• Art Made from Books

    This volume collects a jaw-dropping assortment of art made from books – by cutting, painting, sawing, laminating, balancing or stacking.

    The definitive guide to the emerging art form, Art Made from Books showcases ground-breaking work by today's best practitioners, from Su Blackwell's whimsical pop-up landscapes to the stacked-book sculptures of Jonathan Callan. A foreword by pioneering artist Brian Dettmer and an introduction by design critic Alyson Kuhn complete the collection, presented in an unusual, tactile package with exposed spine.

  • Art of Cardboard

    Breathe new life into that old cardboard box! Though paper and cardboard seem common and humble materials, discover the totally unexpected, beautiful and intricate art that can be created using the repurposed and upcycled resource.

    The Art of Cardboard showcases the grand and imaginative scale of cardboard art and design. Inside, you'll find jaw-dropping cardboard creations from around the world! You'll discover the process of each art form, as well as tricks of the trade, from small clever projects to huge art installations.

    Much more than a book about "neat" cardboard designs, Lori Zimmer guides you through amazing large-scale art production, immersive environments, working from intuition, collaboration, the artist's role in society, alternative creative economies, contemporary mythology, storytelling and more. With such a readily available material, what will you create?

  • Art of Expressive Collage

    What story will your art express? The Art of Expressive Collage will teach you to listen to what paper and glue, ink and paint have to tell you. From the fear of messing up to the excitement of letting things flow, you'll come to see the common thread in the bits and pieces you collect. You'll discover new ways to think about arranging these bits in your work as you express yourself with lines, smudges and translucent layers.

    Beyond using paper and glue you'll discover:

    • The best places to hunt for and gather ephemera
    • How to prepare various papers for collage using staining and embellishing techniques
    • An understanding of the elements of design and composition
    • Tips for making unique marks, adding photos, creating textures and much more

  • Art of Mindful Origami

    The Art of Mindful Origami extends the concept of mindful, art-therapy colouring using 15 origami projects, ranging in difficulty from basic to complex, as tools to develop mindfulness. In recent years, interest in mindfulness has exploded and it is now a part of popular culture. Increasingly, creative pursuits such as coloring are being used as a way for people to focus and enter a mindful state.

    Each project starts with a brief description and background to the model. Subsequent pages give instructions for folding the particular model. For difficult exercises, the book details ways of staying focused and calm and using mindfulness to deal with frustration or distraction. This is an important part of mindfulness and leads to a range of benefits for well-being and performance.

    Once each model is folded, the book then outlines various related exercises that can help to further develop mindfulness. For example, after folding the paper boat, readers are encouraged to lie down and place the boat on their belly and watch it rock up and down on the "waves" as they breathe. This helps them develop mindful breathing, which is a powerful tool for relaxation and focus.

  • Art of Paper Flowers

    The Art of Paper Flowers makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful roses, orchids, tulips and more – completely out of paper.

    There are 35 flowers included in the book, and each pattern is accompanied by a complete list of materials required, step-by-step instructions for creating the flower, original paper-folding techniques from the author, full-size patterns and colour photos for reference. Additionally throughout the book, there are interesting bits of trivia, myths or folklore for each delicate flower.

  • Art of Papercutting

    Renowned papercutter, Jessica Palmer, shares her art from inspiration to conclusion.

    Learn how to separate the visual world into positive and negative shapes and design gorgeous images with pattern, texture and impact. A practical section shows step by step how to 'draw with a knife' safely and effectively. Then Jessica provides artistic insights into an inspiring selection of her paper artworks, including silhouettes, portraits, landscapes, fashion images, illustrations, life drawing and more.

    • 12 templates provided
    • Step-by-step techniques, tips and safety advice
    • Dozens of beautiful, inspiring papercuts

    Look inside the book.

  • Art of Papercutting

    The author presents a stunning collection of 35 papercutting projects, ranging from party decorations, decoupage pictures and paper flowers, to greetings cards and gift tags. All have easy-to-follow instructions, with advice on the best paper to use for a superb result.

    Papers used in this book range from lightweight crepe paper and tissue to heavier weight card and water-colour paper. Recycling plays an important role, too – finding, collecting and using small scraps of discarded paper to incorporate into something new is a rewarding process. Here you will find wallpaper, postage stamps, gift wrap and postcards given a new lease of life.

    Whether you are new to the art of papercutting, or a skilled crafter looking for fresh ideas, the projects featured in the book will inspire you to pick up your scissors and a sheet of paper and create something beautiful.

  • Art of Vintage Journaling & Collage
    Explore the art of collage and journaling using unique, collected ephemera from antique stores, flea markets, second-hand shops and your own home to unlock your creativity. Basic techniques and project details are illustrated through step-by-step photos and a gallery is included at the back of the book containing ready-to-use vintage clip art.


    • More than 75 different collage project ideas
    • 14 complete journal projects
    • Travel journals
    • Recipe keepsake books
    • Nature and garden sketchbooks
    • Collages to frame or use as note cards and gift tags to share with family and friends … more!

  • Artful Paper Clay

    This all-new bas-relief art form combines air-drying clay, paint, collage and texture to build dimensional mixed-media works that pop right off the wall. The book is divided into four parts:

    Part 1: Working with Clay Techniques and tips to begin working with clay in bas-relief, starting with the absolute basics. Includes 15 easy practice projects to work on cutting, shaping, sculpting and stamping.

    Part 2: Clay Work Projects Five full step-by-step clay-art project demos. Create your own art using Rogene's methods for composing, sculpting, placing and drying.

    Part 3: Finishing Techniques Finish the 5 demonstrations from Part 2 with different painting, collage and mixed-media techniques.

    Part 4: Get Creative Includes ideas for framing, practice patterns, creative exercises and additional three-dimensional art projects and gifts.

    Whether you're a seasoned sculptor or just starting out, Artful Paper Clay will teach you the skills necessary to craft complex and vivacious multi-dimensional masterpieces and paint them for gorgeous effect.

  • Artful Ways with Mixed Media

    Learn to combine texture, line and colour in mixed-media collage, altered art and montage. The stunning layered projects will get readers' creative juices flowing and inspire them to experiment in this unique and versatile form.

    • Produce a variety of effects using paint, found images, wax, cardboard, wire, leaves, newspaper, stencils, stamps and more
    • Inspiration and step-by-step-instructions for 23 mixed-media projects
    • Create imagery for scrapbooking, cards, altered books and artwork

  • Beautiful Origami Flowers

    This beautiful collection marries two popular pastimes: origami and floral crafts.

    Some of the projects mimic the look of real blooms – including the lotus, cherry blossom and calla lily – while others venture into the realm of the imagination, inventing new varieties. A basics section covers the fundamentals and all the flowers appear in stunning colour photos.

    Use them for home, party or wedding decorations – the 23 sophisticated flowers are gorgeous!

  • Beautiful Paper Cutting

    Easy, beautiful and inspiring, these projects come from more than a dozen of Etsy's finest paper designers.

    These top artists have created fun-to-make cut-paper items that range from a pretty frame decorated with paper flowers to lanterns, mobiles, stationery, garlands and matryoshka dolls. Simple, accessible and affordable, this colourful collection will delight paper crafters.

  • Beautiful Quilling Step-By-Step

    Four experts show you everything you need to make your own quilled characters, wild flowers and motifs as well as projects to use them in.

    This compendium of four books (Quilled Wild Flowers; 3-D Quilling; Miniature Quilling; Quilled Borders & Motifs) is a comprehensive source of innovative ideas & each of the 20 projects (and many variations) has captioned colour photo steps:

    • Assorted chocolates
    • All sorts of fairies & angels
    • Wedding & Christmas designs
    • Poodles
    • Flower samplers

    Clear explanations of basic materials/techniques.

  • Bound

    Bind a book beautifully, with these whimsical and stylish projects from bookbinder extraordinaire Erica Ekrem. With her novel approach to traditional techniques, and the use of repurposed materials, Ekrem has devised creative fun for book artists of all levels.

    Choose from three categories: Vintage, Nature and Leather. Make books from mason jars and seashells, a classic leather-bound photo album and other works of art.

  • Cardboard Creatures

    Before you bin that box, take a look at the clever ideas in this exciting new book of cardboard animal projects – you'll be astounded by the endless possibilities from this cheap, versatile and accessible material!

    The projects are simple, fun and diverse, ranging from ornamental animals and cute trinket boxes through to a Noah's ark clock, an elephant pot plant holder and a penguin cupboard. The book covers a wide range of techniques, ideas and inspiration, across a variety of themes including stationery, home décor, gifts and accessories.

    All of the key cardboard craft techniques are introduced, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to learn how to turn this everyday material into animals and beasts that will delight both children and adults.

  • Cards that Wow with Sizzix

    This is the perfect book to continue your journey with these amazing machines. Sizzix expert and author Stephanie Barnard covers card-making basics, her favourite products, and shares projects you can create yourself.

    Stephanie's tips, tricks and techniques make it easy to try new projects and make your cards interactive and exciting. Clear photographs make every detailed step simple to follow.

    The card projects you can make with Sizzix are practically limitless. Create your own handcrafted greeting cards, decorative envelopes, invitations for weddings and other special events, and add a flourish to thank you cards. With Stephanie's help, let your imagination run wild!

  • Chinese Origami

    This book introduces many basic techniques and over 20 step-by-step studies of flowers, animals and decorations for festivals, including a plum blossom, a narcissus, a lantern, steamed rice dumplings and a magpie. This book will show you how to fold these objects and understand the traditions of Chinese culture that are deeply rooted in them.

    Beginners can follow the detailed diagrams and illustrations, while those who are more advance can learn from the basic techniques to create their own masterpieces. Watch your imagination take shape in clever and inspired forms with the art of Chinese paper folding!

  • Christmas Origami Paper Pack

    Deck the halls with origami! It's fun, thanks to this cheery holiday pack.

    Along with an easy-to-follow book that teaches all the basic folds and projects, it contains more than 500 pull-out sheets of origami paper featuring 32 festive motifs. Create a striped candy cane, seasonal wreath, and elegant star ornament.

  • Collage and Keep

    Collage and Keep is a visual journal and keepsake where the reader is encouraged to participate in collage based activities that explore and reflect on their own experience and perspective of life. Whilst some pages seek a more personal engagement, for example relating to memory or desire, others simply provide a space to 'recreate your favourite book cover' or produce a 'collage quilt' using collected ephemera from friends and family.

    Including helpful tips and basic principles of collage, the reader is guided to source materials from their everyday world and to look for what is beautiful, inspiring or unusual to them.

    • Collage your three greatest achievements
    • Create your perfect view
    • Make a paperchain of people you connect with
    • Collage a home video of your happiest memories
    • Fill the cabinet full of things that you are curious about
    • Create footprints using photos of places you've been

  • Collage Couture Studio: Paper Dolls

    In Collage Couture Studio: Paper Dolls, you'll be introduced to fashion-forward dolls from around the world – dress them up in the outfits provided or design your own. This is a book like none other – and with so many cool and unique projects, you'll have countless hours of creative fun. Inside, you'll find:

    • 5 paper dolls: Emilee and her friends Charley, Belle, Francesca and Kyoko, plus a design-you-own doll template so you can create your own character
    • 10 pages of fun and funky, silly and sweet paper doll clothes and templates for fashioning your own signature styles from patterned paper, ribbons, paint, ink and more
    • 16 super pretty projects – step-by-step instructions for building mixed-media backgrounds and settings for your dolls, including beach scenes and cityscapes