General Crafts

  • 100 Little Christmas Gifts to Make

    The book is excellent value, containing 100 projects covering a wide variety of crafts from papercraft, sewing, knitting, crochet, sugarcraft, felt decorations, jewellery making, cross stitch, mosaic making, decoupage, polymer clay decorations and needlepoint.

    All projects (such as a knitted star, a pompom Santa Claus, a polymer clay bear, a felt winter owl, a crocheted Christmas tree heart and a Christmas Tree papercut) are simple enough for experienced beginners (and will also appeal to seasoned crafters. The tools and materials are inexpensive and widely available and these charming Christmas items make fabulous gifts for family and friends.

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  • 20 to Make: Fabulous Pompoms

    Take the humble pompom and transform it into a wonderful array of decorations, including fun little Springtime chicks, a Christmas pompom garland, a Happy Halloween pumpkin and gorgeous gift toppers, as well as a chirpy Christmas robin to hang from your tree!

    Pompoms are quick and easy to make, and all the designs can be made either with a Pompom Maker, or in the traditional way using cardboard templates. These are quick and easy projects for adults of all abilities as well as for children.

    • 20 fabulous designs
    • Easy-to-master techniques
    • Ideal for using up scraps of yarn

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  • 50 Flatpack Hacks

    Boring shelves, tables and cupboards are a thing of the past. Now, assembling flatpack furniture can be an exercise in creativity. Armed with 50 Flatpack Hacks, you can transform your living space without spending thousands on high-end brands. This book gives you the inside track on personalising, customising and repurposing your flatpack furniture.

    Learn clever hacks for every room in the home – from stylish bathroom shelves to savvy media storage, innovative lighting, upscaled soft furnishings and even unique toys for kids. Each project comes complete with illustrated step-by-step instructions and inspirational full-colour photography. The ideas, tips and techniques in 50 Flatpack Hacks range from basic embellishment projects to advanced builds, when it's time to get out your power tools.

    Once you've mastered these hacks, the possibilities really are endless.

  • 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades

    50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades provides you with a beautiful yet achievable collection of lampshade projects to enhance any home that look expensive but don't have the price tag to match!

    Each of the 50 projects is accompanied by simple instructions, diagrams and illustrated by beautiful photographs. Useful templates and stencils are also provided to help you master the basic techniques, whether you are a complete novice or an expert.

    Features a diverse range of styles, techniques and materials for wide appeal including knitting, sewing, beading, decoupage, upcycling, papercraft and more.

  • 500 Cups
    Art that delights the sense and reflects how varied our perception of the cup can be. Lavish colour photos capture the work of master ceramists and reveal the limitless artistic potential of the cup. From hand built to wheel thrown, functional to sculptural, round, square, organic or avante-guarde, these cups are unique expressions of ceramic mastery. Whether inspired by ancient pottery or contempary conceptual art, the works in this eclectic collection reflect today's best possibilities.
  • 500 Figures in Clay Book Volume 2
    People have carved figures in clay since prehistoric times-so what can artists bring to the tradition that's distinctive? This breathtaking collection answers that question 500 ways with works by new and emerging ceramicists that chronicle the ongoing exploration of the human form.

    From rustic creations to postmodern designs, from realistic to abstract, these pieces embody the diversity, imagination and excellence of today's finest ceramic art.
  • 500 Teapots Volume 2

    The breathtaking 500 Teapots launched a bestselling series – and it remains hugely popular. Now comes a gorgeous follow-up that documents the continued vitality of the form and of a new group of top international artists.

    Ranging from classically beautiful to wonderfully witty to wildly imaginative and ultramodern, these teapots will inspire ceramicists, collectors, crafters and enthusiasts.

  • Art Abandonment Project

    The Art Abandonment Project is your guide to expressing yourself through random acts of art! Create something for the joy of making it, and then leave it for an unsuspecting person to find.

    Inside you'll discover fun ideas for monthly abandonment challenges, ways to connect with other "abandoners" in the creative community, the value of sharing with others and more.

    • Learn the ins and outs of being an abandoner
    • Get ideas and inspiration for monthly abandoning challenges
    • See examples of abandoned art, and read the stories of the artists as well as the "finders"
    • Receive helpful encouragement for letting go of your creations (sometimes it's hard!)
    • Connect with the Art Abandonment community and learn how to share your own stories with others

    Join the art abandonment project, set your art free and make someone's day!

  • Art of Crayon

    Crayons aren't just for kids anymore! Sculptors use them whole, bundling thousands of crayons to create environmental and installation-size sculptures. Carvers pierce and reshape crayons with scalpels, turning them into mini totems, helixes and portrait busts. Textile designers take advantage of the medium's 120 shades of wax to create brilliant batik fabrics. Landscape and still-life artists layer crayon shades in works on paper that rival paintings in their subtlety and depth. What will you do?!

    The Art of Crayon will guide you through a gallery of works by contemporary artists who use crayons as a diverse and dynamic medium. Each chapter includes a specific style of crayon artwork, complete with engaging projects to help you learn different techniques. From sculpture, to carving, to melted wax and drawing, you'll soon become a master crayon artist!

  • Art of Handmade Flowers

    Nylon flower making is an easy-to-learn craft that uses simple tools and inexpensive materials to create a long-lasting art form. This book features detailed instructions and easy-to-follow photographic sequences to achieve stunning results.

    Jue Liu cultivates and arranges dozens of varieties of flowers in her spare time and started experimenting with nylon flowers and continues to refine her methods and develop new techniques, culminating in this book.

    The 70+ creations detailed vividly capture nature with simple materials and tools. Including; colourful tulips, roses, chrysanthemums and water lilies.

  • Assembled

    Assembled features 25 contemporary assemblage art projects. Each project is shown through the transformation of a group of found objects into finished sculpture with accompanying instructions on project inspiration, assemblage methods and bonding techniques.

    The projects are disassembled to their very core to reveal not just the easily identifiable elements used in their creation, such as a tennis racket, thermos or bicycle frame, but also every screw, bolt, thread, rope or wire used to assemble them.

    The text accompanying each piece comes from the artist and offers a unique insight into the creation and character of each individual sculpture. These charming background stories describe the journey from seemingly random found objects to a finished, named creation, and are followed with precise instructions on how each piece is put together. A list of individual components and tools used completes the "recipe".

  • Banners, Buntings, Garlands & Pennants

    Festive and eye-catching, banners, buntings, garlands and pennants add visual fun to almost any type of celebration or space.

    These 40 quick and easy projects – made of paper, fabric, felt and more – make beautiful displays. Use them for special events, for holidays, when entertaining, or even just to spice up a room. A basics section gives beginners a primer on the materials and techniques they need.

  • Being with Flowers

    Learn to become one with nature and create beautiful flower arrangements with Being with Flowers.

    Master floral sculptor Anthony Ward shows you how to use your relationship to flowers to incorporate peace in your life and create beautiful floral designs. Including creative exercises, guided meditations and step-by-step flower arrangements, he shows you how to appreciate the natural art of each flower to create the perfect arrangement.

  • Big Book of Mod Podge

    Everyone loves Mod Podge – it's one of the most popular craft materials on the market. This big book follows features 90+ fun decoupage projects, big and small.

    From trendy bracelets to picture frames to a collage-chic headboard and a refurbished dresser, every treasure here is made new again with Mod Podge.

  • Candlemaking the Natural Way

    Go eco-friendly by creating a variety of candles with all-natural and readily available beeswax, palm wax and soy wax. You'll learn the fundamental techniques of the craft, including dipped, rolled and molded methods.

    Features include:

    • 31 projects – from pillars to spheres, these projects will look lovely in any décor and make fabulous presents
    • There are candles to make in a variety of sizes and in colourful layers
    • Recipes feature aromatic scents, embedded objects such as coffee beans and more

  • Collected

    In Collected, expert collectors and decorating experts Fritz Karch and Rebecca Robertson present a tour of peculiar, elegant, and awe-inspiring collections from around the world.

    The book teaches readers the basic principles of the hunt while exploring the thoughtful and inventive ways people display their various collections, from the accessible and affordable to the aspirational extreme. The featured collections range from dice to café au lait bowls to 19th-century-French sewing tools to sand from world travels – illustrating collections as expressions of personal style.

    From no frills to ornate, the authors examine the selected collections according to personality type. The book showcases 16 different collecting personalities, each with its own chapter, featuring gorgeous photo­graphs, vignettes showing how the objects are displayed and a collecting lesson.

  • Craft a Creative Business

    A complete must-read guide for anyone wanting to turn their hobby, craft or art skills into a successful business. Covering everything you ever wanted to know, the book includes:

    • Simple, practical advice on the importance of identifying markets, assessing the competition, making sure the price is right and setting goals.
    • Sections on product photography, branding and legal matters
    • Emphasises online selling, with detailed information on markets, blogging, using social media and the importance of analytics and search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • Information on offline selling with notes on selling at craft fairs, trade fairs and markets, selling through retail outlets, running courses and workshops, and featuring work in the media.

    A fantastic reference book and user guide, tailored to craftspeople and artists.

    Look inside the book.

  • Craft It Now

    Whether you're carving a new piece of jewelry or an adorable plush bunny, you'll find something to love in Craft It Now. With more than 75 simple projects ranging from crochet to polymer clay and everything in between, this book has you covered when you need a quick craft fix.

    • Simple step-by-step instructions
    • Projects can be completed in a weekend (or faster!)
    • Original projects for papercraft, jewellry-making, needlework and more!

  • Craft Traditions of the World
    This is the first worldwide survey to cover so many crafts. The 90 crafts are arranged geographically in six sections with over 475 colour photos of traditional examples & modern examples using classic methods.

    The techniques used in each craft (backstrap weaving, papercutting, metal casting, wood carving) are explained & illustrated, along with a history & other relevant info (composition, uses today, subjects).
  • Crafting for Cat Ladies

    For cat-crazy crafters, these 35 unique projects are absolutely purr-fect!

    Sweet and trendy, creative and fun to make, the crafts are divided into four sections – accessories, apparel, home and party. Projects range from a kitty clutch wallet and cat print jeans to kitty-shaped coasters and cat-themed tablecloth. Each project includes easy-to-follow step-by-step photography as well as an overview of the tools and materials and all necessary templates.