects for creating wall art, jewellery, decorative objects and more

  • Creative Paper Cutting

    Immerse yourself in the wonderful, fantastical world of paper-cutting with these 15 irresistible projects with a contemporary edge and a twist on classic subjects, including the use of vintage clocks and glass pendants.

    The author guides you through the projects with a clear and friendly approach, step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow photographs.

    In addition to the projects, you will find fully comprehensive chapters detailing all you need to know about the tools, materials and techniques, including methods of displaying the projects as well as how to cut and sculpt them.

  • Cut and Create Paper Mosaics

    Cut and create your own stunning paper mosaic artworks! Use the pre-printed mosaic pieces in Cut and Create Paper Mosaics to create paper mosaics that are just as rich in colour, detail and depth as the work of master artists. Simply cut, and assemble your mosaics following the templates and instructions in the book.

    The projects begin with simple mosaic scenes with large pieces and gradually move to more complex works of art with smaller, more detailed pieces. Featuring 10 stunning mosaics and all the paper you need to cut and create each, this is the perfect, relaxing, all-in-one project for those interested in creating their own masterful mosaics.

  • Cut, Paste, Create

    Cut, Paste, Create is a visual journal where the reader is encouraged to fill the pages with design ideas using collage and to explore and reflect on their own creative concepts and personal taste.

    Some pages seek a more personal engagement, for example relating to moods or feelings, while others simply provide a space to 'design a range of coats for your dog' or 'create a welcome mat' to invite people in to your home.

    Including helpful tips and basic principles of collage, the reader is guided to source materials from their everyday world and to look for what is beautiful, inspiring or unusual to them.

  • Dogs in Origami

    Origami master John Montroll pays tribute to man's best friend with this guide to creating origami dogs.

    Suitable for folders of intermediate to advanced skills, the book presents step-by-step instructions and full-colour photographs for each model. More than two dozen breeds range from the familiar Beagle, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Boxer and Lab to the more exotic Basenji, Akita, Otterhound and Bernese Mountain Dog.

    Best known as the inspiration behind the single-square, no-cuts, no-glue approach, the author offers readers meticulously developed folding sequences that allow them to create better models with fewer steps.

  • Doodling for Papercrafters

    Give your page personality – your personality! Make that papercraft project all about you with doodling. What could be more personal? Those little dots and lines, swirls and letters all add up to inspired design, especially with Maelynn Cheung to show you how.

    You'll learn about different kinds of doodling techniques and designs, what tools are necessary, what tools aren't necessary but are a lot of fun, and even how to easily adjust your handwriting to make it more artsy. More than 100 papercrafting examples are shown, and there's an inspiration gallery to give you even more ideas!

  • Easy-to-Make Decorative Paper Snowflakes

    With this wonderful book and a pair of sharp scissors, you can cut up a snowstorm of beautiful paper snowflakes, perfect for Christmas tree ornaments, holiday decorations any number of imaginative uses.

    Forty-five elegant designs are printed on fine-quality paper, one side only. Simply remove the sheet from the book, fold as directed, and cut out the indicated areas for perfect results. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are included, along with suggestions for creating your own winter wonderland of snowflake designs.

  • Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques

    Offers both the beginner and the more experienced card maker an opportunity to learn about all the possible greeting card techniques from the basic to the more intricate. If it has to do with cardmaking, you'll find it in this encyclopedic collection!

    Features include:

    • Every essential term, tool and technique is explained & illustrated (teabag folding, spinner cards, queree)
    • Beautiful, vivid photos of cards fill every page, where they are used as examples of different card making methods
    • Die cutting, gilding, embossing and embellishing are just a few of the many, many effects demonstrated
    • List of holidays worldwide
    • Popular card quotes and sentiments

  • Encyclopedia of Origami Techniques

    A valuable, fully illustrated guide to the folded-paper arts, The Encyclopedia of Origami Techniques provides the reader with easy-to-follow instructions for creating their own paper sculptures.

    Suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists, all the basic folds and bases are included as well as over 30 projects, all explained through simple step-by-step diagrams. By the end of this book the reader will learn to master traditional forms, like the Printer's Hat and Masu Box, as well as modern masterpieces such as the Square Bear and Elias Figure Base.

    Look inside the book.

  • Explore Mixed Media Collage

    Authors Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae transform timeless and classic techniques into fresh, trendy artwork. You will learn not only which techniques to use and how to best combine them, but you'll also follow along with tons of easy step-by-step demonstrations along the way.

    • 20+ deconstructed projects to inspire your very own collage-making
    • Showcasing 32 timeless and classic techniques with modern twists from creating your own personal stamps and stencils to creating dimensional objects with plaster wrap and more
    • Three powerful sections that build off one another, starting with basic techniques, moving into step-by-step projects and ending with a fantastic idea-generating collage gallery

  • Exquisite Book of Paper Flower Transformations

    Livia Cetti ups the ante with a host of grander and more intricate new flowers and projects – more blooms, more petals, stronger stems, and bigger, bolder arrangements!

    The author will teach you how to play with size, shape, colour and texture to create 25 vibrant single stems in a variety of natural shapes – globes, spikes, bells, saucers, rectangles, cones and arcs – including hydrangeas, coral charm peonies, honeysuckles and paperwhites. Then, you'll use these elemental shapes to build the 15 bright, abundant arrangements including bold wreaths, bountiful bouquets, fantastical gilded wall art and blooming garlands.

    Introducing new, never-before-seen techniques for dyeing paper and creating mouldable leaves and petals, this gorgeous guide is perfect for crafters of all skill levels interested in making realistic and unique home decor, gifts, accessories and entertaining essentials.

  • Fold & Cut

    From simple mirror folds to layered papercuts, this is a book for paper crafters looking to master papercutting.

    You will learn the art of cutting increasingly detailed artworks, using shortcuts and tricks to make the project quicker and easier. What is unique to this book is that it is filled with papercut projects of symmetrical designs, which means double the impact in half the time. And with chapters on tools and materials, transferring artwork to paper and the concept of positive and negative in papercutting, readers will learn how to design, draw and cut their own detailed papercut.

  • Fold and Fly

    Fold & Fly Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals that Fly celebrates and explains the miracle of natural flight, while providing readers with easy-to-follow patterns for creating Mother Earth's most amazing winged creatures.

    This boxed set includes a full-colour book, over 140 sheets of custom-printed paper and instructions for creating 20 magnificent masters of flight. From a prehistoric pterodactyl, to today's dragonfly, flying fish and a stork, this set reaches new heights in paper art.

  • Fun & Easy Origami

    This delightful paper craft kit makes origami simple and includes a variety of animals and toys; from a flying fish, dragon puppet and birthday card to a dollhouse bed, coin trick and jump-up insect.

    All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. The origami paper in the kit already has printed patters so no paint or glue is required, just unpack and start folding right away!

    The kit contains:

    • 2 full-coloured, 32-page booklets
    • Clear step-by-step instructions
    • Easy-to-follow diagrams
    • 32 simple origami projects
    • 98 sheets of durable authentic origami folding paper

  • Gelli Plate Printing

    For crafters who love the creative possibilities of monoprinting on gelatin but not the prep time, mess and inconvenience that comes with it, the Gelli Plate Printingis a dream come true!

    Joan Bess unleashes the fun through more than 50 step-by-step techniques. Create intriguing patterns using tools like sponges, textured rollers and homemade combs. Learn how to incorporate stencils and rubber stamps. Experiment with metallic paint, dimensional paint and gel medium. Become a texture-hunter, creating a wide world of effects using embossed papers, natural objects, rubber bands, lace, corrugated cardboard, metal tape, die cut letters...anything goes!

    Even beginners can enjoy immediate gratification – just grab a textured surface, smoosh it into your painted Gelli plate, and you'll have a stack of amazing prints in no time. For experienced printmakers, the inspirations in these pages will push you to experiment, adapt, combine and layer.

  • Geometric Origami Kit

    The Geometric Origami kit is designed for paper folding novices providing everything you need to create beautiful geometric origami art. Nick Robinson provides eye-catching papers that feature mesmerizing patterns to make your creation visually stunning.

    This all-inclusive kit is includes 75 sheets of origami paper and instructions for 10 eye-popping folds and is perfect to get you started in a lifetime hobby of origami folding.